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Example #121: Counter Trap!

24 MAR

Now it is getting to be that time of year again. It has become tradition that the blog around April First would be a trap. It might not be the closest one to that date today, but oh well. Here's a trap anyway. Well...

[center]Today's girl is:

Haruhi Fujioka
Ouran High School Host Club

Reverse traps are a type of trap? Right?

Hair: Haruhi has mostly short hair, but she is occasionally seen with long hair. This is explained with a wig or something similar. I would say that the short hair fits her character better, but I'm not one to turn down a hime cut either (image is SFW, but site is not). The color of her hair is also very nice, a delightful brown.
Grade: B

Eyes: I have rage towards the members of the host club. They removed her glasses *grumble grumble angry fist*. That aside, her eyes aren't especially favorable either. It's a bit too round, a common theme in Shoujo series, and the lines on the bottom half of the iris make it distracting. They look like veins, and if there's one thing I dislike it's eye detail... At least the color is quite nice, I suppose.
Grade: C

Face: Her face has larger features and a boyish shape. However, she does have a very cute smile.
Grade: B

Build: Haruhi is 5'1", which is a good size. She's somewhat lanky, but it's not that bad and may be the result of the art style. She's also thin, but not curvy. She can also pass well as a male, and I do like traps like that.
Grade: B-

Breasts:  Well, I suppose that she is flat. However, as a reverse trap, she can't exactly be busty, can she?
Grade: D+

Clothes: She wears a variety of clothes for the host club. Most of them are male archetypes like a samurai, and her regular jacket uniform is cute. She also wears evening wear during balls and such.
Grade: A

Personality: Haruhi is a very intelligent girl, which is how she got into Ouran in the first place (It's a private school and she wouldn't be able to go due to financial reasons normally). The leads call her a "commoner", and she has to put up with a cross-dressing single father. She's also fairly wholesome, and when mistaken for a guy doesn't usually complain.

Haruhi is also the straight man (woman?) of the show. She's not one to let a comment slide or stupid thing go unpunished. She's also fairly Kuu, though not as obvious as other characters. She's embarrassed by the other club members, but grows to love them. She's scared of thunder and has a few vulnerable moments, but she's mainly a strong girl.
Grade: A-

Libido: Her libido is about average. Though she does have the advantage of having a harem of guys, she still falls for the lead. She's a bit dense, though...
Grade: B

Age: She is a freshman in a high school. Her vitals say that she is 16 as well.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.5
Final Grade: B

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