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Example #236: Trophy Wife


This is the Two-hundred-and-thirty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone. As said last month, due to story purposes I couldn't have my yearly Mother's Day blog. Instead, I decided to delay it until today.

: Wait a minute, Empry!

What is it?

: Well, isn't that a fine welcome back.
: But putting that aside, don't forget it's one of your friend's birthdays-TODAY!

Ah yes. I can't forget that today is a special day. But luckily, I've already taken it into consideration. Thus, today we'll be talking about a character that's both a mother and enjoyed by my friend:

[center]Today's girl is:

Irisviel von Einzbern

For simplicity purposes, I'll be calling Irisviel "Iri" throughout this blog. Otherwise I'll continually get tangled up with her name too much.

Hair: Iri has very nice hair. It's long, which is always a plus, and goes about down to her waist. Her hair is even straight which I also like. Though in the specials she wears a long ponytail there's no reason to consider that "canon" (I do like her ponytail, but I like her normal hair style more). Her sidelocks fall down to about her chest though are kept away from her face well enough to not hide much of it. Her hair is a white color, though on occasion it can look a bit silver (though I still say that it's white). White is about the only light hair color that I'm fond of, so good for her. The only thing I dislike about Iri's hairstyle are her bangs. She doesn't really have any, as instead her hair is styled in a way that pushes all of her hair to the sides, making an M-shaped design. If they were higher up I'd say that they were air intakes, but instead of the top of her head they're more at her bangs it sort of looks like a widow's peak. It isn't, but the shading can make it look like it. One last thing to know is that originally Iri had two antenna in the front of her head so I'm glad they got rid of that idea.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Iri has beautiful eyes. Well, she's a beautiful woman in general, but right now I'm talking about eyes. The only problem is, well, even though they're really gorgeous I can't say many good things about them. They're red, after all, one of my least favorite colors. Now, I'm getting to like red, but at the moment I watched the series I wasn't too into it (and even now I dislike it with lighter hair colors). Don't get me wrong though, Iri's eyes go fairly well with her hair color and outfits. It's just not my kind of color.
The shape of Iri's eyes aren't that good for me either. I would describe them as being "Type-Moon standard" (which considering the series isn't too surprising). They're nice, but I'm not all that big of a fan of their art style. Mostly due to the eyelashes, both near the middle of her head and in the corners of her eyes. Oh man, the ones in the corners of her eyes nearly reach her EARS they're so long! It really bothers me!
Now, don't think that Iri's eyes are terrible. They're really pretty, as is the rest of her face! In particular they're able to get her motherly and gentle actions well, and I really like a single official image where she's glaring like a vampire (this one). The problem is more my personal dislikes being exactly what Iri has. By all means, if Fate Zero was in Carnival Phantasm (or a similar style show) I'd probably like it more as that series was closer to my tastes.
Grade: C

Face: Now that we're through the rough patch I can continue saying how simply beautiful Iri is. She has an incredibly striking appearance. Her features seem very statuesque, which is probably because of her smooth and pale skin tone. She seems to have a somewhat noticeable nose, but only on occasion and not that often in the series proper. Really, I'm saying "beautiful" about Iri a lot, but I can't think of a word she deserves more. And as much as I dislike her red eyes, they do work well with her hair and bring her face together nearly perfectly. I can't really say any flaws about her, except that it's unfortunate that she couldn't spark it up so that I could give her a "perfect" score.
Grade: A

Build: Iri has a fairly nice body. Her height is 158 cm and she weighs 52 kg, which for anime is about average (not that "average" here is bad, of course). Her measurements are 85/56/84. Her big point of attraction, at least to me, is her very curvy waist. Most of her outfits, which are usually more reserved, tend to show off her figure well. I can't talk about her butt much (as it's not shown). This is where Fate/Zero not being a fanservice series hurts it, but really I'd rather it be like it is as I'm able to respect it a lot more for that.
I should also add that Iri is basically a clone, or a "homunculus" as the show calls it. This means that she was created through alchemy. The process to "coin" a homunculus is largely unknown, but as far as I'm concerned it's similar to cloning a person. Iri herself is based off of Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, one of the creators of the first Holy Grail War. My knowledge otherwise isn't very good though.
Grade: B

Breasts: Iri isn't the bustiest girl in Fate (or even just counting Fate/Zero), but she is pretty busty herself. Her 85 cm chest looks very nice and shapely, working well with the rest of her figure without looking outlandish. In a certain outfit she even shows some cleavage (though in a respective fashion).
Grade: B+

