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Alright time for a profile update. I don't usually review anime and I am very lenient in my ratings, which is weird from what I've seen from others profiles. I love to read and have a book review blog which I neglect.. because well, no one reads my stuff anyways so who cares. I am also an artist.. right now I'm into Ceramics.  I fall in the tsundere/yandere catagories depending on my mood. I am sarcastic, strange, and not very interesting. I am engaged.. been dating same guy for nearly 5 years and though he loves anime has yet to make a profile. I also have a slave on the forums named Mangina. Obviously, I am awesome and that's all you need to know.

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NoCheerios says...

Nah, I had my stage. Let's just say porn got a little old around 8th grade.

Mar 24, 2011
NoCheerios says...

OMG thosthe Dove sthoap barsth are STHO PREEEETTTY OMAYGAWD.

Pfft, normal.... only by the standards of an anime fan.

Mar 24, 2011
NoCheerios says...

lol, I'm not a fan of anything really sexually related to anime. I dunno why, but watching animated drawings with oversized eyes and strange head shapes and haircuts run around in their birthday suits doesn't exactly tickle my fancy. Maybe I'm weird like that?

Mar 24, 2011
NoCheerios says...

I have not seen Chrono Crusade. Been rec'd it, though, so it has to be at least decent. And I don't hate all reverse harems, just the graaaand majority.

Mar 24, 2011
NoCheerios says...

Oh man, do I hate it when that happens. I'm all like, "duuuuude. LAME."

Mar 24, 2011