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Example #113: Last day of Meganekko Month

27 JAN

This is the Hundred-and-thirteenth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Well, it's been a busy month of 2010 meganekkos. It's a sorrowful time, I know I know. But now it is time for the best new meganekko of 2010!

Of course, I mean that...

[center]Today's girl is:

Anri Sonohara



What was that?

I'd better go check. Come with me.

Ah... So that's it....



I have no clue how you got here, ikamusume. I mean, there's no oceans for a long distance...

: Silence commoner. I don't exactly know how I got here either de geso, but since I'm here, I might as well take over your blog!

What? Take over my blog? No one expects the Squidish Inquisition!

: I don't get it de geso~...

So what are you going to once you have control of my blog?

: Use it to take over the world, de geso!!!

OF COURSE! But I don't think you've thought it through... But on to the blog:

[center]Today's actual girl is:

Shinryaku! Ika Musume


Hair: Ika's hair is an unusual case. This is because very few characters actually have tentacles for hair, and Ika here's probably one of the fewer that aren't in adult-themed shows. They're long and blue, and the tentacles themselves are powerful but also very precise, and she can use them masterfully. She is also wearing a white squid cap. I am intrigued by what she looks like without it, but the fact that she'll die if you take it off means that I'll never get the chance....
Overall, taken as a normal hair style, she's not bad, but not that good. I like the color and the hat is cute (especially if she uses her side fins). Her bangs bother me a bit, and the fact that she gets a “haircut” as a plot point do disappoint me though (but she does get better).
Grade: B

Eyes: Unfortunately, Ika is not a meganekko. She unfairly invaded meganekko month, and must be punished for it.


I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything...

But anyhow, she does have very cute eyes, but they're somewhat... meh. I do adore the color though. Plus she does show plenty of emotion through them. But they're not some of the best I've seen.

Oh and why did I send Ika to Sanae? Because she put Ika in a teacher's outfit. Including glasses. No, really. She did in the show, but we didn't actually see Ika wearing them, just a photo. Even still, I'm not counting it...
Grade: B-

Face: Her face is very emotional, even more than her eyes. She could be extremely moe one moment, but extremely devious the next. She often has a huge smile, and an open mouth de geso. She does have a somewhat generic face, though, and she's a bit young-looking. Though the art style is to my tastes, what with the small features.
Grade: B

Build: Ika has a small, youthful body. Thus, she shall not get many points in this area from me (she doesn't trigger anything in me, as some lolis might). She's deceptively heavy, weighing in at 100kg (that's about 220 lbs). Because of her small size (135 cm, or less than 4 and a half feet) this makes her extremely heavy. Probably her tentacles.

There's also one major thing that's making her lose points... She's a squid. A humanoid squid, sure, but still it would be all weird. I mean, she spits out ink. That alone could cause problems. She's probably in the same family as the Calamari, Inshore, and Grass squids.

: How do you figure?

Because then you would be in the LOLIginidae family.

De Geso.....
Grade: C

Breasts: Now Ika isn't exactly flat, but would be what I consider flat.
Grade: D

Clothes: Ika's usual outfit is what I would describe as a white sundress with blue trims. She also wears a white one piece while swimming that is quite cute. She also has blue bracelets, and cute little boots with similar markings on the ankle. But the main points she's received through this section would be courtesy of Sanae's cosplay. Gothic Loli, teacher, school girl, chinese dress... So many great costumes poor little Ika was forced to wear....
Grade: A-

Personality: Ika is a hyper defender of the ocean. She's invading land to make humans pay for defending the ocean. Unfortunately, she's also easily distracted from this, and eventually was forced to pay off a large hole she made. HINT HINT...
She's a bit stubborn like a child, but cute overall. She enjoys controlling people, and is afraid of those stronger than her. She has a very... warped imagination. She has a vocal tic of “De Geso~”, which you've probably heard many times during this blog.
As I've said before, Ika is a squid girl. Her full name “Ika Musume” even means that. She has many squid traits, which seems much odder now that I wrote it out. I can only assume they're squid traits, but anyway. Ika loves shrimp, and does almost anything for them. She is terrified of sharks and whales, even inflatable ones. She's even been scared by an inflatable banana, not knowing what it is. Overall, she's a very interesting character, though many of her puns weren't easily translated.
Grade: B+

Libido: Pretty much none. She seems too young for it, anyway. Plus it would distract her from the whole “invasion” thing.

One could say that she's not a cuddlefish.

De Geso..... That was a bad joke...

Grade: C-

Age: It is questionable how old she actually is. But due to her body structure and mannerisms, I don't think she's that old.
Grade: C-

Total Grades: 57
Average score: 6.3
Final Grade: C+

(no squid girls were molested in the making of this blog)
De Geso ~~~

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