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Example #233: A Cat Shows Her Fangs

16 MAY

This is the Two-hundred-and-thirty-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Last week on emperortopaz's Perfect Characters Club:

*When Topaz opens his eyes, he sees a cat-eared Samurai driving away the monster's blade.*

????: Y-You! What is a youkai like YOU doing here?!

: Fufufufu... You should know better than to attack my master. Thou truly must be ignorant to not know I am his guardian!


: Oh? You believe that your readers are so ignorant that they have forgotten what happened just a week prior?

That was just to jog their memories and in case people are reading this for the first time.

: Art thou sure it was just an excuse to skip greetings?

*ahem* I assure you that my intentions are pure.

???: HEY! Don't forget about me!

: This fiend does propose an interesting point. Your summary did not bring our foe up.

???: That's not what I-

That's a good point. For those that are wondering, Himari has just saved me from a giant ape wielding an equally-large sword that was summoned here by some mysterious person. We don't even know why we're under attack.

???: Because of your blogs, of course!

I should have expected as much. It seems that I'll be hounded forever by girls who want to be  blogged on. So which vampire are you? Saras? Sera?

???: I don't know either of those names, and I'm not a vampire either! Not that I'll tell you who I am anyway. Monkey-man, get them!

*The giant ape lets out a loud roar before pressing down on Himari's blade with its own weapon. The force is so strong that the floor under her feet cracks under the pressure.*


: Do not worry, my master. For me at least. I am not sure that I can protect both you and the unconscious maiden from last week who I am not jealous of at all.

*Suddenly a fox ninja, in a full ninja outfit complete with the mask, appears from nowhere.*

: Do not worry, Himari. I shall take this girl to a safe resting place.

*Yukikaze then slumps the limp body of Yui over her shoulder and disappears once more.*

???: NOOO! Don't take Yui-senpai away!
*The mysterious stranger coughs and looks left and right.*
???: I-I mean, prepare yourself!

*The magical girl then raises a wand and empowers the massive ape, allowing it to finally break Himari's hold and send its sword down into the floor and forming a dust cloud.*

???: I-I did it? Finally, his blogs shall be gone!

: Do not be hasty, my opponent!

*As the dust cloud settles, it reveals Himari with her trusty blade in one hand and Topaz being held in the other.*

You should have seen it. As the sword was coming down Himari ran her blade backwards with it, allowing her to avoid any damage.

???: Grrr! I've had enough of this!

: Perhaps it is time for you to start your blog as to bolster mine own power.

That is a great idea Himari. And if you couldn't tell...

[center]Today's girl is:

Himari Noihara
Omamori Himari[/center]

Hair:  Himari has really nice hair overall. The color is nearly perfect, being very close to black while having a bit of a blue-ish tint to it. She also has somewhat-long bangs; in the middle her hair nearly hits her nose but it never really hides her eyes either. Her sidecurls also are pretty long, reaching past her shoulders (though only slightly) and framing her face well. Length-wise she has great hair as well as it reaches past her hips or so, even when up in a ponytail (her standard hairstyle). I like girls like her with ponytails as it fits her character of a swordgirl well. Though it does depend as she exhibits both versions of a ponytail: she can have it both narrow and sultry as well as having her hair look looser, allowing it to look cute billowing in the wind. Her ponytail is also kept in with a big pink bow. The bow is supposed to make it look like she has cat ears as well. Occasionally she has her hair down or in pigtails, though I prefer it in either a ponytail or down. Her hair as a whole looks "fuller" in the anime, though I prefer her manga look overall.
One thing that I should tell you is that, as a cat, Himari is WHITE. This even extends to the times when her cat ears appear in human form. There are even occasions that her entire hair becomes white. Now, I do like white hair on occasion, but not at the expense of another hair color I like more. It's also unfortunate that her hair and ears are different colors because it makes her look sort of awkward.

: Ohohohoho... It seems that Topaz may be projecting his problems with another girl onto me.

