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KingdomI just love KINGDOM.

Simple, direct, fun, and with a lot of action. If you are looking for some adventures as the ones you enjoyed as a little kid, this is your anime.

I'll be clear, animation sucks, characters are quite plain, and if you want a deep, meaningfulll story, you may need to look some where else. Fortunately this anime ain't about any of thouse, it is about an epic adventure than may last for years (in emition), an action movie with lots of posibilities to develop.

Tells us the story of a slave kid on the feudal china who is trying to become a great general, to acomplish his and his best friends' dreams. As most shounen is rough, and straight to the point, but alway showing us the improvment of the main character as he strugles his way into the achievments of his dreams. And this is what get you into the story, and what keeps you  on the verge of your seat as you watch and waiting with a lot of anxiety for the next chapter.

This anime makes me feel like a dumb kid having fun again, and I love that, realy glad I gave the chance inspite of the animation and the fact that it comes from an unkown manga.

Soooo god that it has 3 continuous seasons and it seems it is going for a lot more (or at least I hope)

8/10 story
4/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall

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MaatiSan says...

I do agree kingdom brings out that sensation we had with shounen animes of the past where the main chars did not just grow up in power level, but become more responsible and overall better people than when they started.  Yes the action is bad, but it gets the job done to advance story points

Jul 4, 2013
RebelliousCharacters says...

That kinda makes me wanna watch it...I don't see many fun childish animes.

Feb 27, 2013
iNoTo says...

Couldn't agree more. It would have been a plus if they took a greater care for their character as well, but its not like it's bothering me in any way :) 

Feb 10, 2013