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I'm a "otari-man" (otaku + salary worker) Who lives a norma, but happy life, I work hard to get time and stuff to get fun. I love anime, is one of my favorite hobbies. I usually spent about 1-3 hours a days fro anime. In the other hand I'm a non-reader for manga. I really prefer the audio/visual experience over the writted one.

Also I don't collect figures, but I don't dislike'em, infact, sometimes I wish to buy some one, but the idea vanishes from my mind after some minutes.

I also like to play video games, I've a Wii and DS, the funny fact is that the last console I've ever had was a SNES, then I wasn't able to buy another for years, beacause I spent my savings on a Top-of-the-line PC, wich ends to be a really good decision thus now I can watch any anime I want on it. Now with my salary I was able to buy this new consoles I now I'm a player about half hour a day, but when I get my hands on a new game I was expecting to adquire I usually play it from the start to the end in one Weekend.

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