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At first glance this seems like a classic sci-fi mecha, then it looks like a baffonish comedy, and finally like an epic romance anime. Now let me say i am no fan to any of the 3 genre's i just listed.I am also not a fan of ecchi or the classic 15 year old boy becomes all powerful scenario.

What this title does perfectly is bind some of the best things of all those genre's together.
It makes you feel for most of it's characters in a way that i couldn't understand. it seems like they are all shallow or repetitive at times but you can't help caring when one falls from grace or get's their heart smashed. even if you don't like comedy in your anime you will chuckle occasionally at the great male vs female jokes. the cliche let's work together and beleive in yourself stuff gets alittle old but its important to the show's message.

If you are looking for deep fight scenes and intricate mecha homage, look elsewhere, because the fight scenes cool as they were, are really just a way to progress the growth of the characters and the overall story arch.

Story: the overall story arch is impressive, not really deep and twisting, but what you would expect right when you should get what you need. the characters are so lovable and by the end i felt a kinship with all of them even the ones i hated to begin with.

Animation: this anime wasn't really ultra new, but for when it was made it looked and still looks fantastic. This anime was made when sci fi series were still debating on hand drawn and artsy vs computer animation. this one went with computer and it was the right choice for the show.

Sound: alot of care went into the quality sound production for this show, especially for the english dubs, however the voice actors were the usual crew we see everywhere.

Overall:this show is like a friend that hugs you when your down, it's heart warming and interesting. You find yourself falling for it's flaws and its triumphs, and hanging on to every little interaction between it's characters.
 that being said if your a cynical bastard or a fan of one of the mecha genra in particular skip this show, its more for people who like to feel things, and love people shows.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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