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Example #146: Level 5 survivor

15 SEP

This is the Hundred-and-forty-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. Welcome back to my blog, and let me introduce my assistant today, it's...

: You don't really need to introduce me. They know who I am. And if not, they can just look back an your old blogs.

Yes, she's back everyone!

: That I am, now what's the reason that you wanted me here. It just seemed like I just got rid of you and now you brought me back.

Well, today's girl is very important after all, and you should be here.

: Ah, I see then.

She's your lesbian girlfriend, after all.

: I see *nod*... WAIT WHAT! I DON'T HAVE A LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND! What nonsense are you uttering now?

Well, you do live together after all...

: Oh ha ha, that's really funny. You're a real jester, aren't you... that means that I suppose that today's girl...


[center]Today's girl is:

Satoko Houjou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Hair: Satoko has short white hair.
: Wait, what? No she doesn't!
Okay, fine, it's blonde. It's definitely a cute style, and it suits her personality. However, it's not "favorable" for me, if you know what I mean. The black hair band definitely makes her look cuter though.
Grade: B-

Eyes: She does have cute eyes. They're shaped well, and look great. However, the biggest problem is the color of them. They're red.
: Topaz, stop that this instant!
Okay okay, fine.
: It's not Satoko's fault she's colorblind! Stop making fun of her!
Fine fine. But in all seriousness, she could be considered to have a dark red and purple mix (as opposed to my lovely assistant's beautiful purple eyes). People can also consider her pink at times as well. In addition, she also tends to wink a lot in official art, so this is the best place to say that.

Oh, and I should make sure everyone knows I kid just in jest. Nothing against the color blinded.
Grade: B-

Face: Satoko is small and cute, much like Rika. The biggest difference, besides eye color, is that Satoko has a fang. As I've said, I'm not big on girls with fangs.
Grade: B+

Build: Satoko is a small girl, and is definitely of the loli body type. She's so tiny she looks like she'd break easily.
: Note: she doesn't. With a chair at least. Stabbing works fine...
Indeed, she's quite tough, and she's certainly strong enough to shove Keiichi as well. In general, she's a cute loli but isn't great enough to change my feelings on lolis like Rika did.
Grade: C+

Breasts: Much like Rika, Satoko is also
....Well, anyway. This "problem" doesn't seem to be as bad for Satoko as it is for Rika (in other words, Rika cares more about this problem than Satoko does).
Grade: D

Clothes: She has plenty of cute outfits. Her main outfit is a green school uniform with a white collar and yellow tie. Very nice. Her "active" wear (IE: not school outfit) consists of jean shorts with a bit of a roll up her leg and a pink vest. She also wears a white belt.

Like Rika, she's got to deal with penalty games on occasion. this means that she's worn things like a cute pink gothic lolita outfit (complete with a nice bow) and an Angel Mort outfit. She's also worn her swimsuit, which is a one piece (and occasionally a school swimsuit, like all good lolis need a scene of). She's also placed into a couple of towel scenes, for those that appreciate her body more than me.
Grade: A

Personality: Overall, Satoko is a cute girl, if a bit too rowdy for my tastes. She's energetic and mischievous, and even a little bratty on occasion (though rare). She's got a great noblewoman's laugh though ("Oh ho ho ho!"). She also loves to make traps, and is considered to be a trap master. She's a bit manipulative, but I suppose most of the characters in Higurashi are. She dislikes Japanese pumpkins, but I don't have any opinion on that. She also tends to end sentences with a wa as well.

Unfortunately, Satoko's life hasn't been full of games. Instead, she's had to deal with a lot of trauma. First, her parents are killed in an "accident". Then she and her brother got sent to live with her abusive aunt and uncle. Her aunt then died, and her brother disappeared a few days after. She still hopes that her "nii nii" Satoshi. However, she does accept that the older characters (Keiichi and Shion) as her older "siblings" She usually stays at Rika's house, and is a close friend to her.

Satoko is one of the few survivors from a level 5 Hinamizawa Syndrome. Irie fought hard to save her, and we're all lucky that he did. She still has to take regular shots though.
Grade: B-

Libido: None really shown, other than teases put in as funny things. She does tend to like clinging to guys and calling them "Nii nii", but that's probably more of a defensive reason than a sexual one. She's certainly innocent.
Grade: C

Age: She's technically unknown, but she's often thought to be between 9-13.  Much like Rika as well, but by living through all the loops she's  a lot more mature than Satoko.
Grade: D

Total Grades: 56
Average score: 6.2
Final Grade: C+

: Congrats Topaz, you've only got the twins to go to finish all the main girls in Higurashi. Any plans to do them next week?


: ....


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