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Example #122: Second of a Trinity.

31 MAR

This is the Hundred-and-twenty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

When getting into Anime and Manga (and gaming), there are some characters that you must be warned of. Otherwise, you may fall for them despise them being Male. Even if the knowledge of gender is known, people may still fall for these characters. Due to this, they call them "traps". It has become tradition that I review one of these "traps".

There are three that are extremely well known.

First is Jun Watarase, a long haired boy from a show/Visual novel that I haven't seen.

Coincidentally, he's the first guy I did a blog on...

The second is Bridget, a nun from the Guilty Gear universe. Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with him...

The third, while being the most recent, is the one I'm most familiar with. And also the one I'll be talking about today.

[center]Today's "girl" is:

Hideyoshi Kinoshita
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Hair: Hideyoshi has short, shoulder length hair. It's a nice brown color, though it could stand to be a bit darker or less red, but overall isn't bad. He has two clips on the sides to keep his hair out of his face. They also create a little "tuft" in the middle, though.
Grade: B-

Eyes: He has very attractive green/blue eyes. They also have a cute Tsurime as well. His eyes are also fairly deep in color. His eyes remind me of Minami from Lucky Star.
Grade: B+

Face: His face is could have been average. However, he is cute while blushing, and such nice and tiny features as well... Overall, very attractive.
Grade: B

Build: Hideyoshi's body is surprisingly feminine. The only thing different between him and his sister (besides the more.. obvious things) is the way they talk. But back to talking about his body. Hideyoshi is quite attractive, being slim, but with a nice curve. He has nice hips, legs, and butt, and yes I went there...
Grade: A-

Breasts: Obviously, Hideyoshi is flat. Being male and all. And yet...
Grade: D+

Clothes: Hideyoshi usually wears a school uniform -A MALE uniform. It consists of jeans and a shirt with a tie. Overall, very nice. He also wears a variety of clothes that he can almost instantly take off (due to his acting skill). He's been seen in a samurai, nurse, and maid uniforms. He even dresses as his sister at one point. Overall, a nice wardrobe.
Grade: A

Personality: Hideyoshi is a very cute "trap". I suppose that, while he does wear women's clothes occasionally, he probably isn't a full trap. He doesn't hide the fact that he's male, but everyone still thinks that he's either a girl or the third gender (that gender being hideyoshi). His love is drama. He loves acting, and can do many voices and roles. However, this has caused his studies to suffer, forcing him into F class. He was overjoyed when someone thought he was a boy, but that was only because she assuming the male lead had no female friends. He speaks in the older samurai-form of speech, using things like "Washi" for himself. Overall, he's a nice person.
Grade: A-

Libido: Surprisingly, Hideyoshi is pretty neutral to love. However, when you're adored by many characters (both in the series and real life), it's bound to catch up with him. I think it does in the book, but I'm not sure.
Grade: C

Age: High or Middle school age? I don't think they gave a grade, and if they did I don't remember it. Looking at his profile, he's a second-year in high school. That sounds somewhat correct, though my mind isn't what it should be...
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B


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