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Alright time for a profile update. I don't usually review anime and I am very lenient in my ratings, which is weird from what I've seen from others profiles. I love to read and have a book review blog which I neglect.. because well, no one reads my stuff anyways so who cares. I am also an artist.. right now I'm into Ceramics.  I fall in the tsundere/yandere catagories depending on my mood. I am sarcastic, strange, and not very interesting. I am engaged.. been dating same guy for nearly 5 years and though he loves anime has yet to make a profile. I also have a slave on the forums named Mangina. Obviously, I am awesome and that's all you need to know.

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Maidofag says...

Heh, instead I love it because it's so logical and precise, but I totally suck at it. :P

Apr 3, 2011
jin287 says...

What anime are you curently watching?


Mar 31, 2011
Maidofag says...

I have a maths test tomorrow, so I feel nearly comfortable to talk about circles and things like that :P

Mar 27, 2011
NoCheerios says...

Whats wrong with them? Have you even seen Poltergeist?

Mar 26, 2011
Maidofag says...

Well, there must be a point where people start to walk, so I used it as an hypothetical beginning.

Mar 26, 2011