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Example #131: [Untitled]


This is the Hundred-and-thirty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Now that May is officially over, I can't do Strike Witches anymore. However, don't think that this will prevent me from continuing the girls of that show. You all deserve to hear about them. Nor will having to do this blog during my Crossing Guard job. Hurray for voice capturing devices. So without further ado, I present...


: I think you hit another one Isaac.

: Nonsense, my dear Miria. He obviously ran in front of the car. Besides, when have I hit a person while driving?

: Didn't you hit a bunch a while back?

: Those were immortals, so there's no problem there. Besides, the statute of limitations makes me no longer responsible for those.

: Genius! But do you think he's okay? I think we should check on him....

Footsteps are heard, indicating the pair exit the car, and go over to the unconscious topaz.

: It looks like he's unconscious, but otherwise okay. The shock no doubt made him fall asleep as a defense mechanism!

: That's great news! But what should we do for him. I'd feel awfully bad if we just left him here...

: Seems he was distracted by talking into this small computer Miria. Maybe he had an important document that needed his urgent input!

: And we hit him! What are we going to do! *shakes Isaac*

: I do-o-o-o-n-n-n-t-t-t knoowww...

: It looks like he was writing about a girl, we should probably finish for him or something...

: Terrific idea! I knew we made such a good team, but every now and then I'm amazed at our combined intellect!

: Ama-a-a-a-azed!

: So all we have to do is write about a girl? That seems simple enough, and should be a good way to pay this young man for our misdeeds.

: But Isaac, who should we do? We know so many. Chane, Ennis...

: What about you, my dearest Miria. You know you're the only gal I adore.

: I'm not exactly comfortable, but since we do owe him a favor... I guess we can talk about me.

: Today's girl is:

Miria Harvent

: Oh, hey, that's quite interesting! Your name turned blue when I said it right there!

: You're right, as always! I wonder if it'll do the same to your name: Isaac Dian

: Indeed it did! But let us get back to the article. For if we do not finish in time, it may mean the end of everything!

: EVERYTHING? How is that even possible?

: Not sure, but it looks like he has the article broken into various parts, and each one gives out a numerical score. Then the total shows how great the girl is.

: You'd have to be pretty foolish to not figure that out.

: It looks like the first topic is hair.

: My hair? It's about shoulder-length. Though it's a bit past that, that's a good way of describing it. It's also blond.

: And don't forget that there's a fairly large part in the front, revealing a fair amount of forehead.
Grade: B-

: A B- is a letter, not a number. How does he get the numbers out of them?

: There's luckily a rubric that he had open, so don't worry, I know what I'm doing!

: How many times have I heard that...

: About as many times as you've heard "Trust Me".

: Oh, I do love that song! 'I really wanna be with you'...

: Indeed, but that's a topic for another time. For now, to the next area!

: Apparently, this guy really likes girls in glasses. To an unhealthy level. Hey, have I ever worn glasses?

: Hundreds of times, no doubt!

: I don't remember any particular time, though...

: Neither do I. That's how good the disguises were those times! Not even we recognized ourselves!

: We're so stealthy!

: As far as your eyes go, they're quite round, and a golden brown color. You also have very noticable eyelashes.
Grade: B-

: I have a cute yet mature face, don't I?

: Actually, you're somewhat plain, my dear.

: Grrrrr...

: ... Which is perfect in our line of work! You see, a cute or sexy face isn't as easy to hide in a crowd. Plus you'd be a lot more memorable.

: You're right! Beauty is only skin deep, after all! Much better to be practical!

: Indeed, and the fact that you're almost always cheerful, with a wide smile like the widest ocean, also helps!
Grade: B

: I'm not really comfortable discussing this.

: Nonsense, my sweet flower. You've got an attractive, well built body. The only problem lies in the fact that you don't show it off enough

: That's true, though it probably won't change.
Grade: B

: ... Do we really need to continue.

: Why yes, if only so that this young man we knocked out can have piece that his article will be delivered safely!

: I see, so...

: You're wonderful here as well. Modestly endowed is perfect. Not too big or too small, and again easy to forget!
Grade: B-

: This one's harder. How many outfits have we had.

: Using my superior brain, I can think of only one thing... All of them.

: Really? Have we worn every outfit possible?

: I think so. The ones that spring to mind include an Indian outfit, a baseball uniform, a snooty outfit, and many others.

: Golly, I think that we could get maxinum points here!

: Indeed, though let's just go for slightly lower, as to not draw attention to ourselves.
Grade: A


: Miria and I have so much in common, don't we.

: Right you are.

: We're both master thieves, but have became reformed to pay back others. Much like this article is for this young man.

: Shouldn't we be taking him to the hospital?

: Don't think so, he'll likely be alright, after all. Especially when he sees this present we left for him!

: We're also generally awesome, aren't we. We're one of the best couples around.

: Indeed! Remember that one time we stole the set of the play so that the lead actress could get time to calm down?

: I do! We're quite a pair of scene-stealers!

: Exactly! I agree with you, and you also love agreeing with me, as well.

: Well, you are normally right, with some exceptions.

: Exceptions are the spice of life, my dear.

: We're also quite smart, but I've heard people say we're "ditzy".

: They're just jealous of our criminal masterminds! No one can beat our master plans.

: Right right! We're the world's most lovable and greatest thieves!

: Right you are! We no doubt spread joy wherever we go.
Grade: A

: No comment, my dear Miria?

: No comment. Can we get away with that excuse for this area?

: Looks like it. Though of course there is no doubt that we work well together.

: Amen to that.
Grade: C

: How old are we, Isaac?

: Well, we were alive in 1930, but it's been hard to understand, so....

: Right, so...

: You're likely above 18, right? I think that's good to get an A here as well.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 75
Average score: 8.3
Final Grade: B

: Awww, only 75 points?

: But think of it this way, you've got 75 points of perfect woman for me!

: I didn't think of it that way! That's a great score!

: Indeed, and since we've finished his article... Any idea how to turn it off?

: Try hitting the enter button, the blue-ish one. Over there.

: Oh! Do you mean thi

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