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Example #225: Double Vision

21 MAR

This is the Two-hundred-and-twenty-fifth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl(s) are:

Mion Sonozaki andShion Sonozaki
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni[/center]

: Oh, and as usual remember that Topaz doesn't play VNs so this will mainly be based on the anime. May lord have mercy on his soul...

Hey, it's not like the VN would be a good base for the physical traits! Though I'll admit that the other areas might suffer.

Hair: Now, since I'm doing two girls today there's going to be two different grades at the end of each section. I'm doing both as, well, physically there's not a lot of differences between the two girls (they ARE twins, after all) and this way I can write a blog without constantly making the reader flip between the two different blogs.
Anyway, Mion and Shion's hair color is the same, both having a light green color. I don't mind green but that's mainly when it's darker. Not that I dislike the twins' color, but it's also not a shade I'd prefer. Both girls also have somewhat spread bangs and sidecurls that reach their shoulders (or close enough). I've heard "curtained" used to describe them, and as it means "the hairstyle featuring a long fringe divided in either a middle parting or a side parting" I can see it describing Mion and Shion. Though hopefully it doesn't insult them as it usually refers to males. As their final similarity, their hair is very long, going past their waist.
Now for the differences, though remember that this is their "neutral" style. There's times that they swap places so their hair styles naturally swap. Mion's hair is usually up in a nice ponytail. There's a slight bump at the top before it falls down her back in a mostly smooth and well-kept tail. I'd like it more if it spread out slightly, but it's nice as it is. Mion on the other hand keeps her hair mostly free. Thus, her straight hair goes down her back in a manner I prefer. She also has a cute bow on the back of her head as well as some hair that gets pulled into it.
Between the two I like Mion's more, Shion's ponytail isn't bad. Not a big fan of the color though.
    Mion: B
    Shion: B+

Eyes: Both girls have soft teal eyes. Okay, so it's a mix of green and blues, but that's basically what "teal" is, in a way. I'd like it a bit more if they were green as that would at least match their hair. Shion DOES own sunglasses as she wears them in at least one image, but they're on her forehead rather than her eyes. Overall, neither girl is that spectacular here.
    Mion: B-
    Shion: B-

Face: The girls' faces are pretty similar as well. Both have small features and rounded cheeks, two great things I look for. On occasion, in the anime at least, they do look a bit generic or goofy. Though I think that's mainly the fact that Studio Deen isn't known for it's art. Neither girl has "kawaii" moments like Rena does (the other "older" girl in the club), but that's fine as seeing Mion blush is cute as well. There's also a scene of Shion that's became very well known for her laughing face, but I'll not get into that.
    Mion: A-
    Shion: A-

Build: Both girls are built similar as well. Both are tall, and with their long hair they could have been great Tall-Dark-Bishoujos (they're missing out on the required aloof personality. I'll get to that later though). They're both thin yet shapely, but I think that they're a bit too thin at times. Then again, at least their bodies curve at the bottom of their ribs (estimated) rather than directly under their breasts (which does happen in some shows). Their legs aren't terrible, but aren't anything special either. There's not even a reason to look at them as their normal outfits don't include pantyhose or thighhighs to make them stand out. In a single image I saw while researching I saw Shion's butt, and while it's plump we don't see it most of the time so I can't say that it's not an exaggeration. Also, through the story the two girls also suffer a pretty serious wound on their hands. If you've seen it you'll know what I'm talking about and why I dislike that scene.
There IS a big difference between the two girls though. Mion has a large demon tattoo on her back. Oddly enough though, there's times where she doesn't have it, such as the swimming pool episode.
: Oh? You're wondering about that? That's what they make waterproof skin makeup for.
I see then, that was a source of confusion. Either way, I'm not a big fan of tattoos so I penaltized Mion's score here slightly.
    Mion: B
    Shion: B+

Breasts: Once again, both girls have similar bust sizes. Well, I mean that their chests are similar at least as we don't have any data on their exact sizes. Anyway, both girls are BIG. Bigger than the other girls, though considering they're older than Rena it is understandable. They're also not too big either, I've seen far worse in other shows. Also it's not like they're bouncing around every five minutes either. I also found it ironic that, in Rei, Mion says that Miyo's large breasts should be illegal. I mean, she's flaunting herself in front of Rika all the time!
: Yeah! Curse me being trapped as an eternal loli! *pats delicious flat chest*
: Is that why you grabbed my chest during that one special?
: ...No... (I won't lose...). Eh? What's this note? "About the only thing I really like about these two are their "twins"." HA!
& : TOPAZ!
I swear, while that was in my notes I wasn't going to write it! Honest! I think much higher of you two now!
    Mion: A-
    Shion: A-

