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I'm a college grad, bibliophile, and depending on my mood and surroundings, yandere or tsundere. My taste in anime have changed pretty drastically since I was last on here and now I love deep, dark anime, though sometimes I have to come out of the cave and watch something super heartwarming. Today I caught myself exclaiming something in Japanese. English dubs suck. Also, I love cats. Θ_Θ

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QysteiN Mar 17, 2011

Thanks! =)

Maidofag Mar 16, 2011

So, are you a cold but sweet tsundere? :P

I'm an hybrid instead. Some people call me tsun, others yandere, but in the end I'm a "normal" person with both parts.

Maidofag Mar 10, 2011

Yeah it pissed me a lot too, since it's not the first time. And okay, I've not got a big list to update daily, but it makes me scream even to insert a single chapter. :/

Thanks for the welcome btw. Oh and thumbs up for Ouran Host Club, it's an awesome show.

TORV56 Feb 25, 2011

Yu Yu Hakusho is on my "want to watch" list. I watched it a bit on toonami as well. From what I remember it's a great show. You should check out Trigun and Last Exile. Triguns a bit like Kenshin, but with guns, and Last Exile was on toonami for a short while I think. Both are great shows.