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Now listening -  ,,The Rasmus - Lucifer's Angel"

Eyes: brown

Hair : blond :DDDD

Sports: kendo, volleyball

Colors: white, black, red

Food: sushi, somen

Drinks: juice, tea

Languages: english, russian, lithuanian,

About me : I am a high school student . my location is Lithuania (here was "born" Hannibal Lecter):D  sometimes i play video games ( f.e.a.r , vampire:the masquerade bloodlines..... ;)))).....)

In free time i like go shopping with friends.  I usualy buy books , cus i love reading wery much( fantasy ,horror, sometimes historical.. than i was younger i loved reading books about love....  but now... ;) nah.. ) i think im full of love cus my ex still persecute me..... (-_-") but hes a jerk....there the hell was my eyes than i choosed him.....

Every year i meet with italians in Christian community camp. there we acting, making projects. sometimes we dandcing in late evenings^^

I like watching anime ... i like draw it to(my daddy is an artist, so he sometimes corrects my mistakes )  . first anime i watched was Hellsing (on MTV) now than i go to parties we always watching hellsing (-_-").... stupid goths.... i not goth ^^... i just like talk with strange people ... lolita , punks , goths.......cus sometimes "normal" people unnervs me. ex: i go down the street with normal  friends and people looks at me tike im some sort of allien...i think its nothing unusual... violet slinky pants, black t-shirt with frowers.... maybe my shoes a bit strange colourfl sneakers with hmmm...5 cm platform... ^.^ .... sometimes u can see me with stiletto heel ;DDDD life is funny ;) im not wasting my time :)

im quite creative...i like weave braslets... or smf else... ^^ i like diverge from the crowd ^^ also i like act...i attendance drama coterie;)))))))))) I won few international drawing contests ^^:p

I like my bedroom, cus on right wall you can see a huge sakura fototapet. allso you can see my daddys painting ^^


fav anime.

1. Hellsing/Ergo proxy

2. D.gray-man/ Naruto +(shippuden)

3. Hellsing ova

4. Trinity blood/Blood+

5. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro/ Death note

6. Fullmetal alchemist

7. Ghost gunt

8. Darker than black

9. Shaman king/ Inuyasha

fav. anime characters


1. Integra Hellsing - Hellsing

2. Victoria Seras - Hellsing

3. Esther Blanchett - Trinity blood

4. Saya Otonashi - Blood+

5. Cloud Nine(general) - D.gray-man

6. Lenalee Lee -  D.gray-man


1. Alucard - Hellsing

2. Allen Walker - D.gray-man (crown clown)

3 . Abel Nightroad (Crusnik) - Trinity blood

4. Vincent Law - Ergo proxy

5. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

6. Jan Valentine ( The Valentine Brothers) - Hellsing

7. Hollow Ichigo (white) - Bleach

8. Cain Nightroad -Trinity blood

9. Yu Kanda/ Tyki Mikk -  D. Gray-man

10. Winter Zokaro(general) - D.gray-man

11. Sasuke Uchiha/Kakashi Hatake  - Naruto

12. Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII

13. Kadaj (Yazoo ,Loz) - Final Fantasy VII

14. Neuro - Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

15. Kaguya Kimimaro - Naruto

16. Reno - Final Fantasy VII

organizations (groups)

1. Hellsing

2 . Millennium

3. Akatsuki

4. Vatican

5. Noah family

6. Black order

7. Schiff

omg.... i'm so bored at the moment..and summer vacation almost ended.....

P.S. im not good with english grammar, so if you see a mistake in my text message me ^^

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XBIOSX May 3, 2009

No problem.

You like horror anime? whats your favorite?

XBIOSX Apr 30, 2009

get it while it's hot


Invitation code k133znhyesc8qdzcf5eihxr2znqnzctnk55j


"i can teach u lithuanian language xDDDDDDDDDD"

lol, I'm swamped with learning Japanese at the moment (well, I'm trying at least XD) Currently I don't think I could handle another language lol, but thank you for the offer.

XBIOSX Apr 29, 2009

(assuming that you can both read and audibly understand English) there's (my favorite) (there's not as much anime as boxtorrents but it's still good, I can give you an invite too if you like) and, those are mainly the sites I go to besides fan subs, here's a list of a lot more .

XBIOSX Apr 28, 2009

So you live in the Republic of Lithuania (please don't think I'm a stalker LOL), does the torrent site you mentioned have a vast selection of content, if not why don't you access other torrent sites (I could recommend some great ones to you) assuming you can access them from your country.


"oh...hell.. i hate my country .here is only 8 manga books.. hellsing , vampire hunter D , peach, torrot cofe, speed racer, princes ai, bizenghast.....warcraft..."

that sucks, I feel for you.  lol warcraft lol.

XBIOSX Apr 27, 2009

this is a site where you can find reviews, track the anime and manga that you've watched/read and find recommendations based on similar anime and manga, so basically it's the ultimate resource for an anime addict XD.  it's also a great place to chat about anime and manga.

P.S. if you don't mind telling me what fanssub are you obtaining vampire night Guilty from?