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Jinsei wa fushigi desu ne...

When I was a kid, I went through a hard time..I was lonely and longed for somebody who would sit by me, listen to me or understand me...The world seemed like a deep dark pit filled with terrible and lonely things and i was afraid to step out. It was hopeless.... Thats when I found it. Anime. It saved me from despair and gave me a world full of dreams and happiness. Where Love was pure and gentle and powerful and where it knew no bounds; where people were at your side because they wished to be; where the world was a better place and the joy it held was endless. Of course, I was a kid, and as a lonely kid, that was all I needed to get back on my feet and work my way to setting the world back in its rightful place...the wonderful place that was shown to me...the place i knew it could be....the place for me.

Many years have passed, I grew up and I still battle my way through life everyday, but I am truly grateful I discovered this beautiful wonderland that I can still disappear into from time to time and once again become the child I am inside.

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