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Example #222: The most Ojou of all Ojous

28 FEB

This is the Two-hundred-and-twenty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

We're here, Riri!

: You know you made me carry all the blog equipment, right? I'm seriously reconsidering my role as your assistant...

*Topaz and Ririchiyo arrive in front of a mansion.*

: ...Oh. S-such opulence! Let me guess, today's blog is some maid or something.

No, we're going to see the mistress of the house. I'll ring so that they know we're here. *pulls a string, making a loud ringing sound that could be heard throughout the estate.*

*A single meganekko maid hurries out to meet with the two.*

: Told you. *Ririchiyo smirks at her supposed victory.*

Meganekko: I'm sorry, but due to security reasons we'll need to pat you down.


: Stop being a creeper, Empry...

Meganekko: Don't worry, I wouldn't think of invading your privacy or making you uncomfortable. We'll letting one of the guy's pat Topaz down. Perhaps if my younger brother isn't busy...

*Topaz's joyous expression fades.* Uh, can I at least get that cute young-looking boy to do it?

Meganekko: Nonsense, why would Chiharu do that? He's only in charge of cleaning.

: You'll have to excuse Empry. He seems to find certain members of the same gender insanely attractive. Or so I've been told.

Meganekko: Is that true? Well, we wouldn't want him to be uncomfortable with that either. Perhaps I'll tell Colonel to do it.

Who is Colonel?

Meganekko: That old guy right there *points*

*There is an older-looking mustached man in a suit. He has a twinkle in his eye as he slowly snaps a plastic medical glove over his hands. Topaz's color fades and he shakes.*

: Well then, have fun!

**Time Passes**

*Topaz slowly staggers into the large mansion and starts going up the stairs in the main hall. As he does so, he takes a deep breath and starts to talk to himself.*

Don't worry, it was just a search and he only wore the glove for comedic reasons. Assure both yourself and the readers of this fact.

*Eventually he stops in front of a door and knocks. After a short time he hears a voice from within.*

???: Is that you, Topaz? You kept me waiting for a short time, and you know what happens to those who keep me waiting...

I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared to get checked over before coming inside. It took longer than I expected.

???: I see then, I suppose that my personal security is too much for you then.

N-no, ojou-sama! I apologize to you for putting the blame on your staff. Please forgive me! *Topaz even gets on his hands and knees to beg, even though the door prevents him from being seen.*

???: Your apology is... Accepted. Provided you brought the... "supplies", I had you fetch.

Unfortunately my assistant Ririchiyo was carrying said supplies. She should be joining us shortly, but I would like to get started before that. I wonder what's taking her so long.

*cut to Ririchiyo*
: Stop rubbing my body, you rich girls!

Meganekko: They can't help it. I told them about your perfectly smooth skin and they wanted to play with you. Please indulge the sisters until they're satisfied.

Middle sister: Ohhh, look at those legs. They're so smooth, just like Nee-chan's! *glides hand up Riri's thigh-high clad leg and thigh* Have you thought about becoming an idol? I'm sure you'd do well!

Youngest sister: You say that about everyone. Especially all those young men you entertain. But I do agree with your statement. Look at how beautiful her hair is, it's even a lovely purple color! *brushes Riri's hair*

: Uuuu. I'll get you for this Empry...

???: So you've came today without a gift. I guess you know what you must do to get your precious blog complete.

It would be an honor to do anything for a beautiful woman such as yourself.

*The door is opened by a purplish-haired maid in a ponytail and Topaz enters the room. However, he is not prepared for what was waiting for him.*

O-ojou-sama! You're not wearing a skirt! I can see your p-pa-pa...

: I see, so even this is enough to fluster you. And yes, my panties are exposed but it's also not like you haven't seen me naked anyway. Now, get on your knees and do IT.

Yes, Shinra-ojou-sama.

*Topaz gets on his hands and knees as Shinra extends her foot towards him. The maid looks on giggling at how pathetic Topaz looks at the moment.*

: Oh my. Could it be that you're getting cold feet? As my foot is chilly being exposed like this.

