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Example #161: Now to blog about Glasses!

29 DEC

This is the Hundred-and-sixty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: Hey Topaz, have you seen Kirino recently?

No. Not since she tried to kill me.

: Oh, well then I suppose it's good that you haven't seen her. But I'm starting to get worried somewhat.

So she hasn't returned then? How odd.

: And Topaz.


: If you speak a word of this to Kirino, I'll hunt you down and hurt you myself.

Fair enough.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the final blog of 2011. In honor of this great occasion I've decided to go over my favorite girl of the past year. A girl who, if she was a main character, could easily be put on my favorite list in general. A girl after my own heart, no less.

: Blah blah blah. Just get on to her introduction!

Fine then,

[center]Today's girl is:

Nakuru Narumi
Mayo Chiki

: So why is she so much-


: I see... I'll be quiet now...

Hair: Nakuru has waist long hair, and it is blond. Her hair is wavy and she reminds me a lot of Miyuki. Normally I dislike both blond hair and wavy hair, but Nakuru's hair is pretty nice and contrasts well with her dark skin. It also looks really soft and silky. Not perfect from my scale standpoint so she does lose some points, but these are really made up by her wonderful cat ears. A true Megane-neko she is (though I don't think we ever know whether or not they're something like a hair band or her actual ears (the former being much MUCH more likely), and they even move to her emotions.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Nakuru has wonderful blue eyes. They're nicer in the manga as they seem a bit darker but they still are a nice color in the anime as well. Her usual pair of glasses are a very nice underframe pair, though she's also been seen wearing an overframe pair and likely has many many pairs.

: As anyone knows, glasses make a wonderful accessory and should be worn by everyone. Especially beautiful girls and guys.

I wouldn't disagree with that heavenly statement. Though there's some people who enjoy "Ironic Moe" and want to remove the glasses from characters.



: My glasses are as much a part of me as my arms or legs, and they just want to chop them off?

Well, I wouldn't put it that way, but indeed I disagree with these "character hipsters" that want their "ironic moe". Glasses girls (and guys) are great because of the glasses in general!
Grade: A

Face: Nakuru is a very cute girl. I love how soft she looks and she usually has such a nice and cheerful face. As seen in her image, she occasionally has a cat smile (though her true smile is better imo). Because of this, she also has a fang, though I won't complain as much as her ears point her to having a bit of a feline motif anyway.
Grade: A-

Build: Nakuru has an extremely sexy and soft looking body. She's curvy in all the right places and looks great. Choosing one spot in particular is hard, but I'd say that besides the part I'll discuss next her butt and legs look great. Both look so soft. If you haven't noticed yet, she also has delicious dark skin. I don't normally enjoy dark skin but like I said her light hair provides a contrast that I usually reverse (light skin/dark hair). There's some people that say that she's a ganguro girl because of her dark skin, but I wouldn't say that's true as then she'd be wearing much more make-up.
Grade: A

Breasts: This is probably Nakuru's most notable point, outside of her glasses of course. Her breasts are quite large but still look great. She's not afraid to show them off either (well, not naked, but in a cleavage-showing way). They're also really bouncy and jiggly as well. So great <3. Though she's got some issues about guys looking at them due to her choices. Otherwise she's a nice somewhat airheaded girl most of the time.
Grade: A

Clothes: Her usual outfit is the school uniform for Mayo Chiki; A short red skirt (though it covers parts of her top as well) combined with a white shirt underneath. She also has WONDERFUL pantyhose to show off her excellent legs, and a very low neckline to show off her cleavage. Outside of that, she's also worn a maid outfit, a very revealing bikini (though not a string one), and oddly enough a full-body sheep suit. She's also worn a lovely purple yukata and a bunch of other low-cut and frilly clothes. She's also done a bit of spy work and worn a trench coat and hat to disguise herself. Overall, a lot of very nice outfits.
Grade: A-

Personality: Like I said, Nakuru and I are very much alike. We both love glasses, though Nakuru has proven her love much more than I have. It gets kind of intimidating when your rival jumps out of or off buildings to protect glasses. Not to mention breaking a very expensive camera in the process. She even gave glasses to the male lead because she thought that he would look good in them. As a image board friend of mine once said, "Wait, so she's a meganekko who creates more meganekko? Oh. My. God. It's the ideal woman.", and indeed this is true. Her love of glasses often turns into a "Now let's talk about Glasses" conversation when a conversation needs interrupting for some reason. It's kinda like the "balsamic vinegar" or "smelly" conversations that appear in Lucky Star. It's essentially taken as "blah blah unimportant dialogue"-type of thing when people like me probably WOULD love to hear her go on and on about wonderful glasses.

However, Nakuru is somewhat a fujoshi when it comes to glasses. She would rather see guys wear them, and is a BL maniac. She even dedicated her life to drawing doujin in high school rather than have a love life. She defends the "yaoi" romance of the two main characters and is the chairman of the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-sama comittee". This comittee protects the lead "male" Subaru to pursuit his own relationships rather than have the other side try to break up "his" "forbidden" relationships. However, like the same image board user said, "Yaoi is a small price to pay for meganekko.".

For miscellaneous information, there's a few more things I should add. Kana Asumi did Nakuru quite well, despite being more well known for less "mature" roles so to speak. Finally, don't let Nakuru drink soda or pop. She'll become a nearly unstoppable force when it comes to stripping clothes off of people!
Grade: B+

Libido: Like I said, Nakuru is more into BL manga than interested in a relationship. She's very perverted though, as seen by her megane-based doujins anyway. She does eventually fall for the male lead but that's only after going on a date with him. Though I would say that I'd totally grope her breasts if she wanted me to!
Grade: B+

Age: It's somewhat unknown what Nakuru's exact age is, but it's easy enough to figure out. Jiro (the male lead) is 16-17, and is a grade older than Nakuru (who is a first year high school student). Thus, she's likely 15-16 or so.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 89
Average score: 9.8
Final Grade: A-

And that's Nakuru, meganekko extraordinare! However, it's not the end of the blog. I still have the list of anime I've seen this year, or at least an image to post in the next spoiler.

And for being such great readers over the past three years, here's a preview of things to come...

[center]Emperortopaz's blog 2012[/center]


: Fate-sama, if we want to save Vivio, you have to help us![/left]

: I am confident in my flames that I can easily destroy you, vile opponent!

: But I'm a meganekko Topaz. You don't want to leave me here to die, now do you?[/left]

: Chop Chop CHOP! This is what you deserve for looking at so many girls Topaz!


: Hey, there were hardly any meganekkos in that preview! How dare you.

Don't worry Nakuru, next month will be filled with the best meganekkos from each season of 2011.


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