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Example #229: Hey Foxy Lady

18 APR

This is the Two-hundred-and-twenty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*A mysterious magical girl-looking character is standing outside the school that Topaz has been. Her cloak waves ominously in the breeze.*

???: Hahaha! You'll never be expecting this!

*The girl throws a capsule on the ground which then explodes in a cloud of smoke. Where the girl threw it now a gorilla-like beast now stands.*

Beast: Gaooooo.... *beats chest*

???: That's right Baboonbeast! Take care of that Topaz and end his blogs for good!

*The ape creature charges the building, but is stopped by a mystical field. It continues to charge until it disappears.*

???: W-what? How could Topaz have prepared for an attack already? Could he know that I'm after him? I-Impossible!

*She goes and investigates the door.*

A talisman to ward against evil? No wonder that beast couldn't enter, this whole place was WARDED! Now who could have thought up such a plan....


*As Topaz enters the classroom door he hears a bell chime over head.*

H-hello? I was supposed to meet someone here.

*A blond woman in a Chinese dress and sitting elegantly finishes her tea and replies.*

Blonde: Are you the one that hath requested my services de gozaru?

*Topaz realizes who today's blog is instantly, especially due to her fox ears and tail.*


: It is I, my lord. And please, you may call me Yukki if that is to your liking.

Er, you don't need to be so formal with me, Y-Yukki.

: I apologize for causing you discomfort. Twas not my intention. Though I do question what this "blog" thing that you asked about is de gozaru.

It shouldn't be too difficult. All that I need to do is speak about your features and body and such.

: *blushes* M-my lord blesses me with the honor *starts to undress*

NO! I mean, I wouldn't MIND seeing you take your clothes off but it's not necessary for the blog!

: *Readjusts clothing* Thou art a noble and honorable man. I would not mind if more were like thou de gozaru.

Thank you for the kind words. And now, as promised...

[center]Today's girl is:

Yukikaze Panettone
Dog Days[/center]

Hair:  As is the theme of this month, Yukki has blonde hair. It's an alright color, but not one I'm overly fond of. It also doesn't help that her hair seems shorter than it is as she ties it in the back. I could call it a ponytail, but given what Yukki is I find it more humorous to call it a "fox tail". She rarely has it down (and she even uses pins on occasion, a practice I'm not fond of). Though that leads me to my next point. In Dog Days there are many animal/human hybrids. The main two sides are effectively Cat characters and Dog characters (Squirrel characters are added in the second season). While Yukki might look like a "cat" due to her pointy ears she's actually a FOX girl. I do like her ears though, they look so soft and fluffy. In addition, they stick up well and make her hair look like it has more volume than usual. As for the places a normal human has their ears, it's hard to tell. Her sidecurls usually cover up the area, and they reach about to her shoulders (which is about how long I'd say her hair is when down).
Grade: B-

Eyes: Perhaps I was fibbing a bit last week. It wasn't intentional though. The reason is that I mistook Yukki's GREEN eyes for blue. Now, they are a bluish tint, sort of teal or so, but they are more green than I thought. The eye shape is pretty simple otherwise; it has a nice curve and high corners. It is, fittingly, similar to how Nanoha characters have their eyes shaped as well (both series are created by Masaki Tsuzuki and adapted by Seven Arcs). Finally, she has a rounded eye as well, but her eyebrow does come down to make her look determined at times.
Grade: B

Face: Like I said before, Dog Days is created by the same people who brought us Nanoha. This is apparent in the faces as well as the eyes. Both have small features that I like. I would say that Dog Days is a bit worse than Nanoha here though, just because it doesn't seem to be as well animated as the latter. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there is a fair difference between the two. Otherwise, it's a fine, if somewhat generic, face. Yukki's face is also nicely framed by her long side curls.
Grade: B

Build: Yukki has a very nice body that appeals to me in many ways. The biggest, of course, I'll talk about in the next area. Though speaking of which, one thing I'll add here is that she's about a head taller than most of the other characters. This means that, when she hugs the male lead she marshmallows him against her breasts! *ahem* But getting back to her body, she's nicely shaped if exaggerated (though the manga is a bit better in this regard). Her waist is very thin and we don't see much of her butt. This might be due to her fox tail though, but we still haven't seen her from the back all that much even including that. Like Tifania (and too many busty girls) her fanservice amounts to BREASTS ONLY FINAL DESTINATION. She also has pretty long legs, but they don't compare to a Nanoha character's (well, you can, but Yukki's would be worse).
Grade: B+

