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Example #140: Ultraman Kisser


This is the Hundred-and-fortieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

: No, no. They're like normal ones, but you know how angels have halos? Those are reforged into fr-
: Oh, nevermind. They're back.

Already? I guess that's the problem with having Meganekko Day on a Wednesday. Normal blog day still happens. Welcome back, everyone! Today we'll be looking at a girl from a show I watched last year, and decided to wait until today to blog about. Just because she's quite awesome!

[center]Today's girl is:

Sumika Murasame
Sasameki Koto

: That is a fairly poor image, Topaz.

I suppose, but Sasameki Koto doesn't really have much art, so I had to take what I can...

Hair: Sumika has great hair. She has long black hair, and it goes all the way down to her waist. it's also fairly straight, and is only really held up in special occasions. One example is the beach episode, where she had it in a ponytail. But in a very sexy one, like most dark haired beauties have (think of Mai from Kanon, for example). She also has her front sides in a braid manner at one time, not unappreciated by all means. Anyway, she definitely has some of the best hair I've seen, but a lack of a hime cut does mean that she doesn't get a perfect score.
Grade: A

Eyes: Sumika has very cute eyes. They're sort of grey, which is a very nice color that compliments her uniform well. I would say that they are on the side of being too realistic, but Sasameki Koto is a non-serious show so there's also plenty of chibi-like moments to prove it isn't that realistic. Also, her glasses are also great, mostly having a full frame but having artistic license to show her eyes completely, which is fine. I love thick frames as well <3.
Grade: A

Face: At first glance, her face appears fairly plain and not cute. Well, I mean more of a not "cutesy", she certainly is cute but not in the small and fragile way. But then once you start watching the show, you begin to see all the emotions Sumika has (and the majority of the main cast as well). Such cute puni-style emotions almost at random, I love when a show doesn't keep it's "realistic" style. But anyway, she's certainly a cute girl, especially when she blushes! She does have sort of large features, but they don't stand out as much as in other shows.
Grade: A

Build: Sumika does have a fine body. She's got long legs, and a pretty good shape overall. Unfortunately, most of the scenes where we see that nice body she's not wearing her glasses (the horror!). Also, due to her long legs she's also really tall.
Grade: B+

Breasts: While her breasts aren't "huge", they're still pretty good sized for a teenage girl. In fact, during the beach episode, they separated into "busty" and "flat" groups of three (you can guess which she went into xD).
Grade: A-

Clothes: Usually Sumika wears a school girl uniform (which makes sense, being that this is a school-based romantic comedy). The uniforms are a light blue, and are somewhat suit-like (blue vest with a white shirt underneath and a pleated skirt). She also has some mighty fine Thigh-highs. The only problem is that it's topped off with a red bow tie as opposed to a necktie, but that's the breaks. She does wear a different school uniform when cosplaying at a con, and it is a nice dark blue one with a white collar. She's also worn a maid outfit, a gym uniform (complete with bloomers), and a very nice blue bikini.
Grade: A

Personality: Sumika is a very masculine girl, and is good at sports and such. She's a tall, cool beauty, and also has a black belt at 15! She's the class representative, and is very well respected. Then again, she IS a black belt, it would be hard not to respect her. She's a bit of a snark, but that's always great. She's also a bit quiet, so she's got great "favorite character" flavor for my tastes (if I had seen her earlier, I probably would have). She also can't cook. Like to the point of having food EXPLODE!

Unfortunately, she does have a fairly heavy crush on her best friend. She's not directly a lesbian, as she hasn't come out and said anything yet (though others around her know about it). I suppose it would be difficult for anyone to not want to ruin the friendship for love, but she certainly should do it! Her daydreams are often played for comedy as well (one character commented on it, and Sumika told her to stop looking into other people's fantasies).

Finally, while Ayahi Takagaki isn't one of my favorite VA's, she does do a good job at Sumika. She just does her voice so well; deep but keeping the cool beauty style of Sumika's voice.
Grade: A

Libido: To say that Sumika is perverted is a bit underestimating her perversion. She frequently daydreams perverted thoughts about the girl that she's fallen in love with, Ushio. Unfortunately, she's unable to admit her feelings to her as even though Ushio is a lesbian herself, her type is the more cutesy small and fragile types; Sumika, as said previously, is the exact opposite. A lot of the story is due to this moment, but there's still plenty of yuri moments. Sumika is very perverted, however she does bat for the wrong team (so to speak), so I have to lower her grade a bit.

While Sumika has only a single love, that doesn't mean that she doesn't have people who are attracted to her. I mean, in universe. There's the yuri fangirl of Azusa that doesn't quite have a crush on her, but is still jealous, and Masaki who does admire Sumika as well. Masaki is interesting, as he was able to get a date with Sumika. Indeed, I said that correctly. As yuri as Sasameki Koto is, there is at least one male character (though he is a trap more often).
Grade: A-

Age: I thought that she was a high school student, but sources that I have read have shown that she's actually 15 (which is unfortunate). I suppose that she is sort of tall, so I'm not completely at fault...
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 91
Average score: 10.1
Final Grade: A-

: She reminds me a lot of a younger, more perverted Yomiko. Awesome!

Indeed she does! And much like Yomiko she's getting an image. I'll even let her think of a image. So, Sumika, what should I use for your image

: Hmmm....

: Hey, stop looking into other people's imaginations!

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HattoriBattousaiUkyo avatar HattoriBattousaiUkyo
Aug 22, 2011

Love the pic at the bottom with them in the bed

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