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hmm... let me see.... i have been exposed to anime at a young age. i started watching full series after one of my best friends introduced Bleach to me... then i became a freak xD not much to say about me. i do things other than watching anime ( reading, sports, music, yaddy yada yada)

as for music, i LUUVVVVVV KOREAN MUSIC!!!!! especially shinee, big bang, and suju (super junior) i was introduced to it by my friend recently and now i'm obsessed. i prefer not to hear rapping.... (some are okay, but some are [ your choice of swear word here] this and [ your choice of swear word here] that) -_- gets annoying if you know what i mean. if you know any good songs, feel free to share!

books.... hmm any genre.. doesn't matter as long as its interesting

sports.... anything but basketball... i always manage to hurt myself xD

hehehe then finally anime!! i like any types of genre though i prefer sci-fi and fantasy over slice of life (or whatever you may call it) not a big fan there. if any good anime comes up, don't be afraid to leave a comment! ^.^ i don't bite... except my dentist, i bite her.xD

mwahahaha i finally completed a full bio!!!!

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Yoshia Jul 28, 2008

Oh, that's a long history.. *sigh*

When I was young I saw, and loved, Pokemon... I was addicted to it from when I was 6 to 10 xD  But I didn't knew it was anime. After that, my mother bought Dragon Ball 1. I read it and loved it. I still didn't knew what manga or anime was. When I was in fifth grade, two boys started in my class. They taught me what manga and anime was. After that I started to subscribe to a swedish manga magazine. The same year, I got a "how to draw manga book" in a birthday gift so I started to draw. I went to a drawing course and when it ended I got a paper with good webbsites. I found a swedish site called (it's a site for swedish anime-lovers) and I learned a lot about anime, manga and internet from there. I started to read Tokyo Mew Mew and many other manga that I could find in swedish. Around christmas 2006-07 I started to watch Air and after that Full Moon wo Sagashite, Marmaid melody, Naruto and many other anime. And so It've been since then.

Oh, to write so much in English was hard for me O.o It felt like I was in school or something, but I have to lend a thanks to my English/swedish wordbook cuz without it I don't think you would understand what I'm writing. XD I really envy you who already can talk perfect english and don't have to learn to O.o 

How are school in America? I'm curious! x3

Cfos Jul 28, 2008

Hello there!

Just discovered your profile and your amazing Top 5 (Even though I think Fullmetal alchemist isn't THAT good...)!!

Your avatar is great, which anime is it from? (If i guess i would say Elemental Gelade 'cuz this is the only anime from your Top 5 I don't know^^ :'().

 Best regards

Yoshia Jul 27, 2008

I've started watching anime 2 years ago. :3 and you?

Oh, thanks for telling me! x3 In swedish you spell it Amerika, I forgot that xD 

Yoshia Jul 23, 2008

Sweden is great! =D I think O.o I haven't been to so many other countries, so I don't have much to compare with ;)

Oh, Amerika! =O Then, I think it's best that I excuse my bad english... Please tell me if I write something in the wrong way, so I can learn from my mistakes :D

So, How's Calefornia? =3

sothis Jul 22, 2008

Sorry for the delayed reply. ^_^ Elfen Lied is VERY, VERY VIOLENT and gory, and tons of nudity - definitely R rated if I had to choose :)