Clothes: Ahem, now that that's done, let's continue with this blog. Now, as you've probably noticed (as I am amazingly subtle) Shion and Mion are a lot alike. However, this is the first time that the two are so different. Notice that since they occasionally swap places they'll wear the other's clothes but I'm judging on what they actually do wear.
First I'll talk about Shion's outfits, as other wise I'll probably get angry. Her school uniform (at least, what I think is her uniform) is a short sleeve buttoned white shirt with a blue-and-white-striped tie tied around the collar (sadly one that looks more like an X than a necktie), and a blue mini-skirt. I do like her casual outfit as well, which consists of a sleeveless sweater with a neck and a business-like skirt with two buttons and a split at her thigh. She also wears what I assume is a necklace around her collar, it's the golden bead-like objects. Also, since the stripes on Shion's sweater are vertical they do accent her chest (what, I notice these things...). I don't know much about the blazer-like uniform which is unfortunate as I do like blazers and it even looks like she has an improved tie as well. As for the Angel Mort, her workplaces, uniform it's a black strapless top with a flaired back/hips while revealing a lacy front near the crotch. If Shion's sweater accented her bust this does a much better job with it, exposing her cleavage while also putting a black collar with a gold decoration on it to show it off even more. She also has frilled sleeves as well as leggings and red high heels. I don't mind the leggings, but really pantyhose would look better. Otherwise I'm not a huge fan other than it being black. In fact, I'd much rather see her wear the black dress with the flowers she wore on one of the DVD covers. I'm not a fan of strapless outfits. Speaking of which, in one of the Rei episodes she wears a blue bikini with red circles and a star. It might seem strapless, but it does have some. Finally In official art she also seems to wear a much more family-appropriate restaurant waitress uniform and a yukata.
With that out of the way, I'll discuss Mion's outfits. The school that she goes to doesn't have a uniform. It's unfortunate, but that's just the way the school is. Instead, she wears a white short-sleeved shirt with tie and wears a yellow, unbuttoned vest. The tie is either red or green, depending on if it's the anime or game. Also NECKTIE. I'm also not sure if she's able to button up the vest either, it's too small to go over her breasts (at least in the anime). She also wears a long reddish-pink skirt, black socks, and brown shoes. I'm not a fan of the skirt, it hides her legs down to nearly the ankle. Even though her legs aren't the best, that's no reason to just up and hide them!
: Huh, it sounds like you said the opposite of that recently...
Grrr, those conversations are private! Anyway, Mion's casual wear is she wears a yellow shirt with a slight black turtle neck, a white sweatshirt tied around her waist, blue jeans and brown shoes. She also wears an airsoft gun in a holster on her shoulder which comes into play at the end of one of the arcs (though if you don't know what happens it's probably not what you're expecting). Like Shion she's occasionally seen in the Angel Mort uniform, though she's not an actual employee like her sister. She also has a black dress on a DVD cover, though due to her positioning her breasts are squeezed by her hands. It's a more frilly dress than Shion's, and that side is also shown by the flower in her hair. The swimsuit she wears is reminiscent of a chinese dress with the shoulder covering and high neck. It is a "bikini" as it shows her stomach and back without connecting the top and bottom. Also the bottom has a sarong-type of cloth built in, hiding her butt most of the time. Her wardrobe is similar to Shion's in some official art as well, though with a more meido-type outfit compared to Shion's family restraunt one. She also wears a yukata. While we're talking about official art, I can't ignore the fact that Mion wears Umineko's Jessica Ushiromiya's outfit in a crossover image (the two share voice actresses). It's a lovely blue blazer with a necktie and white shirt underneath, a frilly pink skirt, and nylon socks (if only these were pantyhose).
That said, I do have some problems with Mion's outfits. First there's her cow bikini in the Nekogoroshi/Cat Killing chapter. I mean, there's the fact that it's strapless which has it's own problems (well, for me). The tail and ears are cute, but it's far too revealing I think. It's pretty much cow print because "Ha ha, she's the bustiest girl". The second outfit, and one that I REALLY hate, is that in the Kira specials (which are basically fanservice fluff anyway) they have Shion wheel out Mion because she's A PLATTER FOR FOOD! Yeah, the only thing that they have to cover her is food. I mean, I like food as much as anyone, but outside of licking whipped topping or something similar off a girl's chest (and in small qualities) I dislike women being used as a plate. Not only that, but they make Shion lick off the cream, further exploiting them both. I wasn't entertained by the disgusting display, and it was certainly a stale egg compared to the other fine, upstanding service. Luckily the canon-ity of these scenes are questionable as they aren't in the "main" series.
    Mion: B-
    Shion: B

