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Example #207: Gorilla-stalked in the Mist

15 NOV

This is the Two-hundred-and-seventh week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Tae Shimura

Hair: Tae's hair is very normal. It's somewhat short and is almost always kept in a ponytail. If not for that, her hair would reach her shoulder blades or so. I will say that it's a nice color of brown, though.
Grade: B

Eyes: There's nothing particularly outstanding about Tae's eyes either. They do match her hair, being a nice brown as well. She does show a lot of emotion through her eyes, though most of her emotions being "negative" for my tastes doesn't exactly put her in a good spot. I wouldn't anger her if I were you.
Grade: B-

Face: Again, Tae is less than impressive here. She just isn't to my liking, what with sort-of large features and not being particularly feminine. There are moments where she could be considered "cute", but it's a far cry from what cute is like on other shows. More likely she'll have a smile on her face. This could be a good thing (as it might be a regular smile), but it might also be that she smiles whenever she lets out physical punishments. It might even get to the point where the bigger her smile the more worried that you should be!
Grade: B-

Build: Tae's body is unimpressive. There's just nothing too outstanding about it, and it's not really shown enough to note. See below for why. As far as vitals go, she's 168 cm tall and weighs 49 kg. I probably should comment that she's stronger than she looks (though still weaker than Kagura) and isn't especially muscular which is a plus.
Grade: C

Breasts: *cough cough* "No Comment".
Grade: D

Clothes: Like I said earlier, the main reason I can't give Tae's body a good grade is not "shown". It's because of her clothing choices. Now, I'm obviously not talking like I want Tae to run around naked. I mean more that her choice in clothing hides her figure very well. Her usual outfit is a pink yukata with red flowers on it. The obi of her outfit is blue. As far as other clothing choices go, due to Gintama being a gag show she might wear a different outfit for a joke or something it's hard to know exactly what she wears. She does wear a pink one piece swimsuit at the pool though, which fits her body shape.
Grade: C+

Personality: On the surface Tae seems to be a character that I'd really like. She's a honorable and nice older sister. She has strong principles, but at the same time she treasures those that are precious to her more. She's also the keeper of her father's dojo, who unfortunately passed away and left her and Shinpachi (her younger brother) with a mountain of debt.
However, Tae isn't a great character as Gintama made her into a parody of the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype. She's a tsundere at her best, and is often aggressive to the point of violence. It doesn't help that she's quick to anger. As I said before, she continues to smile even when punishing people (usually her stalker or Gintoki), and her eyes also occasionally show the intent to kill. It probably doesn't help as her voice actress also voices the twins in Higurashi, so she's had some practice being a "cute but psycho" character. She's very harsh, but to be fair sometimes her friends need encouragement and she'll be there.
Getting away from Tae's aggression, she's still not that that wonderful. She's vengeful and a bit spiteful as well. She once says that if apologies were enough, seppuku would not exist. From what I hear, she also has a somewhat-unladylike speech pattern. I can't tell as it's not apparent in the subs though. Other information is that she loves the expensive brand of ice cream called Bargain Dash, a parody of the Häagen-Dazs ice cream in real world, and her most famous cuisine specialty is the fried egg. However, she's one of those characters that can't cook so her dishes tend to look like a burnt up mess (commonly called "Dark Matter"). Even when making SUSHI she can make it burn.
Grade: C+

Libido: Tae really hasn't shown any love interests in the series. Her main stalker is the gorilla-like (due to his hair) Isao Kondo. Who she beats up. Constantly.  They do marry in the time skip arc, but that shouldn't be taken seriously and it doesn't last long. She also used to have a crush on an old teacher, which she beat up for not realizing her love. She also beats up men that look at her in perverse ways, or perhaps even for just bothering her. While also working at an escort club she does it more for the money than drinking with men. Are you sensing a pattern yet? It's questionable about Tae's sexuality as she does enjoy the company of girls. However, out of anyone Kyuubei is probably the closest Tae has to a "lover", and even then it's much more like a friendship.
Grade: C

Age: Tae is eighteen. That barely falls into my favored range but since it is it gives her plenty of points.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 57
Average score: 6.3
Final Grade: B-

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