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hmm... let me see.... i have been exposed to anime at a young age. i started watching full series after one of my best friends introduced Bleach to me... then i became a freak xD not much to say about me. i do things other than watching anime ( reading, sports, music, yaddy yada yada)

as for music, i LUUVVVVVV KOREAN MUSIC!!!!! especially shinee, big bang, and suju (super junior) i was introduced to it by my friend recently and now i'm obsessed. i prefer not to hear rapping.... (some are okay, but some are [ your choice of swear word here] this and [ your choice of swear word here] that) -_- gets annoying if you know what i mean. if you know any good songs, feel free to share!

books.... hmm any genre.. doesn't matter as long as its interesting

sports.... anything but basketball... i always manage to hurt myself xD

hehehe then finally anime!! i like any types of genre though i prefer sci-fi and fantasy over slice of life (or whatever you may call it) not a big fan there. if any good anime comes up, don't be afraid to leave a comment! ^.^ i don't bite... except my dentist, i bite her.xD

mwahahaha i finally completed a full bio!!!!

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smetske Sep 16, 2008

Wooh! International Buddies! Hurray! ^^ :D

Wow!? 300 Chapters? And I thought I read a lot from Negima already!? Upto chapter 102 now :P Doesn't it have 200+ chapters either? And isn't it still publishing!? :D

That's a good thing though, I can't get enough of it! :D

When I come across some good manga, I'll be sure to share, but I don't read that much, though :D

Cfos Sep 16, 2008

Thank's for your rec. but ef is alread my #2 (but well, I don't think there was that much psychology, but the end was PERFECT, really looking forward to season 2^^).

Even though I wrote that I don't like jpop (update coming soon^^), during the summer vacation I really got addicted^^. Other than that I used to like techno, but well, I haven't heard to it in a while (not because I don't like it anymore^^), but well, my absolute favourite is exit trance (mixture of both of them ku...ku...ku).

tenoclubs Sep 14, 2008

Chrono Crusade Defninatly had some good moments.  I've not seen D gray man, Is it good?  Yeah if you weren't that into Elfin lied, avoid Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, it seems innocent at first, but trust me on this one lol.

Yoshia Sep 14, 2008

Yeay! Finally, I can hear from you again! xD My summer holiday 25th august and started 12th June... For now, I'm just looking forward to my AUTUMN HOLIDAY! XD It will come in October. :D And I'm not going to visit London... I'm going to Paris instead.

Korean Music? I've listen to BoA, and I think she's from Korea. But she sings in Japanese. :) But she's good.  

We didn't have any homework for the first 2 weeks, but now we have MUCH homework... I haven't seen any anime for weeks... T__T I wanna watch Rozen Maiden!!

Do you have msn?

Cfos Sep 14, 2008

Hmm, I checked the music out, but well, not exactly my taste...

Judging from your new ava you've seen Air, how did you like it?