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Example #209: M-egane-inja

29 NOV

This is the Two-hundred-and-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Ayame Sarutobi

Anyway, let's get going on today's blog. It looks like, excluding last week, this month will be full of Gintama characters!

Hair: Ayame's hair style is pretty nice for my tastes. She usually keeps it flowing and it reaches her mid-back or so. The hair running down the sides of her face is also really nice looking as they frame her face well. As far as color, Ayame's hair is a light purple. I usually do like purple hair, but her shade could stand to be a bit darker.
Grade: A-

Eyes: Ayame's eyes aren't all that spectacular. No, I don't mean that they're bad looking, it's just that she NEEDS her glasses to function. Ayame is actually severely myopic, to the point of being almost blind. For example, she cannot tell living things from inanimate objects without her eye glasses (and even with them she can't quite see perfectly). As far as color they're a basic light blue or gray color, depending on how you see them. Overall I'd prefer a less "realistic" look than Gintama has and her eyes seem small (though through time I did get used to it). Still, as far as Gintama goes she's the meganekko with the largest screentime so I shouldn't complain.
Speaking of her glasses though, they probably are my favorite part of her or at least the most unique (positive) characteristic. The glasses definitely do help with making her eyes more noticeable. She wears a set of red, full-framed glasses that she received from her Grandmother (which may be a lie). Eventually these become exchanged with another pair when they break, and she suddenly becomes powerful glasses wise. They look the same, but they also have a powerful arsenal in them. Her new glasses contain the ability to shoot lasers, attack with the ear piece, analyze and predict opponents, and even turn her into an armored angel with the powerful attack in "The Flight of Hundred Glasses". Have I mentioned that Gintama is a very silly series? Ayame also used a "spare" pair that Gintoki lifted off of a shop owner, but that just got her in trouble due to the prescription not being correct (obviously).
Grade: A-

Face: Like with the other Gintama girls, Ayame doesn't have the type of face I like. Her facial features are more "realistic" than I like and her nose is apparent. It's even worse for Ayame I assume though, she's not usually portrayed as a "cute" girl inseries even. She has a beauty mark, but it is also usually hidden by the frame of her glasses.
Grade: B-

Build: Ayame has an above-average figure. At least as far as Gintama girls go. Her hips are wide and her waist is nice as well. She's not that muscular which is in my tastes, but her legs suffer as they're not as nice as they could be. That said, her usual outfit does show quite a bit of leg so they can at least be appreciated for the effort. Her height is apparently 169 cm and she weighs 52 kg.
Grade: B+

Breasts: Ayame has a large bust, as commented by multiple characters. It fits her figure well I like to think.
Grade: B

Clothes: Being that Gintama is a parody series the characters wear all sorts of clothing choices. First and foremost is her most common outfit, which is also her kunoichi outfit. Her usual attire consists of a Martial Arts training uniform top with its arms cut off and a red band wrapped around the waist. Underneath seems to be a kind of netting, probably for protection. Her arms are covered by dark purple forearm sleeves that matches her scarf in the same color, and on her left breast she has a protection cup. She wears black boots and her legs are mostly uncovered, except for some black hotpants.
Her other outfits include a maid, a nurse, a bride, an "S" outfit made of black leather, a present (more of a sack than a box though), and a santa outfit. During the pool episode she wore a plain white bikini, which isn't all that interesting. When not on duty for her ninja ways she works at a cafe. However, this isn't a "normal" cafe, it's a Kunoichi Café! In this outfit she keeps the netting (though it also covers her shoulders) and has a red-and-black outfit instead of her white one. Her scarf is yellow as well, but much shorter (it's probably more of a handkerchief). I do like this outfit as it's a bit more darker in shade than her normal one which is appealing.
Grade: B

Personality:  Ayame is a pretty simple character, though that might just be Gintama losing out on some of her features. She was introduced as an actually powerful character, but since her S&M antics are more amusing the series began to focus on that instead. Her attacks were mostly focused on bondage or Natto, presumably two of her favorite things. Other than that, she was a skilled assassin and was able to use numerous weapons (including kunai, metallic claws and other items) to great ability. Now she's mainly used in the same way that the other two stalkers (both men) are used. As I said before though, she's still talented (as seen when she takes down an "elite" squad of assassin punishers and many mooks using just her super-weapon eyeglasses. She still presumably gets serious about her work, but with Gintoki around she tends to be lovestruck (and since she'll pop out as a stalker that often happens).
As far as voices go, Ayame's voice is okay. I do LIKE Yuu Kobayashi, or at least what I've heard from her, but Ayame's voice tends to speed up at times and also goes into high-pitched squeals that I'm not fond of. That said, it fits the character so it's not like I'm angry about it. Just bringing it up.
Grade: B-

Libido: Ayame has a single-target affinity for Gintoki, the male lead. She'll put up with nearly anything as she's one of those "poor example" types of masochists that enjoy humiliation, ignoring, and blatant abuse. Gintoki is indifferent to her affections and even treats her badly most times (e.g throwing things at her whenever he senses her stalker presence), her 'M' or masochistic personality only makes her enjoy the punishment, and his 'cruelty' only serves to encourage her. Ayame is pretty much the only women that Gin, who is usually chivalrous, attacks outright. She takes those slaps and hits in stride and considers it 'foreplay". She really has no public decency either, which I don't approve of. She'll tie herself up in Gintoki's path or climb into bed with him and ask to "do it" and is only met with ignoring. Though to be fair even if she was more "S"  I likely wouldn't enjoy bondage anyway, and her libido powered by abuse I'm also not a fan of. Gintoki needs to treat her better, though that won't help things as she's so far gone to the "perverse" side that I don't think she can return that well. I will say this though, during the Santa arc I was VERY jealous of Shinpachi when she decided to prove she's a "Santa" in a suggestive way (complete with marshmallowing. It was a bit of a parody on TLR as both series are Jump-based). I'm still not a fan of whips or similar abuse though, and if you're wondering she was mainly just doing this to get to Gintoki.
Grade: B-

Age: At first I was figuring that Ayame had to be at least above 18, but it turns out that she's even older. Her age is still a question, but I've also read that she's at least 20 years old so it sounds like she's well in my age range.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 77
Average score: 8.5
Final Grade: B+

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