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Well What do I have to say about this anime.

Wel first of all this contains no spoilers just general info.

Firstly if you would like theres a manga of this anime under the same name look into thad if you would like.

My opinion:

Episode 1 was NICE in general for any mecha fan not nice but Uber Nice XD.

The mecha desighn is new and i havent seen them before episode 1 was visualy astonaushing to watch graphical speaking it was splendid afther i downloaded the 1080P version from ( ive watched every episode in 1080 ).

Everything from the background to the Laser was superbly drawn and animated.

The sound wasnt off by a bit if i was in theyr place i would've probably hear everything the same it wasnt like something break sounds like a neck snapping or something it was just i gues nice but i gues every anime has thad so i have it a 8.5  as u can see.

Back to the story this setting is I 'BELEVE' new i havent seen anything thads quite a lot like thad of course theres a small amounth of anime whitch have the same basic setup but comon whitch dont these days.

The story was well thought of and put into action according to the story so theres no time gap or informative gap wel onlee a minor thing tho thad isnt realy a gap it just doesnt have anything to do whit the anime itself but it would like some clearivicaion of it or images thad thing is ( AVALON ) not a spoiler bcuz its a name ;) so yea basicly the story was nice.

Onlee at the end i just wished they would explain or continue a little longer to see where the future brings them just to like close the ending completely i havent read the manga yet i will start today so maybe they clear it up there if not wel what ur gonna do imagine it yourself.

So overal this was a GREAT mecha/sci-fi romance adventure anime its definetly on my top 5 of my 'spring' 2013 anime Ya spring... actualy 'winter' 2013 anime so ya I would reccomend it a lot!

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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