Not really. I'm judging just you on your own merits, and while Tsubasa wouldn't score well it's not exactly because of her hair and cat ears not matching. Though it is an odd coincidence that you both are cat demons.

: True true, and of course black hair is an ideal to Japanese women. Black hair is JUSTICE!
Grade: A-

Eyes: Himari has very nice violet eyes. The color is nice and dark, befitting a girl like her. Fortunately her eyes are not cat-like as that would bother me when she's in human form. I do like her manga version more as her eyes seem less glassy and more appealing in general. Anime Himari looks like her eyes are always glazed over a bit (though it's probably not as bad in the actual anime compared to the official art). She can also have a very sexy look in her eyes which is always nice.
However, I don't like everything about Himari eyes. Obviously I'm not a fan of her going into berserker mode as her eyes become red. Her eyes also become crazy-like which I'm not a fan of. She even gets the somewhat-stock facial expression of having her eyes become circles and the only other facial feature is a sharp, toothy grin.
Grade: B-

Face: Speaking of Himari's face, we'll look at that next. Her face is nice and fair, with small features and a nice emotionless/determined look to it. She's not always emotionless of course, she does show some. She does have a fang (presumably because she's a cat demon) but it doesn't show up all the time. She also hides her cheeks with her hair. Personally I don't mind, but it might be a problem for others.
Overall, I'm not especially impressed with Himari's face but I'm nowhere near disappointed either. She has a nice face that's enjoyable to look at.
Grade: B

Build: Himari does have a very shapely body. Her measurements are 88/56/85 and she's 157 cm tall (that becomes 35F/22/34 and 5'1" in US sizes). Her height is a bit disappointing for this month as she's shorter than the male lead (I like taller girls and expected her to be taller). Otherwise she's pretty flawless. She's slim but not too exaggerated while also being strong without much visible muscle. Her legs have a pretty nice form as well, leading to a nice round bottom. Speaking of her butt, Himari's only cat part isn't her ears. On occasion she also has a white tail.
Grade: A-

Breasts: Himari has a fairly large bust size. As I said before, her chest is 88 cm/35F which is a pretty sizable cup size. She's fondled quite a bit, both by the male lead and girls who are jealous of how big she is. I can't say how bouncy they look (as I read the manga rather than watched the series), but judging from what I've seen it's not outlandish. Then again, I don't know for sure. Something that I do like (that I don't think the anime shows) is that Himari's nipples are my favorite kind. Essentially, the areola is only made of with shading while her actual nipple is small as well. I like that kind opposed to those that make harder lines to make the areola more obvious.
I'd also like to mention a certain moment as well. During one point, Himari lost a lot of her power. Much like Chizuru, this took a drain on Himari's shape and turned her into an actual loli. This change wasn't long though, all it took was Himari changing shape into a cat and back to obtain her size back again (well, her breast size anyway. She was still a loli but at least the other girls wouldn't mock her for this).
Grade: B+

