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Example #226: U & I

28 MAR

This is the Two-hundred-and-twenty-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone and uggghhh....

: Eh? What's wrong Topaz? Normally you're so excited to do blogs!

: It's because, as punishment for his bad jokes, he has to do someone he dislikes this week.

: I see then... (At least I didn't do anything wrong...).

I'm not looking forward to this blog, you know...

: Harumph, low-lifes like you deserve to be punished for your bad puns!

I'd rather you step on my body more...

: P-p-p-pervert!

: Enough you too. I'll ring the bell to let them know we're here. After that, we'll drop Topaz off and leave.

: Fine by me.

*Rika rings the doorbell. Afterward voices are heard inside.*

 First voice: Ui! Ui! Doorbell!
Second voice: Can you get it? I'm sort of busy cooking.
First voice: But I just got comfortable! And I'm busy being lazy!
Second voice: That's your excuse for everything.
First voice: Ehehehe...
Second voice: You've got to learn some responsibility. *sigh* COMING!

*The door to the house opens*

: Hello there. You must be Topaz. I believe you have a-blog, is it?- that you're doing today. But first, let's get out of this drafty doorway. *Ui waves at Topaz in* Come in.

*Topaz follows Ui's request and enters the reasonable household. In it is a kotatsu with a Yui under it. Ui is also wearing an apron as she wipes her hands off on.*

: Empry-kun! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in so long!

: Actually, he's here for me.

: GASP! You mean that my imouto has a boyfriend before I do? I thought that you were innocent!

I'm not here for that kind of thing! I'm only here to do my blog.

: Ohhhh. I remember having to do one of those very long ago!

That you did.

: Um. Topaz, if you don't mind, I'm currently making a meal for Yui and myself. Do you mind doing the blog yourself?

: No worries, Ui. I'll help out in your place. I can even do this!

*Yui puts her hair up in a ponytail like Ui has her's*

: See? Now I look just like you!

: Yui, don't do that. You'll get the reader's confused.

*Yui puts her hair back down and makes a face at Ui* : Bububu!

*sigh* I suppose that this time is as good as any to start today's blog.

[center]Today's girl is:

Ui Hirasawa

Hair: Ui has somewhat-short brown hair. It reaches her shoulders if it's down, but usually she keeps it up in a ponytail. She also usually wears a yellow ribbon to tie her hair up as well. It looks a lot like Yui's hair actually, which is one reason that they can swap places or use the other as a model. Ui's hair, as seen in the second season, is a little bit lighter or more copper-colored than Yui's though.  
Grade: B-

Eyes: Once again I have to compare Ui and Yui. Their eyes are very similar, fitting since they're sisters. Ui's eyes are a brown color and are rounded with a tarame. It is a nice brown color, and the fact that it matches her hair helps too. I should mention that K-On!'s style is now KyoAni "default" in that they used it for many recent series they've done. I don't have a problem as it's a nice style, but it is getting a bit overused in a way too.
Grade: B-

Face: As I mentioned just before, the art style of K-On! is used often by KyoAni. I see the problem a lot of people have with it more dislike the overly "cute" eyes than the faces, though they may just not be complaining about it as much. Either way, Ui's face is cute yet "basic". There's nothing too outstanding, and she doesn't usually have a overly cute face either. The soft curves and small nose also help. She is a pretty positive person as well and usually has a smile on her face. And, like her eyes and hair, Ui looks a lot like her older sister Yui.
Grade: B

Build: Ui has a slender figure much like her sister. However, this doesn't hold up as well now that I've seen more and more girls. It doesn't help that K-On! isn't a fanservice anime either (well, sexual-fanservice. It does have a lot of cute girls in cute outfits). She does seem to have a bit of meat around her waist and thighs, though this doesn't mean that her bottom is that big either. Though, for whatever reason, in the two swimsuit official images of Ui she has her back facing the camera in both. This may mean that they're trying to show off Ui's back on purpose, but it's more likely just a coincidence. For official stats Ui is 154 cm tall (it's unknown if this is her head or the tip of her ponytail) and weighs 50 kg.
Grade: C+

