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Example #231: Cresent Moon in the Night Sky


This is the Two-hundred-and-thirty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Yozora Mikazuki
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai[/center]

Hair:  First things first, I love Yozora's hair much more than I did Sena's. Black is a wonderful color for my tastes. It also looks really nice, or at least I think so. The sides go down to her chin and frame her face and the length of her hair goes nicely down all the way to her hips, if not further. She unfortunately doesn't have a hime cut, but her bangs are still fairly good looking. Overall, I really like Yozora's long, black hair.
But not all is good with Yozora's hair. You see, due to an accident in the first season her precious-looking long hair got caught on fire. They do put it out, but since the water they used had used fireworks in it she had to cut her hair to get those out. Unfortunately, as she dislikes saloons she cut it herself. This lead to her hair becoming short, to the point of barely reaching her shoulders. On one had, this helped her out for plot reasons, but it's a shame that despite there being so much time through the first and second seasons her hair NEVER seems to get longer when it used to be so nice is a bit depressing. Sure, it's not her fault, but I do miss her long pretty hair.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Due to being from the same series, Yozora and Sena's eye shapes are fairly similar. The main difference is that Yozora's usually look narrower. Whether this is because she's more "bitter" than the overly excited Sena is a question, but I do like Yozora's eyes more. She can even do a very biting glare which I find really sexy. The other difference is, of course, the color. While I like the color of Sena's blue eyes to be pretty, I find that Yozora's purple eyes match her far better. Thus, between the two, I find Yozora's eyes much more attractive.
I'll have you know that despite looking so nice in glasses this is the only time I remember wearing them. Shame, as they do fit her really well.[/center]
Grade: B

Face: As I mentioned last time, I'm a big fan of the BokuTomo art style (and yes, I'll continue to call it that). It looks so soft without super deforming it too much. Yozora also has a small nose, plump cheeks, and a cute blush. In fact, as far as "cuteness" goes Yozora wins. She has a lot more vulnerable moments while Sena is mostly comedic. Sena's expressions are over the top most of the time while the cool Yozora has a reserved facial style that I like far more. The only problem is, like Sena, Yozora regurgitates on camera.
Grade: A

Build: Yozora is a lot more slender (in many areas) compared to Sena. Her butt is more slim than Sena's, though it does still have a nice amount of roundness to it. Her waist, torso, and legs all seem to be thinner too. Though I will say that while Yozora's legs are alright I do like her cute covered feet. Yozora also has a cute stomach and nice waist (and her hips aren't bad either). I will that she looks a bit "boyish" though, and it's not completely because of her clothes (I'll get to that later). Her shoulders are broad, broader than I'd expect from a girl her size. Not that it's terrible, but it does make her seem more masculine. The biggest problem is that Yozora gets ignored when it comes to fanservice that it hurts her score here. And I don't mean like Sena who is ignored due to her breasts being one of the leading characters (judging by screentime), Yozora actively misses out on a lot of fanservice moments thanks to her poor clothing choices among other problems (I'll get to the clothing part later). It's also unfortunate that Yozora is "short" as with her personality it would be nice if she was taller or a bit more imposing.
Grade: B

Breasts: The biggest difference between Sena and Yozora is here. Yozora is the one that nicknamed Sena "Meat", possibly due to jealousy. However, don't think that Yozora is flat either, she does have some chest. It's not too much, but she probably has a cute cup size and I should award her points for that. It's possibly a much more realistic size for a teenager to have than Sena as well.
Grade: C

Clothes: Yozora's main outfit, being a school-type show, is of course her school uniform. Her uniform is like Sena's (dark green blazer and a green skirt) which I find really great yet again. I like the business look, especially accented by a necktie/black ribbon. It even fits Yozora better, having a "cool" color tone that matches both her black hair and cool personality. She also wears black thigh-highs which look nice.
However, the rest of Yozora's wardrobe isn't great. She mainly wears boy's clothes which usually means she's hiding her body. She even eventually starts to wear things like track uniforms and sweaters to hide her figure. It's really unfortunate as we do see her in "boyish" girl's clothes and I liked seeing her stomach showing. Unfortunately it's not long after she gets informed that she changes. Even her swimsuits aren't exactly great. The first is a black and white striped old-timey swimsuit that covers most of her body and thus ruins the idea of a bathing suit in general. The other shows more, being a red one-piece with a V-shaped string (I suppose that's better than being strapless), ties around the hips, and rather large holes in the thighs. I shouldn't complain as it looks nice, but it's not wonderful. She DOES wear a maid's outfit in the second season, though she gets embarrassed once Kodaka (the male lead) walks in on her as no one else was around.
Like Sena, there's also a few "fantasy" outfits that she wears. First is a samurai-like outfit in the monster hunter-parody game that looks nice. Next there's the "Rose Girl" outfit in another game, covering her body in a green body suit with a rather large and awkward-looking rose coming out of her head. The less we talk about the Extra Disc is preferred (as it portrayed Yozora in a very bad fashion) so I'll ignore it. Though she did wear a nun's outfit in it, which is also visible in official art. Finally, her movie outfit is basically a witches outfit, though much like Sena because Yozora doesn't wear panties it does reveal a lot of her butt.

