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Example #216: So, I can't write blogs?

17 JAN

This is the Two-hundred-and-sixteenth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, my readers! As you know, the month of January I've been looking at a seasonal look at this 2012's meganekkos. Today we'll be looking at a girl from a Summer show that... well, let's just say that it had some problems for me. This might mean that I get a bit, well, heated during certain portions, but I'll try my best to keep that back. That's said, let's begin!

[center]Today's girl is:

Mina Okura
Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai./So, I Can't Play H![/center]

Hair: Mina's hair is somewhat short, but it does at least extend to her shoulders. Well, her sidelocks do, the back isn't as full as the sides it seems. That's fine, though I would have liked it to be longer. Her hair is full too, making it look like she could have drill hair if she wanted. That said, I do like how it rests on her shoulders, it's a cute curve. Finally, Mina's hair is a nice brown color. What's interesting though is that the top is usually lighter than the bottom half, giving off a nice reserved feeling that fits Mina. As far as I can see, the manga version is a bit worse. The brown is a more straight color, though at least it's brown. Otherwise it just doesn't seem to have the volume to it and looks stringy.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Mina's eyes are very soft-looking, making her look sympathetic and comforting. Sort of like puppy eyes, though not nearly as powerful. She does have eyelashes, but they never seemed to be too distracting. Her eyes are also a nice purple color, and I like dark colors for eyes.
As far as glasses go, Mina has an alright pair most of the time. I say "alright" mainly because their nearly frameless, though you can see her nose piece as well as the lower frame (though it is thin). She does wear a second pair in one episode to better view an "aura", though it's more similar to gag glasses than a "true" pair. What I mean is that there's a nose piece, and by that I mean that there's a pyramid-like rune-covered piece that covers her whole nose attached to this pair. That said, this pair does have larger frames than normal. It does make her eyes look star-struck a bit, at least while she's imagining the lead's aura. There's also a point where she wears a pair of red, thick-framed glasses. Unfortunately the lead talked her out of them, but I would have at partially agreed (red frames tend to look better with darker hair).
Grade: A

Face: Mina's face is pretty and soft, if a bit generic. Then again, there's nothing wrong with generic if it's done right, and Mina is definitely done right. She's got a cute smile as well as a blush. The smile is cute mainly due to how shy and subtle it looks, or maybe that's just me. As far as her nose goes, it's not too bad and is only slightly noticeable at times.
Just look at that cute cat smile as well![/center]
Grade: B+

Build:  Unfortunately we don't see Mina's body as much as I would like. Er, I mean that in the best possible way and I'll explain later. Still, what we do see of her is pretty good, as Mina is definitely curvy. She's got a great hourglass figure, and her hips are quite nice. Surprisingly enough though, while her figure is hourglass, she's not "thin".  She's a rare type of girl with a bit of meat on her, which I do like. Her legs are quite meaty, at least compared to the other girls in the series. She's got a nice bottom, though not the best or even one I'd celebrate outside of the context of the show.
Grade: B

Breasts: Mina certainly has nice breasts. They're big and bouncy, which are two prerequisites in my perverted mind for a good chest. Her chest measurements are 92 cm and she wears an F-cup. That last fact surprises the lead, as he thought he was up to date on her chest size (as he's been following her development for years or so) and thought she recently reached that size when she's been that way since summer. We also see her topless quite a few times, and her nipples are sort of nice. They aren't the best (as there's an impression in them), but at least the areola and nipple are small.
Speaking of Mina's breasts though, I'd like to say one complaint I have about the series and her treatment. Now, I can understand that, since Mina isn't the "winning" girl (a topic I'll get to later) she wouldn't get as much fanservice as the one that was. Especially due to this being an action ecchi series, as clothes get torn off all the time in battle while Mina is usually removed from combat. That said, I would have liked more than three scenes (or so) of Mina. Two of her topless scenes were while she was bathing (meaning she wasn't wearing glasses) and the third was when she was when she got ritual-bonded to Quele. She was lying on her back though, and unfortunately that means that she didn't look as perky as she should (which is a fairly realistic thing to happen). There seemed to be one part that would have been PERFECT even; her shirt was torn open in a battle at one point! Unfortunately, her bra seemed to be indestructible and survived the attack. All I'm saying is that when the time came for breast service they really should have gone with Mina rather than say, the flat lead Lisara or the fake-chested Iria. That's not greedy, right?
Grade: A

