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Example #214: Onegai Senpai


This is the Two-hundred-and-fourteenth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

As I have a tradition to do, every January I go through each individual season and name the best meganekko of that season. I'm sure that many people were could have predicted my choice for my top girl for Winter 2012.  That's right...

[center]Today's girl is:

Ichika Takatsuki
Ano Natsu de Matteru[/center]

Hair: And of course, we start with what I think is Ichika's "worst" feature. Long time readers can probably tell already why I don't like her hair color. If not, it's because I'm not a fan of red hair. Ichika doesn't even have the excuse of it being close enough to brown for me to enjoy! That said, her hair is still interesting. It's a nice length, stopping at about the mid-back. I'm not sure if it would be longer if she would take out her side tail though (side tails are what I like to call side ponytails, like what Ichika has on her left side). Then again, it'll probably only alter her bangs on that side (the bangs on her right side look windswept. At least compared to her left side). Finally, her hair sort of "poofs" at the bottom, making her hair look wider there than at her head.
Grade: B-

Eyes: As a favorite meganekko of 2012, you can bet that Ichika wears glasses. Unfortunately she doesn't ALWAYS wear them. She only wears them after, well, I'll explain that later. Still, at other times it's completely understandable that she wouldn't wear glasses (such as at a pool, though even then there's official art of her in the school pool wearing her glasses). That said, I'm not all that impressed at Ichika's eyewear. The frames are thin, but I suppose the fact that they reliably put effort into showing them off and never making them seem not there is impressive in itself. She even gets moments when her glasses shine when she's angry! Also, she needs her glasses to understand Earth's language so at one point she's looking at a shampoo bottle and we see both Japanese and her language. It created a cool "rosetta stone" effect that I felt I should mention.
As far as her eyes themselves, I'm alright with them. They're not especially stand-out (they lack a tsurime after all), but they are still a pretty blue color. Also, a rounded curve fits her personality as well. She also has a few starry-eyed moments when she's experiencing something for the first time.
Grade: A-

Face: Ichika is a pretty girl. She's not exactly that stand out (the show only has so many different faces), but I still like it. She's also emotional, and I mean that more that she has a good amount of facial expressions than her personality is "emotional" (I'm not there yet). What else can I say? I suppose that her nose is sizable for my tastes, but the fact that it only looks that way because it's balancing her glasses I can't dislike it entirely.
Grade: B+

Build: Now we get to the "good" stuff; Ichika's beautiful body. I'll get to her "breast" point (snicker snicker) in a little bit so for now I'll talk about other points first. Her measurements are 92-58-88, which is a great figure. She's 163 cm tall and weighs 45 kg as well,she's even taller than the male lead! (though not by much). Her stomach is probably her best feature, as it looks wonderful and firm. Her legs and butt are alright, but it's unfortunate that they're not shown off as much as her breasts are. Her butt especially, she needs to live up to those 88 cm hips! As for her legs, they're shown off a bit more in official art and I'd say that they look very nice in those images.
Grade: A-

Breasts: As I said previously, Ichika's breasts are probably my favorite part of her. As slapped as that would get me. In all seriousness (well, as serious as I can get talking about a meganekko's boobs) Ichika is a very busty girl. She's bouncy and the lead male (Kaito) can't help glancing down her shirt. You should have seen his eyes widen and his jaw drop when she came bouncing out in her bikini as well. Sadly probably not in the "bouncing out" you're thinking of though, just that she was jiggly when he first saw her.
Speaking of "firsts", the first episode was a great one moment for me. You see, due to circumstances Ichika was wearing only a towel and long story short to keep it from falling off she tries to cover herself as quickly as possible. However, she didn't realize that Kaito was in her arms so his unconscious body got a faceful of her naked breasts <3. They even had a "boing" sound effect!
Grade: A

Clothes: Ichika has two basic types of clothing, or at least borrows them from Kaito's older sister. One is her more "relaxed" outfits. This consists of items like tank tops, miniskirts, and a nice light blue jacket and pants. Also in this group is "her" school uniform which is a white blouse with a yellow vest over it and with a badge-like object on her left breast, a red ribbon around her neck, and a grey skirt. I can't say I'm a fan of her uniform. It's somewhat plain and that ribbon is just mocking me for not being a necktie. I do like the dark blue with light blue flowers yukata she wore to the festival though.
The second type of outfits are far more provocative. There's of course her purple bikini, though I'm not a fan of the ruffles it has. It is still very sexy when she puts a plain white shirt on over it though, even tying the side so her stomach can be shown off still. She also wears a school swimsuit in official art, and while she has bigger breasts than most that look good in that outfit I'm not complaining. There's also the outfit that Remon put her in for the movie which looks like a skintight leather suit that's not actually all that skintight. My best approximation would be call it similar to a catsuit (not a catgirl suit, I mean more like the female spy-type). It shows off her curves but otherwise I'm not a fan (I am jealous of Rinon, her companion, as he got to rub his head on the bottom of her breasts in this outfit). There's also her space outfit which is more cosmic and tight on her body as well, but since she's not wearing her glasses I'm not a fan of it (the outfit otherwise certainly gets the "otherworldly" feel down well though).
Grade: B

Personality: First things first, I should finally explain that, yes, Ichika is an alien. In fact, she crashes in the first episode. However, this leads to her injuring the male lead Kaito and to nurse him back to health she uses alien technology. However, this technology needs to be maintained so Ichika starts hanging around him and eventually both of them fall in love. Though to be fair, it's not like he's disappointed in having a beauty like her hanging around either. A running joke is that, because she's an alien, she's scared that she'll be captured by the MIB (Men in Black). She's also not completely accustomed to Earth either so she makes mistakes. She tries to cover them up though, but some things (such as her creative, yet still edible, meals) are impossible to completely hide.
Getting back to Ichika's personality, she's a great example of an upperclassman. She's smart, polite, kind, and beautiful. She starts out being older sister-like, but those feelings of care soon become feelings of love. She also gets cutely jealous and stalker-y in one episode. That episode also marks her starting to fall for Kaito as well.
Ichika is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. While she's not one of my favorites, I do like her voice and she portrays the gentle feel of Ichika's character quite well. She just has a fun voice that's nice to listen to as well.
Grade: A-

Libido: While Ichika does fall for the air-headed lead Kaito, she's just as air-headed as he is. Ichika DOES have a reason for not instantly agreeing to be his even once they finally confess; she thinks that the distance will separate them as well as it being illegal to romance him. Even with all the factors hindering their love, Kaito still chooses the meganekko.


Let me say that again. Kaito chose Ichika. The MEGANEKKO archetype finally won a show in 2012! It's always exciting to see a favorite girl win, especially when so few meganekkos actually win (and I mean full-meganekkos, not girls that wear them once and then lose them eventually). Still, as this is "libido" I can't fanfare about it too much as Ichika isn't all THAT perverse-minded.
Grade: B

Age: Officially Ichika is said to be between 17 and 18 years old. She's still in High school and is a third year which is a plus. Though there's also the fact that she's an alien to consider.
Grade: A-

Total Grades: 83
Average score: 9.2
Final Grade: B+

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