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lets see...where to begin...i guess i can start with i'm a pretty regular guy who enjoys anime, videogames, reading pretty much anything and being an all around lazy kind of guy. my favorite kinds of anime tend to be fantasy/adventure, but i like to think that i enjoy all sorts of anime. 

i suppose i can say my interest in anime began sometime in the summer of 1999 when the sci-fi channel used to show anime movies at 3am. i remember staying up really late at night when i was a freshmen in high school waiting for anime movies and falling asleep in several simply because it was so late, lol, it was good times. as a kid i grew up with dbz and voltron and a few others but at the time i never really knew that it came from japan. it wasn't until my freshmen year of high school i realized what anime was and where it came from. thats why i like to say that my first foray into the anime realm began with the second tenchi muyo movie. i recall it began at 3am and i saw the first 15 or so minutes and realized that i wasn't going to make it through the whole movie because i was falling asleep so i set the good ol vcr on record and recorded the rest of the movie. needless to say, my mind was blown after watching it - mostly because i had no idea about the story becuase at the time i had not even heard of the tenchi muyo tv series. after watching the movie several times i did some research and found out that there were several tenchi series out. afterwards i began collecting vhs tapes of tenchi muyo, and from there discovered neon genesis evangelion and record of lodoss war and many others. i have a big box of anime on vhs that i rummage through every now an then becuase i like the nostalgic feeling that comes with holding the vhs tapes, lol im a dork, i know. 

as far as what i do, i'm technically still a student. graduated high school in 2002, went to college like a good little boy, finished undergrad in 2006, took a year off because i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life, began medical school in 2007, finished last year and began residency in family medicine because i love primary care and i prefer the outpatient clinic over hospital work anyday. 

i'm a big political junkie and consider myself to be a fiscal conservative but liberal on mostly all social issues. my favorite food is pizza and i love cupcakes. some of my favorite videogames include xenogears, final fantasy 7, legend of dragoon, chrono cross, tales of vesperia, and a bunch of other jrpg's. 

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roriconfan says...

I enjoy shows that make sense a lot more than shows that don't.

Aug 19, 2012
JapanFreak says...

your avatar is funny from what anime it is?

Nov 2, 2011
Shadowfoot says...

Thanks dude, that comment on the review really made my day. Never thought it would influence someone to that degree. You are actually the first person that I have heard of that likes Hanasaku Iroha. Many people dislike it or find it average for some weird reason. What made the comment even better is that you have watched a hell of a lot more anime than me, making me the noob :D

Oct 28, 2011