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Example #212: Fairy of the Forest

20 DEC

This is the Two-hundred-and-twelfth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

]: Now's MY time to shine, Topaz!

Oh, you're still here?

: HEY!

I'm just joking, of course. And welcome back readers. As you can tell, this week we have Nymph's blog. That's right, we're finishing off the three "main" Sora no Otoshimono today!

: Topaz! Stop being so mean! *smacks Topaz up cutely with her fists*

I can't help tricking you sometimes. But enough silliness, it's time for the blog:

[center]Today's girl is:

Sora no Otoshimono[/center]

Like last week I'll warn my readers that I'm not as up on the manga as I would like (I stopped when I heard that they're making a third season). Because of that I'll try to stick with the anime when I can.

Hair: Nymph has very pretty hair. Light blue is a pretty color I'd like to think. I don't like it as much as dark blues and it might not be great as a hair color, but I still can appreciate it. Her hair is in twintails, tied on the rear sides of her head. It's also long, reaching past her waist (though not by much). I'll also say that, while she doesn't have a hime cut, that her hair frames her face very well. Her side hair curves in just the right place or so. We do see her hair down on occasion and while I find that "cuter" it's probably better to have it in small doses while her "regular" hairstyle is twintails. Finally, we can't forget about Nymph's ears. She has robot-like ears that stick out from her head. They're supposed to be radars, but whenever I think of "radars" I tend to think more of satellite dishes.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Nymph has very expressive blue eyes. They're a bit darker than her hair so I do like the color more. Her eyes are also rounded which is a shame considering her personality (and the fact that I prefer "sharper" eyes). Still, I do often get a cat-like vibe from Nymph. Not because of her pupil, but more in a curious manner. Overall I like her eyes. Seriously, I really do; they're like pure pools of water.
Grade: B

Face: Unlike the other two Angeloids, and fitting considering her body type, Nymph looks a lot younger. As I said last week I really like the style of art in SnO. Because of the soft look to it I'd like to say that Nymph fits the style the best. Her cheeks look so soft, especially if they're tempered by a cute blush! And that's not including her small features either! I wouldn't say that she has my favorite face though, but that's more of my bias towards emotionless girls like Ikaros. Nymph is VERY emotional, and not all of them are smiles either.
Grade: B

Build: Nymph, being the token loli, does not have as good of a body as Ikaros or Astraea do. Namely in one place, but I'll get to that later. Nymph's measurements are 76-58-72 and she's 139 cm tall and weighs 29 kg. You can tell that she's not my type right off the bat with those measurements (or at least one certain one). However, I wouldn't say that there's nothing that interests me about Nymph's body. Her stomach is smooth and looks very nice. Her main appeal, I think, is that she does have "back appeal". Her back is pretty nice, but I'm mainly talking about lower. Yes, you can guess that I'm talking about Nymph's plump rump. It just looks so soft and big, despite apparently being smaller than her chest. Unfortunately we don't seem to get much Nymph service.
Speaking of Nymph's back reminds me of something else though. You see, unlike the other two angels, Nymph has a different kind of wing style. Some might make comparisons to insects (which Nymph doesn't deserve) but I'd like to think that they're more stylized after what fairy wings are supposed to look like. They're called "stealth wings" as they're nearly see-through and easily hidden. I should mention the trauma they caused Nymph, but I wouldn't want to spoil a story moment.
Grade: B-

Breasts: Nymph is pretty flat. Oh sure, she looks like she has "some", but compared to Ikaros and ESPECIALLY Astraea she's outmatched here. A real shame though as both the lead Tomoki and the creator are biased towards the bustier girls  (and to be fair even I am).
Grade: D

Clothes: Nymph once again is commonly seen wearing her angel outfit. It consists of a collar (like the other two) and a white one piece with a skirt. The one piece has a few black stripes going down her body as well. She also wears knee socks, but unfortunately she uses straps to hold them in place so she doesn't have good absolute territory. She also wears gloves, and her shoulder pads are quite large. Then again, this might just be due to her cloak that has pink inside. Also, it appears that she doesn't always wear panties underneath her outfit.
As far as her other outfits are concerned, she has the array of styles. She does have a thing for lolita clothes, though more "lighter" in colors such as pastel green, white, or pink.  She has a spellcaster's outfit as well, though while I appreciate the hat and cape is too revealing otherwise to be in my tastes. It's like her top is only a single strap! Though I'm not a prude either, I'll admit that my favorite image of Nymph is the one where she's wearing a naked apron.
Grade: B+

Personality: Nymph initially is portrayed as an antagonist, but a misguided one. Her backstory is a sad one due to how jerkish the Man of Synapse (her boss) is. He even makes her kill a bird that she's raised from an egg. Because of her treatment though, she's a lot more cautious with others. Of course, this means that she's a tsundere at times. However, this doesn't mean that she's defined by that and I still like her regardless. It's surprising because she's selfish and at one point condescending toward humans, whom she referred to as "bugs".  She refers to the other Angeloids by their types rather than their names (i.e. Ikaros→Alpha). She is also an intellectual genius. She also eats a lot as she ate four slices of cake in one chapter while getting in trouble for eating Ikaros's melons in another. She especially likes to snack while watching soap operas.
As I've said before, the three first generation Angeloids (Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea) all have their flaw. Ikaros has a hard time with emotions and Astraea is an idiot, so what is Nymph's? Nymph is not as powerful as the other two in combat. That said, her ability to hack reality does come in handy (when the male lead isn't using it to make him popular or other nonsense). Her hacker system is called Aphrodite and can be used to seal or unseal memories. As far as direct offense she's lacking (as she's more a "support" Angeloid), but she does have a powerful scream attack called "Paradise Song". Some might even say that her "actual" singing voice is worse than her attack, humorously enough. Despite that though, I do like her voice. It fits her well.
Grade: B

Libido: Nymph is definitely in love with Tomoki. However, she's also a tsundere and doesn't want it to be known. She gets some especially cute moments whenever she thinks about the moment when Tomoki gave her a candied apple.
Grade: B+

Age: It's unknown how old Nymph is, as I've said with the other two Angeloids. I will say that Nymph is younger-looking than the other two and I'm not talking just about body shape either. Like Ikaros, Nymph's birthday is December 25th.
I should also mention that at one point Nymph used a "age up" machine to prove that she'll eventually get breasts. She doesn't. She even aged all the way up to becoming an old lady too.
Grade: B-

Total Grades: 67
Average score: 7.4
Final Grade: B-

: UFUFUFU! Look at how low Nymph scored Ikaros. She has no chance to be Topaz's favorite at this rate!

: ....

: Are you on my side, Alpha? Tell me that Topaz likes me more than that dunce Delta!

: i am sure that master likes all of us equally...

That I do, Ikaros. And that's it for Nymph's blog. Join me next week as I'll look at my favorite girl from 2012!


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