Personality: Mion and Shion have some similarities in their personality, but they're mostly different. However, one thing that I should mention is that I OFTEN get the two girls messed up. The fact that they swap places, even including way back when Mion received her tattoo as the "first" time, so often makes me think I can't be the only one. I'll discuss Mion first because, well, we see her the most (and I just had Shion go first).
Mion is a very friendly and leader-like character. She's the one to organize the games and can get very competetive. She's the one that makes most of the punishment games as well. She's also the leader of the after-school games club, which most of the characters are involved in. Speaking of being a "leader", as the "oldest" daughter in the Sonozaki family she's the heir. Because of this she can be formal and responsible as well. She can become serious, but isn't in that "mode" too often. She does call herself "ojisan" so she might think of herself as a "father" figure to the other characters. Otherwise she's in a playful tomboyish mood most of the time. She DOES have a girly side though, so don't be afraid to give her that doll. An interesting fact is that, while Higurashi tends to show yanderes Mion.. Doesn't show anything. Really, she's never killed onscreen and the only murders she has are only hinted at. And as far as combat goes, she's not a slouch. She's pretty powerful barehanded and can even take down a pro. Though her mind is her strongest asset, she's a powerful strategist.
Shion, unlike Mion, is outwardly girly but her actual personality is a lot more bitter and shrewd. This may be because she goes to St. Lucia rather than the school the others go to. She calls it a "factory for manufacturing ladies" and is a delinquent, even going as far as to stage an escape by studying the security systems, among other things. This leads her to not being seen in the first few arcs and it's a surprise once Mion reveals her as a twin sister. Due to certain "events" however, she does "break" a lot easier than Mion. In fact, most of the most violent moments in the show are caused by her or otherwise involve her. This, well, for me, this makes it hard to like Shion. Let's just say, to keep spoilers to a minimum, that Shion should take good care of Satoko due to a favor, and gets treated as an older sister as a result.This leads her to be over-protective as well. I know that I'm missing a lot about Shion as well just because I've only seen the anime. It seems that she might be better, but she's portrayed so poorly in the anime that I don't see myself becoming a fan of hers any time soon. Or maybe it's because she's more complicated than I feel comfortable with.
As for both girl's voice, I'm not a huge fan of Satsuki Yukino. I will say though, her singing voice is great. Mion (and, likely, Shion) are also done in English by Megan Hollinshead. They're probably the best voices I've heard in that version, but really don't watch Higurashi in English.
    Mion: B+
    Shion: C+

Libido: Both twins have their respective lovers. For Shion it's Satoshi and for Mion it's (potentially) Keiichi. Mion is a bit better at this as we see her tease him numerous times using her body. She doesn't like showing the actual "love" as she's more of a tomboy and pushes aside feminine thoughts. I will commend them though, they did it in a way that didn't make her look like an indecisive tsundere. Apparently she also acts perverse in the manga, looking at his crotch or rubbing his butt. She'll still support a friend despite this, though.
With Shion it's a bit more spoiler-y to talk about her and Satoshi. Just know that their relationship was a great one with mutual respect for the other. In certain arcs she also falls for Keiichi though, igniting fights between the two girls. She's not as fond of him (especially his brash personality), she just mainly sees similarities between the two males.
    Mion: B
    Shion: B

Age: In the anime itself we don't get that many hints about the age of most of the girls. It doesn't help that all the classes are together no matter the ages. However, while researching for this blog I found out that in one of the stories it says that they were born February 11, 1966. Higurashi occurs in 1983, making the two of them seventeen. And since they ARE twins that were born on the same day I don't even have to give both a separate grade! I will say that they lost a slight advantage as we don't see them "older" (like Rena) and they don't age in the "main" series so that cost them.
Grade: B+

Total Grade(s): 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

Both girls are so similar that they tied. I think that's fitting considering how much they swap between each other and how difficult it was to remember who was who.

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