Breasts: If you can't tell by now, Yukki's main asset is her chest. Her chest is possibly too big for how slender her body is, but while I should complain I won't as I do like how perky and big she is. Her outfits are often focused on showing them off (not in a nude way, but in a focused way) and when she fights her breasts jiggle everywhere. It's not extremely obnoxious as say, some fanservice shows are, but know that Yukki is a very bouncy girl. She's probably one of, if not the, bustiest girl on the show.
In fact, during a body swapping episode, the male lead Cinque gets stuck in her very voluptuous body and has to chase down the perpetrator. However, he's not used to Yukki's body as it jumps much higher and runs much faster than his shorter body can. More than that though is the fact that Yukki has big breasts, something that no guy can understand. Because of this, he looks very clumsy running as her breasts keep moving even though he stopped her body. That's not counting all the embarrassment he has now that he's "blessed" with such an ample bosom.
However, not all is well with the state of Yukki's chest in the second season. In an earlier episode they're fighting a demon that can seem to steal time away from it's victims. This either causes them to age or become youthful, their bodies adapting as well. If you can't tell, the end result was Yukki becoming a child and LOSING HER MAGNIFICENT BREASTS at one point. Sure she recovered, but the instant I saw the ability of the creature she was hunting I was thinking "Please don't get Yukikaze". Even when other busty girls became younger I still had that thought worrying me, keeping me sane since if they keep Yukki the way she is I won't mind. Then, just when I was thinking that the battle was won and I could breath again knowing that Yukki's breasts were safe she got ambushed and loli-fied!

: What's the big deal? Look at how cute I was.

You are indeed very cute as a loli, but I'd MUCH rather see you in the present as a busty bishojo than a short and flat child. That said, I really don't have a problem with how Yukki looks in flashbacks, it was just this scene. I don't know, it really bothered me. Maybe it's the conservation of mass; even if her "age" was changed the mass of her breasts had to go SOMEWHERE and the idea of a monster destroying such a fine set horrified me. Or maybe I was still recovering from another show and this hit me harder than I expected.

: What other show?

*Turns and stares at Yukikaze's face* I shall reveal that in a later blog, so don't trouble yourself. *Calms down* Anyway, although Yukki was very flat upon recovering she pretty much BURST out of her old clothing and jiggled with her hair barely covering her nipples. Believe me, that was a sight for my heart.
Grade: B+

Clothes: There are two main outfits that Yukki wears. The first is her "battle outfit". At the very bottom it is a skintight (possibly nylon-like) dark blue sleeveless top with a bit of a neck. She also wears similar-looking gloves and leggings, making it look like she wears a body suit. Unfortunately her leggings don't go all the way up, showing a bit of absolute territory rather than being like pantyhose. And when I say a "bit", I mean that; her skirt actually covers up most of her uncovered legs with the bottom of it being level with the top of her stockings. Over that she wears a floral blue covering that I don't know what the official name is. Essentially it looks like a robe and it took me a moment to realize that there's two parts (a top half and a lower half). Unfortunately the bottom of the outfit does cover most of her lower back and back of her legs as it's tied at her waist and ends at her knees. There's a cute split, but I think it wouldn't look bad shorter. The top, as said before, has no problem with showing how massive her breasts are. She also wears gauntlets, making her look even more like a "ninja" and the red orb necklace is a nice touch as well. As is a non-wrapped fundoshi on bottom, though we rarely see that (only when she was undressing).
Her second outfit is much more formal, similar to a kimono. At least, I think it is. It's sleeveless like her normal outfit, but there is a fold as if it was like a kimono. It also reveals her back, for all that are interested. That said, it's white and has overall a very nice elegant feel to it, cute floral patterns included. It's also pretty short, barely covering her crotch. I also REALLY dislike the belt/obi/whatever though, it looks too much like a bath towel and doesn't fit the rest of the ensemble. I will still say that this outfit (Kimonos/Chinese dresses as a whole), like sukimizu, tend to capture the charms of flatter girls easier than they do busty ones like Yukki. She also wears short gloves that wrap around her middle finger to look a bit cuter. I still like it though.
Speaking of 'busty charms", there's a few other outfits that Yukki wears. The first is a purple bikini. Now THAT is more something worthy of putting a busty girl into. My usual complaint though is that a bikini isn't supportive, and like many girls Yukki falls into that trap. Underboob should NOT be seen this easily; the bikini should be against the girl's torso under her chest to be "properly" supported. At least, as far as I like. Yukki IS better than a lot of examples, but as seen in one official image who knows when her top will just pop right off. Next she also appeared to wear a naked apron-type of red outfit in one of the eyecatches. Unfortunately she's sleeping on her back so its true power isn't unleashed. We also see her in pajamas, though they're more practical than sexy or cute, consisting of a orange half-tank top with green trunks. Though it does look pretty sexy to me, but I do occasionally like the "disheveled" look and she shouldn't wear it all the time. Finally, due to the mind-swap antics in the second season she imagined herself in Cinque's outfit. Cinque's outfit consists of a red top with black decor and a golden buckle about where her waist is. Over that she wore a white jacket that reaches her legs or so. She also wraps her wrists with red tape (I'm wondering if she's trying to appeal to arm fetishists with all the revealing and sleeveless outfits). UNlike Cinque, perhaps fortunately, Yukki wears a very short black miniskirt instead of pants and she even wears black thigh-highs to make it seem more feminine.
Grade: B

