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13 JAN

This is the Hundred-and-eleventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Continuing with last week's thought, I'll be continuing reviewing good meganekkos from 2010. Today's is a girl from a particularly fanservicey summer show.

[Today's girl is:

Saya Takagi
Highschool of the Dead

Hair: When put down, Saya's hair isn't that bad. It's about waist length, so the length is fine. However, most often, she has it up in twintails, which is not one of my favorite styles. She also has pink hair working against her, which isn't one of my favorite colors. She also has an unusual bang style which consists of three antenna on her right side, and what I'll call "lead J-RPG hero" hair on the left.
But despite all this, she does have good hair. It does look cute on her, and when it's down, it is quite cute. Also, the ribbons are fairly cute as well.
Grade: B

Eyes: Saya has very nice eyes. As a tsundere, it is required that she has a good tsurime, which she does have. She has great biting yellow eyes. Very sexy. She also has an intelligent look in her eyes as well. Like she could teach you stuff in a very sarcastic/overbearing way. Also, a very cute set of glasses, though it takes her the first episode to actually put them on. Overall, she has the type of eyes that if I was more M, I wouldn't mind being dominated by.
Grade: A

Face: Saya is a bit cute, but more serious/sarcastic than anything. Though she does have her moments. I do prefer the anime to manga because the anime seems a bit softer, even though the image above is from the artist of the manga. Either way, she does have medium sized features, and is somewhat cute. Huge forehead, as well (though that's just because her bangs are up). Also, she occasionally has a fang, which isn't favorable.
Grade: B

Build: Saya has a very shapely figure. She's pretty much delicious everywhere. Very sexy bum and thighs as well. Her figure is 92-59-87 and she's 155 cm tall.
Grade: A

Breasts: This is the thing Highschool of the Dead is known for. She has very nice, bouncy breasts. The unfortunate thing is that they do skirt on the "too big" line for her body size, but not enough to be penalized. There are worse examples in the show...
Grade: A

Clothes: During the first few episodes she wears a sailor uniform. The green is a cute color, but I'd prefer a proper tie rather than the bow tie (I like seeing the tie go between the breasts). Still, a great uniform.
Afterward a bath and a quick escape at night, the only things she's wearing for the next arc involves a revealing tank top and shorts. Very sexy. After getting to her home, she wears a kind-of gothic lolita dress consisting of a white shirt and black skirt. Overall, she does wear plenty of fetishy clothing, at least for me. Though, yeah, I would say that she does require the zettai ryouiki.
Grade: A

Personality: Saya is so very much a tsundere. She's snippy and a bit bitter. She's also an intelligent person, and was the first to realize that the zombies were attracted to sound. She's a strong, passionate person, and would be one of the first to say that something's wrong. She's also a fairly meta character, which is always a good thing. She's voiced by Eri Kitamura, so I do like her voice. I am sure that many of you like that VA more, but she's not quite one of my favorites.
Her family is affluent in politics, though she has no interest in it. She's more depressed about it as then people don't look at her in the eye or say her name. She also develops a sort of maternal instinct to protect the loli of the bunch.
She's had very few kills in the series. First off, she drilled a zombie in the head, then near the end she shot one in the head. Not too bad, but she is looked down on for being inactive often. Then again, she's the type to think before charging in, and is in more of a tactician role.
Grade: B

Libido: She MAY have feelings for Komuro, her childhood friend. That kind of relationship never really works out well, though. However, she is usually paired with the nerdy-yet-awesome that is Hirano. This means that I have a chance. Well.... at least I can hope...
Grade: B

Age: She's high school age. 16, to be exactly, though I don't think it was referenced in the show.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 83
Average score: 9.2
Final Grade: B+

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HattoriBattousaiUkyo avatar HattoriBattousaiUkyo
Apr 14, 2011

B+??? all the HOTD Girls are at least an A-.  If I were Komuro I would take all of them into my post Zombie Land Harem

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