My mistake then! *Topaz takes Shinra's exposed foot and presses his lips to her padded sole. Shinra lets out a slight noise from his kiss. The maid speaks up, however*

Maid: D-don't you think that's enough, Shinra-ojou-sama. I believe that you would like to get your pantyhose back on before the blog begins.

: As good as this feels, you are correct Benisu. If you'll wait outside Topaz, I'll be fully dressed shortly.

As you wish. *Topaz steps outside the room, closing the door behind him. Soon, he's beckoned to return.*

: I believe that you've had a sufficient introduction so far. Perhaps we should get started.

I agree, and if you couldn't tell...

[center]Today's girl is:

Shinra Kuonji
Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de/They Are My Noble Masters[/center]

As usual, I'll be taking the majority of my information from the anime as, well, you know how good I play visual novels...

Hair: Shinra's hair is VERY beautiful. It's long, black, and very silky. I suppose that I should mention that on occasion it might look a very dark green, but I will say that might just be due to the lighting. Her hair reaches her waist while her side curls frame her face well, barely touching her chest. She also has a hime cut, or sort of one at least. It's not exactly a straight cut, but I definitely think that the intent is there. The only thing I don't like is Shinra's headband. She almost always wears it (this includes the ero scenes apparently as well) and it's too big in my opinion. I don't mind her wearing a headband, but this one takes up so much of her hair that it annoys me (I like the cute ribbons on the end, though).
Grade: A

Eyes: As I've said before, I do tend to dislike red eyes. However, I do like Shinra's red eyes. Maybe it's the fact that I'm starting to like red eyes with dark hair. Maybe it's because Shinra's eyes fit her personality. Maybe it's the face that I long to be looked down on by her by her beautiful eyes. I mean seriously, look at how nice and narrow, not to mention SEXY her eyes are! There's another girl just like Shinra, actually: Momoyo Kawakami. And actually, that makes sense as they're both Minatosoft characters. I demand that they make all required red-eyed girls from now on xD.
Grade: B

Face: As with her eyes, Shinra's face reminds me a lot of Momoyo's. That's not a bad thing, of course. Both Momoyo and Shinra are beautiful girls. Shinra in particular has an elegant look to her in addition (to contrast with Momoyo's rougher look). Her face itself is fairly simple as well. The biggest complaint would be that her nose might be seen as too large, but even that is minor.
Grade: B

Build: Shinra's body is very wonderful. She's got an hourglass figure and shows it off due to the way she dresses. She has a very trim and sexy stomach as well. Her butt is alright, being curved well. We don't get to see much of it, however. Her measurements are 88-57-85cm and she's 168 cm tall.
The main point of interest in Shinra however is more likely to be her legs. You see, she wears pantyhose and that, combined with her naturally curvy thighs and legs is nearly irresistible. Her hips and thighs are really wide as well. That's not even considering her feet. I don't normally talk about feet but Shinra's I'd love to be her butler as he get to be teased by them. Her feet are so good that I'd consider licking them!
Grade: A-

Breasts: Shinra's breasts are very nice. They're big and aren't even close to going over a "limit" for her body size. 88 cm is a nice size as well. Unfortunately, despite being an eroge Shinra doesn't have one of "those" scenes...

: Oh? Perhaps you would like to explain what you mean by "scenes"?

*blushing* W-well, the girl would have to put... "that" b-between her breasts!

: I see then. So you are angry that I did not engage in Mammary Intercourse then? I was under the impression that you might prefer a footjob instead. After all, you did name my legs as my best feature...

That is true, but it does keep you from a "perfect" score here.
Grade: A

Clothes: Shinra has a small, but effective, wardrobe. Far more important than anything else is that she nearly always wears pantyhose. Even when she's just lounging around in her bra and panties she'll be wearing pantyhose. As said before, they do make her legs look far more appetizing. Her underclothes are always black as well, giving the impression that she'd want them shown. Otherwise Shinra tends to wear a black  outfit with gold decorations. It looks very noble, though it also has a short skirt. I like it (I like black outfits), and I find it very sexy. It sort of looks gothic lolita, but probably isn't exactly. She also has at least one pair of cute pajamas (they have pandas on them) as well as a nice black swimsuit. There's also a few imagine scenes of Shinra pretending to have other "appeals" where she wears things such as a gym uniform or a motorcycle gang outfit. There's also a bunny suit that you'll likely see later. Apparently she'll also marry the lead, ending up in a wedding dress. I think it looks very enchanting, though that may just be because it shows a lot of cleavage...
Grade: A-