Clothes: This is what I was getting to while complaining about not seeing Mina's body (though you got a bit of that before). Mina's outfits, as a whole, aren't flattering. Her main outfit is, like a lot of girls before her, her school uniform. It consists of a white short-sleeved shirt with vertical lines (to emphasis her breasts, no doubt). The collar and cuffs are green, as is the skirt. The shirt has a badge-like emblem on the chest (in the shape of a peach, eheheh. Though there's also one of those shrine arches and a wreath of leaves) as well as golden buttons and is finished off with a red bow tie. I can't say that the uniform is terrible though. It emphasizes Mina's chest after all, so I do like it (I'd say that it would look better with a necktie, but those tend to look better with blazers and it would end up looking like a completely different uniform). Unfortunately she doesn't get bonus points as her socks aren't even to her knees.
No, what makes Mina score poorly is her more "casual" wear. To put it delicately, Mina dresses... like a mother. Yeah, that's probably the best way to write that. She's not all that concerned with revealing or even complimenting outfits as she tends to wear dresses and outfits that don't show off her body shape. Her normal outfit of a green top and pants doesn't show off, while she also wears a long skirt (all the way down to her ankles) along with a shirt that goes to her knees.  In one episode she does wear a nice pink dress that emphasizes her chest (which I do appreciate) it hides most of her body as it's not tied tightly around her waist and legs! In fact, that's what I meant previously, Mina wastes her sexy waist by not showing it off!
That said, there are some outfits of Mina's that I like. Despite being able to survive demonic attacks for whatever reason, Mina's bra and matching panties look great. It's nice to see girls covering their chest with something that's actually SUPPORTIVE for once, and the simple look fits Mina's personality. We also shouldn't forget that Mina is nude in the opening and ending. While the opening only shows her from the back (while showing all the other girls from the front. See what I mean about meganekko breasts!) the ending has her leaning on a stylized female symbol, pressing her exposed chest against it while also hiding her nipples. It's really hot! Official art gives her a few nice outfits as well. There's the blue and bubbly swimsuit, which I hope she wears in the upcoming OVA as well as her in her underwear. The best one though is obviously her naked apron image. She's even got a little window so that we can see her cleavage better <3. Finally, while researching for this blog I found out a gem from the manga. It seems that, for some reason, she wears a maid outfit. Image below, and excuse the other girl in the way (Mina somewhat gets shoved to the back at times):

I don't know what's between her chest, but I'm jealous.
Grade: B-

Personality: Mina is a somewhat basic meganekko childhood friend. She's kind and understanding, and has a calm personality. She's a bit clumsy, but most of the time she's responsible. Overall she's a good housekeeper and wife material. There's nothing outstanding about Mina, but she's a gentle soul that would be comforting to be around. I like characters like that, she's pretty simple to understand and doesn't really have a traumatic past.
Speaking of the past though, Mina grew up with the male lead Ryosuke. Even when they were kids he used to protect her from trouble (such as a dog or helping her home when she injured her knee). This knight-like view of him eventually made Mina fall for him. She even sees his aura as an angel! In fact, she loves him so much that it's even a plot point! One of the other demons (Quele) binds herself to Mina's most defining feature: her chest! Joking of course, I'm talking about her love or Ryousuke (though the symbol IS on her chest xD). She even admits her love for him twice through the series (though once it is in a flashback, and her words were covered by a train), though both times his obliviousness to her feelings make him turn her down. In fact, the second time his life was NEARLY AT STAKE, and just ACCEPTING Mina's love would have let him survive at least a little bit longer. But no, he had to refuse her affections in order to stay with the flat-chested Lisara and falls into a coma.
Mina is voiced by Kaori Ishihara. She hasn't had many roles overall, so don't feel bad being unfamiliar with her. That said, she does Mina nearly perfectly: A soft spoken voice that's comforting at the same time. It's not a challenging one, nor would it define her career, but I do like her voice.
Grade: A-

Libido:  As I said prior, Mina's love for Ryousuke is extremely strong. She's loved him since childhood and has confessed her feelings multiple times. She's even accepting of his perverse nature, saying nothing to his ogling eyes in the first episode! Or at least nothing bad, she knows that Ryousuke respects women's bodies and likes looking. She's fine with that, and he even knows that. Despite this though, of course Ryousuke falls for Lisara instead. He even outright STATES that Mina would have been PERFECT for him and he would have treasured her forever if she wasn't just a "friend" to him. He even says that he loves Mina as well, just not in "that way"! I suppose that I can understand that a bit, but come on man! Get it together! You're a pervert who, when describing the six best things about a woman's body said breasts for THREE of them. And you fell for a flat girl. You love doing perverse things and staring at girl's bodies, yet you fell for a girl who would chastise you (both verbally and physically) for that rather than one that would accept it. He even continues to fawn over Iria and her huge breasts, despite knowing that they're artificial, yet Mina is just as big and is ignored! It really boggles my mind what Ryousuke was thinking. I know I would have picked Mina over her, and I'm not even talking about my obvious meganekko bias either! At least Mina says that if Lisara continues to treat Ryousuke with disdain she should just take him for herself (though it was on accident). It sounds really great to her start to get aggressive like that.
Grade: A

Age: Mina is apparently high school age, though the exact age is unknown. To be fair, I can't even say for sure that she's in high school (I get confused all the time).
Grade: B

Total Grades: 84
Average score: 9.3
Final Grade: B+

That's it for the blog this week! See you next time when we look at the girl for the Fall season of 2012.

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