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Example #244: Mirakurun Look-alike


This is the Two-hundred-and-forty-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Chinatsu Yoshikawa
Yuru Yuri[/center]

Hair: Chinatsu's hair is most often seen with twin ponytails that remind me of pom poms. Each "pom" is nearly as large as her head in volume as well. There's a hair decoration of two red balls on each tail, presumably tying her hair in place. Her bangs do sort of form a hime cut, but they're not well-leveled (so her bangs are different lengths) as well as being split up more than I'd like. Her hair is also pink.
If you can't tell, I do NOT like Chinatsu's hair. Of course, there's the reason that her hair is pink, but that's not everything. I'm also not a fan of her hairstyle. I dislike twintails unless they look something like Azusa's from K-on. I love seeing hair flow and breathe, something that it can't do when it's caged up in balls. There's also the weight  and volume issues, and while I doubt that Chinatsu's hair is really that heavy  we can only hope that she is able to fit through doors when she effectively has three heads! I haven't even mentioned my final point either, which is that her hair EATS things. You see, in the second season there gets to be a running joke of things getting stuck in Chinatsu's pigtails. Now, there's nothing wrong with the joke, it could have been silly after all. However, they decided to give it a near-NIGHTMARISH sound effects that sounds reminiscent of a sand creature pulling in a female victim (complete with her screaming in agony). The hair is even freaky as well, wrapping around the object (be it a ping-pong ball or other item) before resetting into place. One of the characters even makes a joke that her hair connects to the fourth dimension. To be fair there IS a point where she has her hair down, for a hot springs moment and at that time all the objects lodged in her hair fall out. That's probably my favorite moment of the joke, when she empties her hair.
Grade: D

Eyes: Chinatsu has round eyes that are a bright blue color. Though, looking at images shows me that there's quite a few different eye colors that she could have. Most of them are blue, but some are darker while others have a greenish-tint to them. I prefer the darkest tints, of course. Getting to the shape of the eyes, they're simple and round, fitting with the soft style Yuru Yuri has. As the most "feminine" of the group Chinatsu also has eyelashes in the corner of her eyes (though they're not as noticeable in the actual series).
Grade: C+

Face: As I just said, Yuru Yuri is a soft, puni-plush like anime. because of this, Chinatsu has a soft, simple face with a lot of round edges. She also has a small nose, if one is even drawn. However, the art style does play against Chinatsu a bit. Her facial features are fairly close to the looks of most of the other main characters and there's not much that she does to stand out (unlike say, Kyouko who has a lot of amusing faces). Also, despite her round features her face looks a bit too "flat". About the only interesting thing Chinatsu DOES occasionally have a small fang, especially when she's mischievous. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of fangs.
Grade: B

Build: Chinatsu is a middle school student and is mostly shaped like one. The only problem is that she has barely any female figure to her. Her waist is barely thinner than her bust and her hips, though the latter has some shape to it. It's pretty clean that few characters in this series have bodies that appeal to me, and Chinatsu isn't one. She doesn't even have much of a butt either!
Grade: C

Breasts:  Unsurprisingly Chinatsu is fairly flat here as well.
Grade: D

Clothes: Chinatsu, like Kyouko before her, has her school uniform be the main outfit for most of the series. It consists of a white top with brown decor around the collar and sleeves and a similar color tie. Underneath is a purple shirt which matches her skirt as well. All in all not a bad school uniform, if the colors aren't the best. (why yes I stole that explanation directly from the latter's blog). In addition, due to her near-perfect similarity to Mirakurun Kyouko often dresses Chinatsu up in cosplay. I do like the witch-like outfit, especially the big floppy hat. Probably the "best" outfit for Chinatsu is that when they have the beach episode she wears a School Swimsuit. Sukumizus tend to look best on girls with flatter bodies. In the same episode, Chinatsu also wears a yukata, though it's for a much shorter time and doesn't have official art. She also wears hooded cat pajamas as well, and they look nice as they even have a tail on them.
Grade: B

Personality: As I said before, Chinatsu looks a lot like Mirakurun (an in-series magical girl as well as the name of her series). Because of this, Kyouko tends to cling to her in a very fan-like manner. In fact, it was this similarity that encouraged Kyouko to make Chinatsu join the Amusement club (she wanted to join the tea club, but it had already been disbanded). However, it's Yui that's the object of Chinatsu's affections, but I'll get into that in the next area. Chinatsu does act nicer towards Yui than most of the other characters though. On the outside she seems like a nice, sweet, and innocent girl but Chinatsu is actually a pretty bitter and rude. In fact, when the others were talking about being bullied in the past it seems that Chinatsu is the one that actually bullied them, though she doesn't remember it. It doesn't excuse the fact that she was a brat though. This also happens now as Chinatsu isn't a great cosplayer (despite her similar looks) and her unenthusiastic cosplay tends to lead children to say that "life is sour". Finally, whenever Chinatsu puts her heart into something it ends up being terrifying. No, seriously, her art is so poorly done that it ends up nightmarish. See here for an example. Even things such as chocolate or a scarf become so frightening that they had to be censored out. There was even a short special based around a picture book of hers, though I really didn't enjoy it. If you can't tell, I really don't like Chinatsu much in general either.
Grade: D

Libido: As said before, Chinatsu really likes Yui, another girl in the series. She seems to practically live for Yui and the obsession is nearly yandere-like. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of pairing Yui and Chinatsu (possibly because Yui is one of my favorite girls in the series while Chinatsu... isn't'). There's also the fact that, when "practicing" she kissed Akari against her will.
Grade: B-

Age: Chinatsu is a year younger than the two older girls (and even with Akarin) at 13 years old. She's also a first year in middle school (or so). Her birthday is November sixth.
Grade: D

Total Grades: 42
Average score: 4.7
Final Grade: C

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