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  • ♥♥♥Example #142: Flower of Bravery♥♥♥

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♥♥♥Example #142: Flower of Bravery♥♥♥

18 AUG

This is the Hundred-and-forty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As you know, I'm Topaz...

: And I'm Rika mii~

..Wait, what are you doing here?

: And a fine howdy do to you. What a way to welcome your assistant for the day.

I didn't mean anything bad about it, I just, er, expected the other Topaz to be my assistant today. I mean, we had practiced it so well.

: Oh, you were going to have her give you another video game character then? It seems that she left here fairly quickly, uttering some nonsense like "The extra stage boss is one!" "Why so many illusions!" and "Ten Desires is the bestest game ever!". Honestly, you should be proud to have me as an assistant.

Er, I suppose I shall then..

: So speaking of "Ten Desires", why don't you talk about your most desirable character?

So you're not up for me blogging about you then?

: I appreciate the thought, but no. So anyway, this most desirable character is?

Well, it obviously would be Arima, but I've done a blog on her. Then would come more meganekkos that I've blogged about and...

: FINE THEN! Non-meganekko character. Whatever!

Well, as far as beauty, there's only one I can think of...

[center]Today's girl is:

Kan'u "Aisha" Unchou
Koihime Musou

Kan'u has jet black hair, and it looks so smooth and shiny as well. As a "swordmaster"-type character she usually keeps it up in a ponytail (okay, so she uses a weapon more polearm-like, but still). The base of the tail has a ornament of some sort keeping it tied and has a thin ribbon as well. Her hair has a pretty Arabian nights feel to it due to this ornament. I don't usually like ponytails, but Kan'u's is definitely a good exception. Maybe it's because the sides of her face are still framed nicely (and one side is kept very long, which is really nice). Her hair length even goes past her knees. She's definitely known for her perfect hair, and if she had a hime cut or her hair down more (it looks EXTREMELY GREAT down) she definitely would've had the ever-exclusive A+.
Grade: A

She has nice eyes, which are a golden color. I like the anime version more than the VN version, but both are a nice contrast to her dark hair. The difference is that the VN one doesn't show as much "softness", and you know how I feel about softness. Either way, she's full of energy and emotion, and has great eyes. She unfortunately doesn't wear glasses though...
Grade: B

Kan'u is known as a beautiful bandit hunter. However, there's a running joke where when people actually see her they're underwhelmed. I don't see it (though it is a bit different if I was in universe, I can see). Kan'u has a great soft face, and is quite nice. Though her features are noticeable, they aren't overwhelming as they could be. Also, she can have cute emotions as well. She has such a cute, yet strong smile.
Grade: A

Kan'u's body is EXTREMELY SEXY! Really! She's got one of the best bodies in Anime in my opinion. She's got darn fine legs and butt. She's got a pleasantly shapely body. She's got a flat stomach. She looks thin, but also has the strength of many men (a great feature, I hate it when anime shows muscle mass). I could go on about how attractive she is, but EEEE! SO! AWESOME! Kan'u is probably the closest to a perfect body I'll find. So attractive <3.  There's even a chibi form of her in the ED, so she's adorable in that as well!
Grade: A+

Unfortunately, Kan'u's breasts are a bit too big for her body type. They're big and melon-like, and are possibly a bit too perky. But you know what? I LOVE THEM. Despite her having out of balance anatomy-wise (on occasion), that's a great thing about anime girls as they don't need to be perfect all over. A thin girl can have large chests and no one would bat an eye (well, they'd still be stared at, but you know what I mean). Plus the perkiness definitely helps me like them. In the VN there's even a common position where she holds herself, and props up her breasts even more. She definitely makes her breasts look good, and she's certainly bouncy as well (though it's understandably more obvious in the anime). She's even naked a lot, and thus we know that even nude she has great breasts <3.
Grade: A

Kan'u's main out fit is an elaborate green and white outfit that is quite difficult to describe. Going downward, it consists of a green neckline with yellow decor. She wears a necktie as well, which is read and white, alternating down the middle and has a few diamond shapes on it (I love busty girls and neckties <3). Her main "top" is sleeveless with detached sleeves to further show off her armpits. The top of her, er, top is white with vertical stripes (which make her breasts seem even larger!) which continue to about her nipple area (estimated). From there, it seems like she has a green cloth breastplate going down to her waist. From there, she has a very short skirt and nearly perfect thigh-highs that make her legs look delicious. She does wear pure white underclothes, but I don't care about timeline problems if I'm getting delicious fanservice.

In the OVA's, where the feudal time period is exchanged for a "modern" school setting, she also has a cute outfit. She starts with a cute hat that reminds me of a band instructors. She has a dark blue over jacket with a lighter blue collar. Underneath is a white long-sleeve shirt with blue cuffs. She unfortunately doesn't have her tie, but does have a green bow instead. She still has a short skirt (though blue rather than black) and thigh-highs. She's also got a lot of VERY nice bikinis, as seen in the OVAs, and has even worn the outfit of another character (Rin Rin). That, as that character is in fact a loli, she promptly BOUNCED right out of <3. She's also dressed up a as a waitress and maid (official art counts for the last one!)
Grade: A-

Kan'u has a personality you'd think she'd have if you look at her. She's a strong fighter, and has a great sense of right and wrong. However, she's also stubborn in her beliefs and doesn't trust opponents well. She's a deredere-type of Tsundere, being cuter in public but harsher underneath. That's a generalization, though, she's not a true "tsundere" like other characters. As said before, she's a strong fighter, and uses her Green Dragon Crescent Blade quite a bit. She even has bandits go after her, thinking she's an easy mark. Little do they know...

Speaking of bandits, Kan'u has had a very bad past with them. She had them kill her family at a young age, and especially her brother who gave his life for hers. Now, in addition to being distrustful of all bandits, she's got a bit of a big "sister" complex, and will defend her "sisters" Rin Rin and (eventually) Ryuubi. Overall, she's a great character if you like honor swords as well (or at least that's what I call them...). Overall, a good character, and one I'd have in my top 25 characters (though how much of that is her body is debatable...).
Grade: B

As far as the anime is concerned, Kan'u is a virgin which gets discussed quite a bit. Her male relationships don't usually work either. She does attract the eye of Sousou, and eventually goes to bed with her (nothing happens-in that way, anyway). She does seem interested in a sexual relationship, but nothing really gets anywhere. She's also easily flustered when it comes to perverted things which is cute.

Unfortunately, as slow as I am at playing VN's, I can't say how well she does in it. I do know, though, that there are LIKELY scenes of her with the male lead. She's even the canon pairing, as she's the one that's picked if you choose a tie between characters. She's slightly obsessed with her new lord, but I don't mind it as much.
Grade: B+

I would presumably say that Kan'u is indeed over 18 (she's in an H-game after all). But even if that's not enough proof, there's the fact that she's often mistaken for Rin Rin's mother.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 90
Average score:10
Final Grade: A-

Congratulations Kan'u, you've gotten a glorious image. Now I can show of her body to everyone <3!


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