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Oda nobuna no yobou/The ambition of oda nobuna is a anime whitch uses the current ( modern world ) in the old japanese days in a smooth way thad you do not actualy notice it.

This anime is marvelous in incorperating a lot of historical facts in the anime whille stil altering it in small detail but keeping everything else the same.

Whit altering it a little bit i mean theres always 1 extra character in the anime than in actual historical fact but thads basicly the main caracter so i dont care.

And most Guys ( shoguns princes and so on ) became female in the anime whit i do not mind in the smallest atom bit.

The anime is about our main protagonist Yoshiharu becauze his name is to long they just say Saru Meaning monkey this main character is suposebly send back in time to aid oda nobuna in her battle to conquer Japan and in season 2 The world propably and yes season 2 is confirmd if you watch afther the ending song. But we never got a hint or a confirmation if Yoshiharu was send back in time had a coma or was asleep whille playing a game or something becauze the anime just started whit him in the past. this is not a spoiler this is like the first second of the anime..

So he aided oda in the conquest in japan becauze yoshiharu is from the future and a big Oda fan he knows a lot.

Yoshiharu is acting alll badass all the time and i like him as a main protagonist he isnt to much crybaby-touchy-naggy so hes not a mary sue.

Story a 9 cuz its facts of japans history so you learn quite a lot how they did things back than not a 10 becauze I've seen minor flaws in conecting the story smoothly and some tings went a little to quick 

Animation an 8 its was splendid though but I would wish more detail in the Facial expresion becauze in this anime it plays a big role in the atmosphere. and also te battle animation i would like to be bether and not flashy for cover ups.

Sound 10 it sounds like it sounds like in real life so no problems there only some times the blades sounds are a little bit off but its an anime who cares XD wel if a laser sounds like a sword thads someting else so 10/10.

Characters I like the wide spread of character personality not one character in the anime is the same ( characters thad realy mather not the soldiers and stuff ).

This anime is for all types of people XD Live: Tsundere,Masocist,Sadists.Harem lovers,Historical lovers,foregn people in anime lovers ( Not japanese ),Fierce,bad ass,crosdreser lovers just about anything is in here. onlee not yaoi sorry girls...

Overal the story anime ation sphere i will give this anime a 8.5 out of 10 its a recomended from me to watch 

If you made it til here You wil have my gratitude XD.

Arigatou gozaimasu

Erwin desmond djoemena.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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