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Example #152: One "Ringu" to rule them all

27 OCT

This is the Hundred-and-fifty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, readers. I hope you've had a nice week. For it will surely be your last! Mwahahaha!

My only regret is that I could only find 99 plates... Do you have the last one...? Well, do YOU?


: *blushes* I can't continue anymore. All those readers!

That's fine Sawako, I understand you tried. And for that I'm graceful. And yes readers, you're right to assume that...

[center]Today's girl is:

Sawako Kuronuma
Kimi ni Todoke

Many people got my hint last week, I'm so proud of you! And for those that don't get it, I'll get on with the blog.

Hair: Sawako has extremely great hair. She's got long, black hair. Though it is somewhat stringy at times, it looks great more often than not. Her hime cut is also wonderful, and she keeps her hair loose so often it's nearly perfect.

Unfortunately, her usual hair style isn't the only style she uses. During a particular sports day arc, she ties it up in a bun. I don't like buns, which is unfortunate because her hair is so great otherwise, and thus I didn't like that arc all that much. She's also worn twintails or braids, which are better than the bun but I certainly prefer her usual hair style to that. She also has a cute style that she wore in the last few episodes of the first season where she just parted her hime cut and wore a clip that I still like though.
Grade: A

Eyes: As you can tell by her eyes, Kimi ni Todoke is indeed a Shoujo anime. Sawako has a very distinct eye style, and they're quite large. In series she looks quite scary, but she actually isn't (I'll discuss this later). She has brown eyes, and they are a mix of soft and gentle, but also roughly-cut. They're also usually somewhat flattened or "football" shaped. She can be quite creepy (as you've seen), but usually she's quite cute. At one point she did cry enough to get "cry bags" but they didn't last too long. In my opinion, yeah I had to get used to Sawako's eyes, but that's just the artstyle and it's incredibly cute now.
Grade: B

Face: Sawako is EXTREMELY CUTE. Not only are her expressions cute ordinarily, she even has the chibi reaction shots that I really enjoy. I like when shows use them, and I always commend when a show doesn't take it self seriously and allows the use of truly expressive shots like this show does. At the same time, Sawako is also a somewhat "plain" girl, and when she put on make up it did have a noticeable change in appearance. Also, while her smile is really cute, make sure it isn't forced or else she'll just look creepier. She's cute, but there are certainly art styles I like better for "softness".
Grade: B+

Build: Unfortunately Sawako's body isn't that great. Not bad, but she's definitely not on my list of "sexy" girls. She's more a average girl than "sexy". She's 158 cm tall and weighs 44 kg. She is quite skilled at running though, and somewhat good at other sports as well. I think that the series itself isn't fanservicy (it is a shoujo after all), and features more normal proportions than other series, which isn't bad but won't score her points here.
Grade: C

Breasts: Again the type of show hurts Sawako's chances here. She's pretty flat, unfortunately.
Grade: D

Clothes: Now this is getting back to giving her points. Her usual outfit is a very nice school uniform that consists of a white shirt under a blue blazer with matching skirt and a red bow tie (though it looks like in the manga it might be blue). I love blazer-type outfits. She also wears a gym uniform, but again I'm not a fan as her hair is usually up during these scenes. Outside of school, Sawako wears all kinds of cute outfits such as sweaters that look comfortable. During the second season she also wears a kimono as part of a Sadoka outfit, and looked great in it.
Grade: A-

Personality: Sawako is a perfect example of my type of girl. She's quiet, shy, and cute. She didn't have any friends growing up as they were often intimidated by how much she looks like the girl from the movie "The Ring" Sadoka. Not only that, but many rumors floated around about her, from being able to see spirits to using black magic. She even has rumors about her manipulating and strongarming people to hang around her. All of these are of course lies. Once you get close to her, she's actually a nice, kind girl that wouldn't bother a fly. She even helps out the entire classroom with extra study sessions! She does like horror stories and read them at the request of a teacher to have something to talk to others about. Her motto "one good deed a day" is a great one to live by. She's also loved by her parents (I can see that, she's adorable) and is a great homemaker.

One "bad" thing is that Sawako is somewhat dense. She's prone to misunderstandings, and can't quite understand when she's being manipulated. At one point she thought that all her friends were even just hanging around her simply due to PITY. She has a hard time admitting her feelings to others, not in a tsundere way but more of a "I don't want to trouble them" way, which is extremely cute (I think I have a similar problem in real life). Luckily she's able to stand up for herself eventually.

In other words, Sawako is a sweet girl that's great for me. Oh, and not only is she so great, but she's also done by Mamiko Noto and I couldn't even begin to think of anyone else who could do such a wonderful voice for Sawako.
Grade: A+

Libido:  As I said above, Sawako is somewhat dense when it comes to feelings. She has difficulty accepting others, but is loyal and is more concerned with hurting her crush (Shouta)'s feelings. Though they do eventually get together, the journey is slow and bumpy.
Grade: B

Age: Sawako is between 15 and 16, depending on which season you watch (she ages in the first). It's a good age, but not great.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.9
Final Grade: B

I hope everyone liked this month of "Halloween" characters. I realize that Sawako here is quite a stretch, but I've been thinking of having her be the end cap of October's "Horror Month" since I finished the first season in April. I even wanted to use the Sawako = Sadoka joke, but it seems like that was already made and waiting for me near the end of the second season.

And remember, only a month to go until fan blogs are due. Get yours in, or soon it will be too late!


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