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Example #223: Megas Nyoro


This is the Two-hundred-and-twenty-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

February has came and gone this year. With it, we leave the "unannounced" special month. It was, as a few readers have figured out, footwear/pantyhose month. The bonus scenes of the girls using their feet/legs in erotic fashion was added later.

However, in my planning I came up with nearly nothing that I wanted to do for March. I have April and May all planned out, but March for some reason I skipped. Okay fine, NOW I have March planned, but it was much later in comparison. Um, I mean... I'm totally doing this by the seat of my pants and don't know that a girl is going to bust in here again.

: Nyahaha! You're a terrible actor.

I know, and it shames me. Anyway, what are you doing here today, Tsuruya?

: You should know, you called me.

*whispers* Shhh....just play along.

: Oh, I was just fooling, Nyahaha. Now I'll start acting: *cough* I've returned so that you can give me the blog you promised a while back.

I suppose that is fair, you DID save me from Asakura last year. The least I could do is a blog on you. In fact, let's begin!

[center]Today's girl is:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya[/center]

: As always, remember that Topaz doesn't like reading and thus can't use the knowledge from the Novels themselves.

HEY! I'm not... Okay fine. Yeah, I haven't read them...

: Nyahaha. It's so much fun to pick on you.

Hair: Tsuruya's hair is very nice. Long hair is always a plus for me, especially when it's to the ankle like her's is. Her hair is even a nice dark shade of green, one of my top colors. Sure, I'd like black, brown, and dark blues/purples more, but I do like the color of Tsuruya's hair. It's also usually free and from the looks of it her hair looks straight. As opposed to wavy, which I'm not a fan of. It would fit Tsuruya's wild self though, but that's getting off topic. Her sidecurls are somewhat wavy, but that's to be expected. They go to her chest, if not a bit further. Probably my least favorite part IS her "part". What I mean by this is that the part of Tsuruya's bangs is very wide. You can see a lot of her forehead. Now I won't say that that's a bad thing, but I do prefer girls with bangs. I don't even think that she gets picked on for it, at least opposed to other girls with exposed foreheads.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Much like Yuki and other characters from other series, Tsuruya has golden eyes. I'm a bit torn on hers though. I tend to like only quieter girls with golden eyes, which Tsuruya doesn't fit. On the other hand, it's not like there's a big difference between her and Yuki's eyes as they're nearly identical. Well, excluding a pretty big difference in that Yuki wears glasses on occasion, but I could compare her to Haruhi then. Either way, Tsuruya's eyes aren't that spectacular. However, that doesn't mean she's terrible. Tsuruya has a high upper eye. This means that, even though her eyes are curved like the other girls she doesn't look as "dere" as, say, Mikuru, does. I like fierce appearances.
Grade: B-

Face: Tsuruya's face is, like the others, fairly good for me as it's from KyoAni. In addition, she's almost always smiling. Not just a smirk or slight smile either. In most of her scenes she's smiling a wide smile and, just as often, laughing her brains out. She's like the embodiment of the :D smiley emoticon. Though there is a downside for me. Not with her smiling, but it's because Tsuruya has a fang. I am not a fang-fan, and it's one of Tsuruya's main features. Sure, looks wise it's cute but I'm always afraid of biting.

: BITING? What kind of fantasies are you having?

No, no. I mean like if Tsuruya was sleeping and she bit her cheek or something. Not that she'd bleed out, but it's annoying when you keep getting sores due to fangs.
Grade: B

Build: Overall Tsuruya has a nice body. She's very similar to Haruhi as well, though with less focus. In addition, due to Tsuruya's training in martial arts (in at least some spin-offs) she probably has a more muscular body. The problem is that we don't see Tsuruya often enough to get a good measurement, but luckily official art is there. In one we can see that her butt is shiny and rounded (the shininess tends to mean that it's soft). The rest of her body is about "average", though there's nothing wrong with that.
Grade: B