: Hey Topaz, let's show that em-BARE-assing image of Yozora!


Nooo! Not that image! Now everyone can see my butt! Quick Topaz, X it out! Or spoiler it or something. And readers, forget about my buttocks!
Grade: B

Personality: Yozora is the creator of the Neighbors Club, a club for making friends with others. Secretly though, she made it in order to spend more time with Kodaka. That said, before she "met" him she was pretty pathetic, having to have a conversation with an "Air Friend" as she wasn't able to socialize well. She's still not great at talking with people even now, though she's getting better at social areas. In the beginning she wouldn't go out in public all that often as having that many people around made her physically sick. She can handle places now, but she's not able to stay for long as she ends up feeling weak still. Also, getting back to Kodaka, she was a childhood friend when they were kids, though he was thinking that she was a boy (due to her hair being short as well as calling herself "Sora"). She also had a cat named "Night" back then, though once she lost it she decided not to bond with people or things again as they'll just leave her hurt. Their past relationship is her "secret" weapon in the pursuit of him, but I'll talk about that later. Still, it's possible that she keeps her hair short and wears guys clothes to continue to remind Kodaka of their past friendship.
Instead, I'll like to talk about Yozora's intelligence and attitude. It's fairly obvious, like most of the characters in the series, that Yozora has a problematic personality. Her main problem is that she's extremely manipulative as well as cunning. She knows how to push buttons and has a very sharp tongue. She's a dark-haired aloof girl as well, scoring extra points with me. Her favorite target is Sena but most of the other characters get manipulated or picked on by her. She could be categorized as a tsundere, being more "dere" with Kodaka, but I don't know if she's that tsun. It's more likely that she doesn't know how to treat friends and goes a bit too far with her ribbing. Sena is probably the biggest example, but she does need to be reigned in sometimes so Yozora has every right to do it. It helps that Sena's looks make Yozora think of her as "normal/popular" (though the exact term is "riajuu" which is fairly ill-defined; it's more a "normal everyday" type of person that's the opposite of a otaku). Speaking of, it's likely that Yozora is "smarter" than Sena as the latter always falls for her tricks. To be fair, Yozora even admits to picking on Sena and will even apologize if she goes too far (so she's learning limits that, while a normal person knows, she and her social problems wouldn't).
As I mentioned in Sena's blog, she is overwhelmingly popular with fans of the series. Yozora, being her antithesis in many ways, is likewise UNDERwhelmingly popular. It even goes as far as to say that she's hated by some people who watch the show. She's treated unfairly by both the anime and the fans it seems, possibly because she's the one standing in the way of their "perfect" pairing of Sena and Kodaka. This is a shame as she IS one of the lead girls as well as being the probable "choice" at the end. People act like Yozora has no redeeming factors, but there are also plenty that they ignore. One example is how cute she is at the cat cafe, it would be hard to dislike that version of her. Another is when she wouldn't let them show the movie at the school festival, as one of their club members (Rika) was sick at the time and she wanted them all to watch it for the first time together. She's good with children, only abusing Maria due to her bratty attitude deserving a reaction. She is a little sour and cynical, but considering that she thought that her only friend forgot about her and has trouble meeting new ones it's not surprising (though she does dwell on her failings a bit too much).
Overall, I like the cute moments in the usually aloof Yozora more than the spoiled and over-emotional Sena. They do make a good comedic team though, but it is sad to see Sena put on such a platform while Yozora probably cries alone in the gutter or something.
Grade: B

Libido: Yozora has a somewhat low libido. She's very uncomfortable with inter-gender relations going any further than just friends and is seriously disturbed by Sena's games or other erotic material. Not because it's erotic though, it's due to the romance. Despite this, she DOES want to get close to Kodaka. In a later book she even asks if he wants to have sex (from what I heard, at least, and he didn't hear it nor did she intend on him hearing it). It's just that she has problems taking that next step. What she does do is sabotage the other girls' efforts to get him. It's never anything too noticeable, but she's the type who would rather pull someone down to her level rather than try to build herself up. I'm sure that it's more that she doesn't have the confidence to make a move herself but wants to keep Kodaka from becoming attached.
Grade: B-

Age: Yozora, like Sena, is seventeen and a second year high school student. This is a good age for her as it was for Sena as it's only a single year until my preferred age range.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 74
Average score: 8.2
Final Grade: B


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