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Hi there,

my name is ert, I study computer science in Germany and I'm an anime addict^^. Other hobbies include programming, music (like jazz/classic with clarinet or rock/jazz with bass) and gaming (more board games and pnp rpgs).

I like to hear music and my favourite band, aside from anime soundtracks, is "The Weakerthans". My favourite anime soundtracks are "Cowboy Bebop", "Chobits", "Samurai 7" and "Noir".

While watching Anime, I like cookies and dislike pretzel sticks, I like cocoa and dislike fruit tea and I like ramen and dislike red cabbage.

Here are a few personal anime awards ;)

First anime ever watched: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Best anime ever watched. Cowboy Bebop

Best comedy anime: Hale nochi Guu, followed by Excel saga

Best no-comedy anime: Death Note

Worst anime: A lot of animes where so bad, that I stalled or entirely dropped them, but of those I watched until the end Angel Sanctuary was the worst (though I like the basic story)

Best Studio Ghibli: All outstanding (exception below) but if I had to choose, I would vote for Howl's moving castle

Worst Studio Ghibli: Gedo senki

Best anime movie, leaving Studio Ghibli aside: Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

Best char-dev: Katsushirou in Samurai 7

Best non-anime series: House M.D.

Best drama Anime: Monster

A few words on my rating:

I usually rate by two categories: story (usually including characters) and sound. Each of those is either oustanding (4), promising (3), ordinary (2) or disappointing (1). The sum of those points may be increased by 1 or 2 special points for oustanding aspects (like outstanding animation or really funny jokes) and result in my final rating (usually from 2 to 10). Divided by 2, we get the number of stars for Anime-Planet. I have no rating to give 0 points for story or sound, since I try to avoid such bottomless imposition. High ratings in story-telling depend on the genre of the anime. While fun-animes "like Excel-Saga" are rated how funny they really are, other genres may have different aspects to rate.

So its easy to understand that a 5-star rated anime has an outstanding rating in each of my two categories and got 2 bonus points for something really extraordinary, while an 3.5 star rated movie may have an outstanding story, an ordinary soundtrack and a bonus for nicely animated fights.

Generally, 5 stars should be rare and a 5-star rated anime is an absolute recommentation by me, even if you dislike me, my hobbies or my favourite genre ;)

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wolfangel87 Nov 14, 2007

porcupine!!!!  (sorry my spelling is very bad)

sothis Nov 4, 2007

Cute avatar! XD