Clothes: As said before, Iri dresses very well. On one hand she doesn't wear any really "fetishy" outfits like a maid's dress or something, but her fashion sense is incredible. Her clothing looks wonderful on her, and I'll discuss her main three outfits. First is her normal and most commonly seen outfit which consists of a burgundy blouse with a brooch, a white skirt, black tights, and white thigh high boots. The mix of red and white, matching her eye and hair color, makes it look wonderful on her. The next outfit I'll talk about is her winter outfit. It's pretty much the same as her normal wear, but she has a big white coat with a bunch of buttons on the torso on as well as a white fur hat. I blame the hat for me constantly thinking that Iri is Russian (she seems to be German instead, but I shouldn't say for sure). Her daughter has a similar problem as well. As the last of her "main" outfits, we have a very elegant and marvelous white dress with gold trim. Also this is the dress that shows some cleavage, as I mentioned before. There's also a "darker" version, but that only appears in the ending.
In the specials Iri wears a very different outfit, instead wearing something more suited for a samurai or a similar character. Essentially she's wearing a pink top with a long red skirt that reaches her ankles. There's probably some name for it, but I can't think of it. She also has a naginata at this time which makes me think she's trying for a Yamato Nadeshiko look (which she pulls off). There's also an official art where she wears a floral patterned kimono with a really fuzzy collar (It could be a scarf as well, I guess).
Grade: B+

Personality: As said before, Iri was born as a Homunculus but eventually started to gain human emotions. She was nearly emotionless at first, but Kiritsugu's actions helped her to develop a personality. She's generally very gentle and kind to most. She's even a bit colorful and eccentric due to being around humans for as long as she has. Just look at her driving as an example of her eccentric nature; she loves driving but isn't very good at it. Okay, so she's "good" in that she drives well and presumably hasn't crashed, but she doesn't really know any of the rules or restrictions and treats the car as a toy. Then again, that's a good idea of what Iri is like; she's an elegant lady with some childish curiosity. She is backed by millennia of Einzbern's research but needed outside help to act as a "human". It also doesn't help that she was sheltered for most of her life, though she does take advantage of her freedom when she arrives in Fuyuki City.
Speaking of that outside help, a big part of Iri's personality is thanks to Kiritsugu. He eventually becomes the love of her life and she soon asks the head of the Einzbern family if she could try to have a child. He allows it, giving her the rare opportunity for an homunculus to have multiple functions. Eventually she is gifted with having a child, Illyasviel, and she immediately falls in love and dedicates her life to her new family. Though the peace was not to last, as Iri knew both what her purpose was and why it causes Kiritsugu such sorrow. You see, Iri was made to be the vessel for the Holy Grail, a magical artifact that seven mages compete for. In this Grail War Iri was used as a decoy so that Kiristugu could work behind the scenes. Eventually it got to the point where Iri would have to give up her life, selflessly, to further his goals. She even KNEW this would happen and gave up her life willingly for him and their daughter's safety.
As far as ability goes, Iri is an interesting character. She's obviously very powerful (she has the Einzbern blood in her) but she's not suited to combat. Because of this, she tends to avoid battles and instead works on the sidelines. She does have very powerful healing spells, but this wasn't shown much in the series. She also apparently uses wires infused with alchemy, but I don't remember when she does this.
Grade: A-

Libido: Iri is/was happily married to Kiritsugu Emiya. They spent most of her life together, from what I've heard. In fact, when Iri was thrown out by her creator, Kiritsugu rescued her.Their marriage is one of mutual respect though, so it's hard for me to think of Iri as a sexual object. That said, she was the one to suggest that they have a baby, Illyasviel, so that he'll have something to hold on to after her eventual death. Upon giving birth, Iri found a meaning to her life but it's unfortunate what happened after the Grail War (though that's for another blog...). She does seem to act more perverse in the specials, but it's not in an overly dirty fashion and how much of that is canon is questionable.
And really, KiriIri is such a funny combination of their names that there's no reason not to support these two xD. To be fair to others, people do ship her with Saber but while I wouldn't oppose it just because it's two girls I still prefer seeing a woman and her husband remain together.
Grade: B+

Age: This area is obviously Iri's worst. While she has the body of an adult, don't forget that she's a homunculus. Now, in homunculus years Iri is probably a VERY old woman, but in human years she's only nine years old. The reason that she'd be considered "old" is because homunculus don't tend to live long, so she's a special case.
Grade: D+

Total Grades: 73
Average score: 8.1
Final Grade: B

: Nice job with the Iri blog, Empry. So when are you going to do Illya?

Who's that?

: Irisviel's daughter, Illyasviel...

OH! My bad. I thought that you said someone else. For Illya's blog I'll probably wait until I beat at least one route in Fate/Stay Night.

: And when is that going to be?

.... *Adverts eyes to the side*

: After all, I thought that your New Years resolution was to play more visual novels. I thought that you were going to set aside some time every day to play them. What ever happened to your resolve?

.... *starts sweating*

: Oh? What's this? It says that you haven't touched your file since MARCH! No wonder you're so far behind! How do you plan on catching up?

*Topaz raises his hand to speak, but instead fakes his assistant out, quickly running through a convenient window. After crashing through the glass, uninjured, he runs away.*

: RUNNING WON'T MAKE IT BETTER YOU KNOW! Jeez, and we just fixed the glass from the last time he did this...


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