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hmm... let me see.... i have been exposed to anime at a young age. i started watching full series after one of my best friends introduced Bleach to me... then i became a freak xD not much to say about me. i do things other than watching anime ( reading, sports, music, yaddy yada yada)

as for music, i LUUVVVVVV KOREAN MUSIC!!!!! especially shinee, big bang, and suju (super junior) i was introduced to it by my friend recently and now i'm obsessed. i prefer not to hear rapping.... (some are okay, but some are [ your choice of swear word here] this and [ your choice of swear word here] that) -_- gets annoying if you know what i mean. if you know any good songs, feel free to share!

books.... hmm any genre.. doesn't matter as long as its interesting

sports.... anything but basketball... i always manage to hurt myself xD

hehehe then finally anime!! i like any types of genre though i prefer sci-fi and fantasy over slice of life (or whatever you may call it) not a big fan there. if any good anime comes up, don't be afraid to leave a comment! ^.^ i don't bite... except my dentist, i bite her.xD

mwahahaha i finally completed a full bio!!!!

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smetske Sep 19, 2008

Ooh, you should look up some songs... For Nightwish, 'Amarant' has the new singer (for their newest album) and 'Nemo' is a great song with their previous singer! :D As for Within Temptation, I like the songs 'Mother Earth', 'Ice Queen' and 'Memories' :D

Ahh, Linkin Park... 'In the End' is my favorite song of them! :O

And Rihanna... :D I don't like her, but I don't dislike her either, you know what I mean? :D

Please let me know how you like the songs! :D

See ya!

tenoclubs Sep 19, 2008

Classes are not leaving me with enough time either -_- it sucks... Have you seen Full Metal Panic!, Or Slayers?

smetske Sep 18, 2008

Oh, my avatar is Ichinose Kotomi, from Clannad! It's a fanmade picture though (and I didn't make it! :O).

I can listen to all kinds of music :o Especially some jpop (mostly op and ed from anime though :P), soundtracks from movies and symphonic metal... My favorite bands are Nightwish and Within Temptation... And a bit more rock-oriented: Evanescence... If you want me to, I can recommend some nice songs of them, if you don't know them already! :)

As for Jpop... Have you ever heard of Yousei Teikoku? Amazing music! Especially 'Valkyrja' and 'Last moment' are my favorites. They made the music for the intro of the anime 'Magical Pokan'. And their music is also in the Mai-HiME PS2 game, if I'm correct :D

Enjoy! ^^

Cfos Sep 18, 2008


Well, in terms of romance-anime I have quite some (well, is my favourite genre!!) and supernatural... well only a few but still.

I can recommend you something, but it would be faster if you've msn ('cuz I don't now what you've already seen...)

[email protected] (if you have, pleas add me)

Well, still I'll write some rec.

ef ~ a tale of memories (:O:O the best romance story ever!!!)

Then there are H2O ~ Footprints in the sand, Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love (well, I believe you've already seen Clannad, but I'm nor sure..., still except the end this show is better than Clannad), Shuffle (Well, more or less pretty much harem/Comedy, but the last few ep. are AMAZING and the end is sugoi!!), Kanon 06 (pretty much like Clannad), Da capo (Clannad-style too, but a bit more drama/romance), well I guess that's it for the beginning.

Yoshia Sep 17, 2008

Hm... A swedish song... I don't listen to swedish music very often, just on radio or something. I know one song that I think have become famous in Japan, Caramelldansen.

Can it be that one? =3 I can't come up with any swedish music that someone in USA can possibly listen to, exept for that one :) I can translate it for you if you want me to xD

Most people here in sweden sing in English... That sound better, Imo :) But many american or European singers is very famous in Sweden, so sometimes it's hard to know if the artist is from sweden or america when you just hear them sing on radio xD.

When I don't listen to Japanese music and animemusic, I listen to Within Temptation, Evanescense, Sum41 and Avril Lavigne. I also like the swedish artists (I think) Takida and Sahara Hotnights. :) But Papa Roach is good too :)

Aim? I think i've heard that somewhere... No, accully I don't really know what that is. I only have msn, sry :/