Personality: Yukikaze is the vanguard of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. She looks upon members of the squad as brothers, be it dogs or foxes. And yes, I mean actual dogs or foxes, not just the half-human characters. She admires Brioche a lot and addresses her with oyakata-sama (My Lady), a very formal archaic form of speech used when one addressed his/her lord in the past. Speaking of, she tends to speak in "old fashioned" dialogue such as using "sessha" to address herself, -dono to address others, and uses the phrase "de gozaru" to end her sentences.
Yukki is also a powerful fighter as well. She uses all types of weapons, including Bare Fist, Daggers, a Bow, and Shurikens. Essentially, she's an archetypal ninja, though that's not her only profession. She's also an Omitsu squad, dealing with sealing away supernatural trouble such as demons or lesser creatures. Her Emblem Arts (the resident "magic ability") grants her superhuman strength and speed, allowing her to jump high and run fast. That's not her only ability either, she can use energy with any weapon and perform actions such as throwing multiple glowing daggers at an enemy before cutting them with a large sword or using a bow for a powerful shot. Not only that, but later on it's revealed that Yukikaze is a fox deity even (or at least a container for one).
I should also talk about her voice actress. Kana Asumi wouldn't be the first one I'd think of for such a tall, busty girl, but she performs well, giving her a nice soft voice that's not too high pitched. She also makes Yukki sound like an energetic girl (which, she sort of its), but not in the hyperactive way that energetic girls are usually voiced. Yukki is a mature girl and is portrayed that way.
Grade: B

Libido: I can't think of a time when Yukki was really in "love" with someone. There's her relationship with Brioche D'Arquien, her superior, but that's more of one made of respect. There's Cinque (or however his name is spelled) and they get along really well. Despite seeming to be attracted to him, Yukki doesn't show it as much as, say, Millhi or even Eclair show him. They mutually respect the other (Cinque DOES get embarrassed by Yukki's body, but I suppose that's natural).
Grade: C

Age: It's unknown how old Yukki actually is. I presume that she's the same age or so as Eclair or Millhi, putting her in the teenage range. Yukki DOES look older than them, though given what their bodies look like it's a bit biased (the two aren't as "mature" as Yukki is). Though given her possible god-like origins who knows (she has claimed to have worked under Brioche for over a century).
Grade: B

Total Grades: 70
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B

And that's today's blog. What did you think, Yukki?

: You did an honorable job, though I believe that you centered around my bosom a big more than I would like de gozaru...

What can I say, I know what I like. As for next week, we'll be looking at-

*Suddenly Yukikaze turns her head towards the school door.*

Something wrong?

: N-no... don't worry...

???: Grrrr....

*The mysterious figure looks up at the door, a now-torn talisman hanging off of it. However the girl's hand appears burnt.*

???: I can't believe that this stupid talisman thinks I'M evil! Though at least now I'm inside the school. Time to hunt down that idiot Topaz for foiling my plans so often!

Example #229: Hey Foxy Lady

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