Breasts: Ui is slender here as well. There IS a part in the first season where Sawako is able to figure out that Ui is impersonating as her sister due to her breasts being bigger than Yui's. I can't tell in a comparison as both girls are fairly modest compared to girls like Mio.
Grade: C

Clothes:  Ui doesn't get as many different clothes as the Light Music Club has. This might change in the fifth book, but I haven't read that yet and can't judge it properly. As far as clothes I have seen Ui wear, there's two different uniforms. First I'll talk about Ui's junior high school uniform. It consists of a white sailor shirt with green around the wrists and collar. There's also a matching green skirt as well as a red ribbon on her chest. It's not bad, but I much prefer the high school uniform. It consists of a navy blue blazer, a white buttoned shirt under that, a ribbon that changes with what year she is, and a light steel blue skirt. Her casual outfits are cute, but nothing really sticks out to describe. She does have a white bikini in official art, as well as a frilly blue bikini.
Grade: B

Personality: First and foremost Ui is Yui's younger sister. Despite this, she's the one that tends to care for their family as their parents are often away. She's a dependable and mature imouto, compared to her lazy sister.Ui also always puts her sister's needs in front of her own, even going as far as to serve Yui and her friends tea when she herself was ill. Not only that, but when Yui is on afield trip Ui has problems adjusting as she doesn't have anyone to care for. During her own field trip she gets surprised at the food already being prepared and she didn't need to do anything. Ui is just that devoted to her sister. That doesn't mean that the love is one sided. Even though Yui is lazy she still appreciates Ui for letting her live a life of leisure. She eventually writes a song called U & I to show her thanks and feelings.
Getting away from the relationship between sisters, Ui could also be considered a Yamato Nadeshiko character. She's a kind and gentle girl and makes a great caretaker. She's also very talented and learns new skills quickly. She was able to play the guitar after just strumming it a bit while also hitting a home run on her first swing with just a limited amount of advice. She's an ace at most of the things she does. After the "main" story ends Ui joins the Light Music club and plays guitar, just as her sister once did.
There's nothing objectively terrible about Ui. I probably shouldn't dislike her as much as I do. It's not her fault that she's my least favorite K-On character, it's just that I like the other girls more. Maybe my joke of her being the "villain" of the show went too far. It started because, in the final episode of the first season, not only did Ui try to impersonate Yui but she also took Guitah home. This meant that Yui had to run all the way home and back before the band was supposed to take the stage and forcing a time limit. I mean, it's not like Ui intended to do that and it was just a bad coincidence, but it is somewhat suspicious to me. There are some fan works where Ui is treated like a yandere, but that's not something I should consider when scoring and am only speaking of it as information.
Grade: C+

Libido: None shown. There's really no males that Ui interacts with (the only real reoccurring male character is Ritsu's brother and I don't think he ever meets Ui). There is a scene of Ui-disguised-as-Yui hugging Azusa, but I think that was more for friendship than love. As far as fanon goes, Ui tends to be shipped with Yui (or, occasionally, Azusa). I don't like either pairing, but that might be because I tend to pair Yui WITH Azusa, or maybe Nodoka.
Grade: C

Age: We first see Ui at age 14 and watch her progress all the way to 18 years old. While that is within my "preferred age range" I more often see her as a teenage girl. The fact that she doesn't grow much, if at all, doesn't help her.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 59
Average score: 6.6
Final Grade: B-

: Ui! Topaz is done with your blog!

: That's good to hear, but a bit disappointing. I had just put the finishing touches on his share.


I should be going. Thanks for having me *starts to get up*

: Awww, but I made a special chocolate dessert as well. Maybe next time-

Did you say dessert? *sits down* I shouldn't inconvenience you and eat here then. You did make extra for me so I shouldn't waste it.

: Yayyy! Empry-kun is staying!

Indeed, but since I'll be eating I should finish typing this and thank my readers. Join us next week, though remember it'll be "that week".

: Eh? "That week"? What does that mean?

It shouldn't concern you, don't worry about it.

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