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Lychee DE Light Club

Aug 7, 2014

Have you ever thought to yourself "Hey, I wanna watch a show about a somewhat satanic club that is potentially full of Nazis"? yea, me neither. This show is pretty entertaining at times, but is filled with offensive humor. If you're easily offended, stay far away from this show.


Lychee DE Light Club is an episodic 'horror' show about a group of nine middle school boys who have made an AI robot  named Litchi in order to ABDUCT GIRLS. They have already succeeded in kidnapping a girl named Kanon. Also, the club members, especially the leader Zera, speak in German often, and make Hitler jokes and even dress similar to soldiers, substituting a star for a Swastika. So basically, this is a story about Nazi middle schoolers who build robots to kidnap girls. What the fuck.

This is supposed to be a comedy? With that kind of synopsis I would either assume it was a hentai or some twisted psychological anime. Actually this anime was adapted from the manga, Litchi Hikari Club, which was actually a psychological horror story. I haven't read the manga myself but normally I would not find a psychological horror story comedical in any way. Okay so far we have semi-antisemitism, kidnapping, and potential satanism. And yet they still made this into a comedy. I don't get butthurt or offended easily, but I feel like they just tried to piss people off and tried way too hard to be edgy, and most of the time I didn't find anything funny.

Besides the immoral aspects of this show and despite its extremely dark tone, it still tries to be comedic, with each episode focusing on a different event within the club. From punishing some one who tresspassed into their territory to dressing up their robot, the comedy varies at each episode. This series consists of 8 episodes, which are only 3 minutes long, o the pacing is a bit too fast at times, but sometimes its perfect for the short concept of the episode. 


The animation was probably the stongest aspect of this series, which is pretty depressing. Although they had highly detailed unique looking faces, the animation style often changed into a tacky looking Wii avatar character during the comedy. Also not too mention they are all chibis.

Although the terrible looking character designs during the slapstick comedy scenes, I have to commend the animators for the original characters with the detailed faces. They all looked different and unique, but you could still tell they were in the same clique. From a variety of different colored lipstick to the amount of eyeliner of mascara used, each character had a unique look, which is somewhat difficult to do when you are designing goth characters.


I'm a rock and metal fan so of course I liked the opening and ending themes. It matched the dark gothic atmosphere very well and prepared you for the dark comedy ahead. Although I liked the music, I feel like the were unessecary considering each episode was only 3 minutes long. It cut the story too short and left it with about 2 minutes of time to tell the story. Although there was mostly instrumental rock songs in the background, there was sometimes some goofy song in the background which felt very out of place at times.

As for the voice acting, it was nothing special and average. I could tell that they were rushed as they all talked very fast, to try to move the episode along to fit its short running time. I feel like if they had a bit more time to clearly say their lines, the voice acting would be much better. Even a mere 2 minutes more would help this problem a lot.


I have to admit that the characters were unique and different from each other, rather than clone copies of the same goth kid design. They all had a wide range of personalities and quirks as well such as a feminine homosexual character to a manly, brave type of character who offered up his eye for the robot to use. Although the were different, it seemed like the directors tried to hard to force in their characteristics unaturally again because of the short time they had. The characters were all open and showed off their archetypes in an unfitting way.

One other thing I liked was the small but noticable quirks each character had. For instance, one charcter continiously held a finger over his lip, presumptually immatating Hitler's famous mustache. Another had an eyepatch (see what I did there you Another fans). Each character had a certain outward difference in which you could tell them a part from each other which was admirable.


Lycheen DE Light Club was a jumbled mix of humor, horror, and offensive themes. It tried way to hard to be edgy by incorperating presumable Nazism, Satanism, and kidnapping. I may be overexaggerating but the show makes you want to presume these things. It could be entertaining and even humurous at times, but I would not reccomend this to anyone. 

2/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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