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Hey hey! Eric from Montreal, Canada here, loving this site! As a montrealer, any one who knows anything about sports should know im a die hard Canadiens fans! GO HABS GO! That said, other then hockey and other sports, anime is one of the only things i watch, other then movies and a few select shows. A couple examples of these are Battlesar Galactica, possibly the best live action show ever made, Sopranos and Entourage. And if anyone knows the funniest show ever, Its Always sunny in Philadelphia, gimma a holla! I also love HBO mini series' like Rome and Band of Brothers. On the American side of "animation", im a huge South Park and Family Guy fan, and love Archer, although im impatiently waiting for an extension of the 10 episodes i have seen 15 times each.

As far as anime go, i was first indulged into its glorious world back in the 90s when i was in high school [god damn, i am old :( ] and watched DBZ relogiously, before the days of widespread internet allowed me to explore so much more. I was introduced to most anime i watch, and this site, by a member here by the name of Schvansi, who has excellent taste in anime and i recommend trusting any ratings or reviews he may have.

Although i love short, violent animes like Black Lagoon, or Cowboy Beepop, i usually find myself really into the long series', as i tend to get very involved in characters and storylines, and love watching long term developments. Because of this, i am a huge Naruto geek, and am currently watching (and absolutly loving) one piece. I have a huge soft spot for action comedies.

When im not watching anime or sports or wtv, i am usually either on my PS3 or Xbox360 loving games like Final Fantasy 13, Grand Theft auto, Halo Wars, NHL, Forza and soon to be Gran Turismo 5 :) . I love RPG games most, im a die hard Mass Effect series fan. My most played current generation game is probably Resident Evil 5.

I love anime girls, espcially Tsunade from Naruto and Revy from Black Lagoon, and am always down to talk about anime chicks, and am a huge fan of hentai and doujins.

One last thing for those music fans out there, my top music is new age metal, stuff like August Burns Red, As i Lay Dying, Haste the Day, Bullet for my Valentine, All that Remains and so on. But i like music from just about all genres, so anybody wanting to talk music, or anime or anything else i mentioned in my profile for that matter, im always down!

I will be in the forums with the same name, so word up!

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chii Sep 20, 2010

hehe yeah

He watches a lot of the shows with me. but i don't force him to sit through everything like i do. (although he's generally in the room anyway XD) I like making him watch things that i'll know he'll enjoy though ^_^

chii Sep 20, 2010

lol i wouldn't really call me a master but ok XD

I moved to sherbrooke to be with my bf. I use to work but medical conditions have kept me from that for about 2 years now so atm just staying at home and watching anime XD

Schvansi Sep 17, 2010

I own the Uncut Mezzo Forte movie not the TV series. Trust me the movie is not even close to the TV series...You'll See lol

Schvansi Sep 17, 2010

Hey buddy I own Irresponsible Captain Tylor and Mezzo Forte. If you want to finish watchin ICT I'm down as for Mezzo Forte...Well ehhh ill lend you that one it's a solo viewing if you catch my drift LoLz!

chii Sep 17, 2010

originally from ottawa ontario and moved to sherbrooke lol

we are the same age so i dunno if you'll ever catch up :P teehehe