Clothes: Himari most likely wears kimonos with either geta or big brown boots, the latter in combat situations. They are very beautiful kimonos and fit with Himari's personality, but as a whole I find kimonos look the best on girls with smaller breasts. Himari still looks good, of course, and I'm sure that all the cleavage she shows helps me to approve of her clothing choices. Don't forget that she doesn't wear a bra either (which is unfortunate as her large breasts probably kill her back). Keeping with the theme she wears a blue Yukata to bed. About the only "Western" outfit she owns is her school uniform, one that I'm not a fan of. It consists of crimson red blazer over a white button-down shirt with red accents and a yellow ribbon tied in a bow, a black (or red if not wearing the blazer) pleated skirt, black thigh-high stockings, and brown dress shoes. I like the thigh-highs but I'm not a fan of the blazer being red. On the topic of outfits I'm not fond of, I dislike her current "battle gear". The outfit is kimono-like, but it reveals a lot of her upper chest and shoulders and barely keeps her breasts supported with two straps (which, of course, break in combat). Otherwise it's a nice outfit, with a cute obi, miniskirt, and black thigh-highs.
Himari also wears a lot of fetishy outfits. The most common is probably her maid cafe outfit. It's a fairly basic, if frilly, design and is topped off with a headdress, though it does show off her cleavage in particular. The outfit also has an apron with red bows. Wearing this she can also freely show her cat ears and tail. Speaking of aprons, while she doesn't wear it in canon she does show off a naked apron style in one of the chapter name pages (though she is facing the incorrect way). She also wears a red bikini in the beach episode, both showing off her body very well while supporting her chest (I'm not big on the other swimsuit she looked at though). Finally, in the anime she seems to wear a lot of otherwise non-canon outfits such as a Miko outfit, a more traditional/innkeeper waitress outfit, a racing queen outfit, a pink nurse outfit, a very brilliant black Chinese dress, and a sailor uniform with the chest lifted. I like most of these outfits, especially the Chinese dress, but the sailor outfit I dislike.
Grade: B+

Personality: Himari attracted me to her series because of her appearance and personality. She's a great Tall, Dark, and Beautiful girl, she's an honor blade, she's aloof; there's just a lot of personality traits I like that Himari has. She's also a samurai swordsgirl and speaks in a Keigo accent. Because of this, she's usually translated as "Olde English" though the official English translation is smarter and more subtle about it by having her not use contractions as well as having her speech be more elaborate than that of the other characters. Fitting of this, she's portrayed as a bit of a Yamato Nadeshiko (what with her being a black haired polite girl wearing a kimono). She's a kind and loyal person as well, at least to her allies. Especially to Yuuto, the harem lead, who she has a lot of affection for and even calls her "master". Luckily their relationship is more of a "bodyguard"-type and he prefers to be a friend to Himari than an "owner". The reason for her devotion is because a long time ago, an ancestor of his family of demon slayers and so the ancestors and descendants serve the his family. This was even as a youth where Himari (in cat form) watched over Yuuto as a child. At sixteen, when his demon slayer powers awoke due to a charm wearing off, she became his protector (or, title drop, his "Omamori Himari" as Omamori is a type of charm).
Remember though, as I've said before Himari is a cat demon, or an ayakashi as they use in the series. As a cat she also has cat-like instincts, such as having a fear of (deep) water and hating cold weather. Her sword skills are well known and she's called the "The Crimson Blade of Noihara". However, beware if you are ever to threaten Yuuto or any of Himari's allies. Himari is the type of person who would easily cut someone down if they get her angry. She has gotten much better since meeting Yuuto (as he tries for a pacifist resolution), but her combat skills are high-class. They even improve further if she unleashes her "berserk" state, though that's rare when it happens. The series goes out of its way to explain that it's a forbidden power, and indeed Himari is nearly unable to tell friend from foe in that form.
All in all, Himari is a great girl, but the fact that she has such a powerful "other side" that acts so demonic (one of the latest chapters even has her EATING another ayakashi. Not to completion, but a rather bloody bite to the neck) is fairly unappealing. I do like her though, and that's what's important.
Grade: B

Libido: Himari does have a fairly high libido and is in touch with her sexuality. She loves flirting with Yuuto and flustering the teen. In fact, once when she was given a pill to heal her but initially would "shut down" her human side and make her go completely primal, rather than being aggressive she became playful. That said, Himari isn't exactly perfect either. She's been known to punish Yuuto for things the other girls are doing to HIM, a trait that's far, FAR too common these days. She is a lot more reserved compared to some of the other girls in the series though. Himari also was once groped by Yuuto in his sleep and hit him. Not for doing it in the first place, but because he woke up, realized what he was doing, and STOPPED. She's the kind of naughty girl that I really like.
Grade: A

Age: Although Himari is a cat demon, she's actually fairly young. She actually grew up alongside the male lead and is said to be only 16 or so.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 80
Average score: 8.9
Final Grade: B+

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