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The Flowers of Evil

Oct 15, 2013

After some thought I decided to do a short review of Aku no Hana because I really do not want people to dismiss this anime!

It's a great and twisted psychological anime. The realism and the tension that is constantly in the atmosphere of this anime is brilliant. The painful awkwardness of the character Kasuga and the weird behaviour of Nakamura I really liked. Their very different behaviours were a good combination along with the other main character Saeki who gives off what is seemingly a normal and innocent vibe.

Yes, there are scenes that are a few minutes long which could be cut down and reduced to only a few seconds long but they would just not have the same effect if they were not real time. It would ruin the strange and tense atmosphere of the anime. It is an anime set in every day run down, miserable looking town with a very eerie feeling about it. The slowness is a really important part of the setting. However, I admit the slow pacing can be frustrating at times.

The rotoscope animation is actually perfect and aids the psychological element of the anime. Without the rotoscope the anime wouldn't be the same. Those who refuse to watch it because of the 'ugly' animation are childish. You are really missing out on a unique and intriguing anime by rejecting Aku no Hana due to its appearance. The music is really quirky and odd and like everything else, it adds to the overall odd feeling the anime gives off.

I don't want to spoil anything but I must warn you that this anime can be a little disturbing. It is a psychological anime though. If you are sick of the normal slice of life school romance then check out the great but twisted Aku no Hana.

However, if you watch this anime then prepare for an ending that does not resolve anything. The final episode just gives us a glimpse of what is to come to persuade you to go and read the manga. I myself have started to read the manga because this anime has left me intrigued. I think it is a real shame that it will most likely never get a second season due to its lack of popularity though.

Story: 7/10 Animation: 7/10 Sound: 8/10 Character: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Overall: 7.6/10 (8/10) I would recommend Aku no Hana to those who fancy something a little bit different!

I admit I originally laughed at the screenshots (Nakamura’s derp face and the manly looking girl!) like many others but a week after episode 1 aired I started watching. I expected to hate it but I didn’t! I admit it took several episodes to get into but after that I really looked forward to watching it every week. It’s definitely one of those anime you should at least check out an episode or two at some point. It taught me not to judge an anime by its animation style immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to warm to something new!

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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