Personality: Shinra is the "head" of the  Kuonji household at the moment and is a very smart woman. She's also very mature, yet at the same time keeps a lot of innocence. I say that because she easily loses herself around cute things (especially pandas). Despite that, as well as being lazy or easily satisfied, she still has an air of elegance to her. She rarely has weak moments and is a strong backbone for the family to rely on. Shinra is the older sister of two other girls (Miyu and Yume) and does act in a very great "Oneesan" fashion. She's also a very skilled conductor, performing for a famous orchestra. She loves tea as well, being a very refined lady. She's a bit tsundere, but that's more that she doesn't want her personal butler doing orders for others, such as her sisters. She wants to keep teasing him, and is very dominant.
Shinra's voice actress is Shizuka Itou. She gets very well in the role and does well with both older sisters as well as TDBs (as Shinra is both). Comparing her to Momoyo (as the two have somewhat similar voices) I do prefer Momoyo. However, this isn't saying that Shinra isn't great in her own right and the same for her voice. I like it; it's not high pitched but it's also not too low either.
Grade: B+

Libido: Shinra loves to tease people, and she's not gender-specific either. She'll tease the male lead as much as her younger sister or maid. She is very dominant as well, despite apparently allowing a doggy-style scene in the VN. Speaking of which, as said before Noble Masters is a eroge so Shinra has plenty of erotic scenes and is probably very perverse in it. She also has a love of pandas. As for why I put that here as well, it's because there's a scene where she's in bed naked with pandas. I suspect that there wasn't implied bestiality and is just a cute scene.
Grade: A-

Age: I don't know Shinra's exact age. She does have a listed birthday (February first), but no official year or age. What she does have is two younger sisters, and I'm pretty sure that Miya is in a university and she continually remarks that she's an "adult". She also drinks a bit (usually wines or the occasional beer). I'm assuming by that line that Shinra is at least in her twenties.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 88
Average score: 9.8
Final Grade: A-

: I see that your blog is not complete. Please do not be offended as I'll have my maids escort you out.

Wait a minute. While the main blog is indeed completed, I still need another image.

: Is the one prior not sufficient enough? Though I suppose that we could go downstairs to the parlor for a photoshoot. I believe that would be satisfactory.

That it would be.

: *holds foot out once more* But if you ask something of me...

I understand. *Topaz pathetically kisses Shinra pantyhose-clad foot, even gripping the heel to do so.*

: Then go down and wait. I shall change and be down shortly.

Yes ma'am! *Topaz leaves and heads to the parlor.*

*Time passes as Topaz waits. Eventually Shinra enters the parlor door in a bunny suit. Topaz's eyes widen.*

: I see that you like my outfit. It took a short time for me and Benisu to decide on the outfit. But before you take a picture, allow me to partake in a simple drink. *grabs a can of beer*

I have no problem, but I think that can may have gotten shook-

*FWOOOSHHH Fizzle Fizz. The can of beer explodes as Shinra is opening it up, covering her chest and body in the contents.*


-Never mind.

: Ah, to catch me in such a moment of weakness, and with a camera no less! Now my chest is all sticky as well! Perhaps Topaz would like to clean me off? I jest, of course.


*Another girl enters the room. It seems to be Ririchiyo, but her clothes are all disheveled*

: *pant pant* Th-Those girls! They're as bad as Nobara, if not worse! Anyway, let's get out of here Topaz and- Excuse me?

: Oh, you must be the assistant Topaz was speaking of. I had heard that you had a certain gift for me in order to bribe me for this meeting.

: Is THAT what this was for? *Riri rustles through the bag and eventually pulls out a stuffed panda doll*

: Oh yes, oh yes! It's so KEEEWWWTTEEE! *Shinra quickly takes the toy from Riri's hands, snuggling it against her face after it's in her hands*

: Well, now that we're done I suppose that we can head out.

That's a good plan. And to all our readers be sure to visit again next week!

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