Breasts: Again, like Haruhi, Tsuruya is only "average" here. Especially if you compare her to the more "outlying" girls like Mikuru (busty) and Yuki (flat). Looks wise she looks smaller than Haruhi as well, but that's just my opinion and they're both fairly close.
Grade: B

Clothes: Tsuruya's normal outfit is the school uniform, and since it's shared by Asakura (as well as the other girls) I'll paste it here:
it's a white sailor outfit with red stripes on the mostly blue wrists and collar. The skirt matches as well, being blue like her collar.
Other outfits that Tsuruya wears includes a bunny suit (in the official art, at least), a red track uniform (during the baseball episode), and her maid/waitress outfit for the school festival. The latter tends to be one of the best for her. It consists of a blue dress under a white apron. It also has poofy white shoulders and white sleeves. Finally it's topped off with a red ribbon around her neck as well as a maid headband. There's a scene where she waves her hair while wearing this outfit too that I find quite attractive.
Grade: A-

Personality: Tsuruya is the hyperactive friend of Mikuru. She's a bit protective of Mikaru as well, and in the spin offs she's the president of the Mikuru fan club. She's a very cheerful and friendly girl as well, as long as you don't get teased by her. She loves to laugh and even couldn't act in their "movie" as she was laughing too hard. She even points while laughing, possibly adding to the "rudeness". Although she's not an official member of the SOS club Tsuruya still often does activities with them. This is probably due to the fact that Haruhi and her are so similar personality-wise. Both dislike being bored and want to do fun activities and are genki in general. Also, surprisingly, they've came out and said that Tsuruya is not anything special. She's a "normal" human being. This is surprising as apparently her family is "very influential" in the Esper community that Itsuki belongs to. Speaking of her family, we also know that Tsuruya is incredibly wealthy, though that's played with more in the spinoffs as far as I know. We don't know what she's up to either, as she doesn't appear as often as the members of the SOS club. In general she's a nice girl, but she'd probably be too rowdy for me.
Tsuruya is known for two phrases; "Megas" and "Nyoro". She doesn't actually say them half as often as people expect her to, though. That's mainly a fan-based thing. Speaking of her voice, both Kari Wahlgren and Yuki Matsuoka do a great job. One of Tsuruya's main quirks is that she tends to talk pretty fast and both girls nail that. Plus both have good voices in general. However, I do have one thing to point out. Many fan blogs based on my own have an additional area dedicated to "voice", something that, as you can see, I group in personality. The main reason is that I can't pick up some nuances in voices. Sure, I listen for the tone and melody and such, but there's some things I just am unable to pick up on. For example, I read that Tsuruya has a lisp. My initial thought was "that can't be right", but upon listening to her voice again she DOES (whether or not it's due to the fang is another topic). This even extends to things such as vocal tics or accents; if the translator doesn't specifically point it out I have a hard time telling. And yes, that includes English as well that I couldn't tell that Tsuruya has a lisp. I feel pretty ashamed of that fact xD.
Grade: B

Libido: Tsuruya teases Mikuru alongside Haruhi at times, but I'm sure that's more "friendship" than anything. I don't even think she'd count as one of Kyon's "haremettes" either, unless you like crazy pairings or something. In the spin-off of Yuki-chan she DOES seem to want Kyon and Mikuru to end up together, but that's not something that's expanded on in the main series (as far as I know). Also there's a bit of teasing with Kunikida in a later book, though this information is only secondhand.
Grade: B-

Age: Tsuruya is estimated to be the same age as Mikuru. This is because both are a year ahead of the other students.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.4
Final Grade: B-

: Aww man, I was hoping for megas points!

I'm sorry that you didn't score as high as Mikuru, but at least you inspired me for a topic for this month. You see, I'll be revisiting shows that I have a few girls remaining and talk about them. So if I've done a majority of girls from a series (such as doing Yuki, Haruhi, Mikuru, and Asakura) but am missing a somewhat major one (in this case Tsuruya) this might be your month!

: Don't forget about taking care of my loose end as well. Didja forget that you did this to repay me before I start taking interest? Nyahaha.

True true, what kind of person leaves a loose end just hanging there!


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