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Rescue Me!

11 JUL

Warning!:Do not atempt to watch this Anime/OVA if your under 18-16 This anime contains a shitload of pornographic scene's-And WTF scenes.

Warning!: You wil be facepalming yourself!

Yea you could categorise this as a Harem super duper ecchi anime or just a hentai anime.. lets just cal it a H-anime for now.

Basacly the main protagonist a boy is left home alone any a maid/childhoodfrends/frends of frends come over.

From a regular ish first 3-5 minutes of animation this anime turns into a H-anime for the rest of the way whit a lot of types of people ( girls ) of course this anime has a story but you wil have to read the manga for it or really be able to get a lot of info from a short time of animation.

So If you like H-anime ( i dont hate em so i watch em ) watch it or if you just like WTF funny moments ^_^ be my guest.

PS: MOM WOULD YOU PLEASE BE QUIT! Jeez im trying to record a video..

I'd also recomend not to be watching this whit speakers of your family or neightbours wil hear it...

This anime has a lot of uhm naughty if youd like sounds and if some one walks into your room in the Fantasy moment yea.. well you could rewind the esode a little bit becauze its never an actualy scene its a fantasy ( dream ) so you can use it as an excuse XD,

I beleve there wil be a datingsim ( galge gal game ) visual novel for this anime/manga so look into thad when it comes out!

As we say in japan go hide under a rock watch anime do shit read manga and stuff and have a nice Otaku life!

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User Review Scores

  • Story 6/10
  • Animation 7/10
  • Sound 10/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 7/10


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