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Example #150: Blog and a Vampire

13 OCT

This is the one-hundred-and-fiftieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome again to Thursday...

: Shhh, we're supposed to be quiet stalkers.

*whispering* Oh, yeah, sorry. Welcome again to Thursday everyone. Last week we did the a werewolf girl and this week we're going to do the opposite; a VAMPIRE.  And, as you can tell by my rude interruption, I even have a super-special helper this week as well.

: Yo. I'm actually only doing this because he said he'd distract Moka and I'll be able to capture Tsukune.

But remember, you can't do anything naughty.

: That's fine. As long as I get a moment of peace I'll be happy. You won't be watching right?

No, but why...

: Now's my chance!


*Mizore steals Tsukune away*

: Tsukune! Don't leave me!

Not so fast, Moka! It seems that...

[center]Today's girl is:

Moka Akashiya
Rosario + Vampire

Yes, technically as Moka has two very different sides to her personality, this will be my first DOUBLE BLOG. What I mean is that I might occasionally do two girls at once just for convenience.

: Uhm, Topaz-san, was it? I don't know what this blog thing is, but it looks like Mizore is making Tsukune quite cold so I'd better...

I won't let you pass until I finish this blog, so let's get going!

: uuu...

One thing that I should mention is that I'll be referring to "inner" and "outer" Moka quite a bit. I'll explain why under personality, but for now "inner" is the one on the left while "outer" is on the right.

Hair: Outer Moka has somewhat okay hair. I'm never big on pink haired girls, and Moka isn't any different. Her hair does reach past her waist, which is a plus. She also has an ahoge. At one point she dressed in a Chinese outfit and had her hair up in buns, but obviously I wasn't impressed.

Inner Moka, however, IS a great hair for me. Her hair keeps the same length as the outer form, but instead of a too-sweet-for-my-tastes pink hair color she has an awesome white color.
Grade: B+

Eyes: I can't say that Moka isn't impressive in both forms. Her outer form is a cute green color, and a nice curve. We also see her in sparkly form during the times when her and Tsukune are just looking into each others' eyes.

: Tsukune!

Indeed, and then he'd say Moka and it'll be all cute and mushy. Inner Moka, again, has a much better eye score though. "What? But she has the vile RED EYES" I hear some of you saying while reading this. But yes, I love Inner Moka's eyes. They're completely awesome looking, and with her hair color make her seem much more badass. Not that she needs it, of course, but they even have a perfect tsurime as well!
Grade: B

Face: There's not much difference here as there were in her other head features. Outer Moka is very cute and optimistic. She's a bit shy and easily embarrassed, but you'll always know how she's feeling. Inner Moka is a bit more of a puzzle. Her features are somewhat hardened (but not too much), and she's a lot more reserved in her emotions (she's still cute as well). And of course, as a vampire both forms have fangs.
Grade: B+

: Are we done yet? I have to go rescue Tsukune!

Not yet, we're only a third of the way through this!

: uu... *suddenly runs off after Mizore*

Hey, come back here! And while we're running...

Build: Moka definitely has a very attractive body. She's great overall, and has few flaws. Of interest are her long legs and curvy waist. And speaking of that, while transforming into Inner Moka her butt even becomes more pronounced. In the anime, at least.
Grade: A

Breasts: Outer Moka has very good sized breasts. They're a good handful, but not enough to make her seem overly "busty". Much like her butt, the transformation into Inner Moka definitely increases her size by at least a cup. She's still not as busty as say, Kurumu, but both forms are busty enough for me to enjoy her.
Grade: A-

Clothes: I do like the Youkai Private Academy's school uniform. It's a white shirt with a green blazer, which is quite nice. Moka's top isn't buttoned all the way up, so unfortunately there's no room for a tie (though her cleavage is sort of showing so I don't mind). In addition to that, she also has a short skirt, a VERY short skirt. As in, a simple breeze will make all of the girls in school flashers. Bending over is also difficult. She does get forced to wear a longer skirt, but that's short lived. As I said she also wore a china dress (a white one, no less) but I'm not all that impressed with those as much. In the season two OP she also had an idol dress which I liked, but the canonity of that moment is questionable. She also wore a nice bikini in the first season as well. Oh, and we can't forget the choker with the rosario on it (I suppose it's tie-like).
Grade: B

And now I got you!

: Eek! Let go! Let me save Tsukune!

Not quite yet!

Personality: Now, I said I'd explain here why there's apparently TWO girls this blog. You see, the rosario around Moka's neck splits her personality into two parts, as a sort of power limiter. The inner form is the original form and the outer form is the "artificial" one. However, they are beginning to merge into a single entity as well.

The two Mokas definitely have different personalities. The outer one is a cute, clumsy airhead. She's cheerful as well, and quite "cute". This definitely explains why her hair color is pink as well xD. She also likes to greet Tsukune with a "Kappuchu~!", which means that she bites his neck in affection to take his delicious blood (to her, I mean). She's not very strong for a vampire either, though it depends on the story arc. She is also in the newspaper club as an after school club.  While in other schools, Moka was picked on. Overall, I'm not a fan of Outer Moka as she seems too "simple" and "cute". But that's just because I compare her to her other "true" side.

Inner Moka is in my opinion the better one of the two. She's a powerful and seductive. She's a bit cold and serious, and I could easily call her a tsundere (at least a likalbe one). She's also aloof, which I do admire in a "big sister" way. Inner Moka is a lot more "obviously" vampiric, as she's a lot more willing to get in a fight (even if it's normally a short one due to most fights being won in a single kick). She's also wildly protective of Tsukune.
Grade: B+

Libido: Moka is definitely in love with Tsukune, and even if I am currently blocking her from him I still otherwise support their relationship. The Inner Moka was a bit more reserved with it, but both reactions fit their personalities. No doubt a kiss quickly becomes a blood suck, which I'm not fond of.
Grade: B

Age: Outer Moka is said to be between age 15 and 17. It is unknown how old inner Moka is.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 81
Average score: 9
Final Grade: B+

And with that you're free, go chase them down!

: Good, but luckily we're already here!

: I apparently didn't think you'd come so quickly.

: Tsukune!

Tsukune: Moka! *reaches for her, but breaks Rosario.*

Uh oh...

[center]Once the rosary on her chest is removed, the vampire blood within Moka will awaken.[/center]

*transformation scene* Oooo, lovely transformation scene... Wait a minute...

: That's right! Know your place, pervert!


Hey everybody, this week's battle only took 5 seconds!

: .... You do know he's a normal human right?

: Wait, he's not a monster? He might be dead then!

: Sadly, I don't think that's a "might"... I don't feel a heartbeat...

*rosario reattached*

: Quickly, I'll perform mouth to mouth.


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