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Example #203: Anime Girl Diary

18 OCT

This is the Two-hundred-and-third week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Yuno Gasai
Mirai Nikki[/center]

Hair: Yuno unfortunately does not have good hair for me. Obviously I'm not one for pink hair, a fact I've made pretty well known in these blogs. However, to make matters even worse, I'm not one for twintails EITHER. Granted Yuno's tails in front look cute as they frame her face nicely, but I'd much rather see the two in back loose. Both her front and back tails are held in by ribbons, with her front being tied lower. As far as adding to her style, she has somewhat messy hair and she has two "ear flaps" on one or more sides of her hair (the curls) depending on image. The last thing that I should mention is that while the style or color is both horrible, I can't say that I dislike the length. Her hair in back reaches her waist while her sides reach to her stomach.
Grade: C+

Eyes: Much like her hair, Yuno's eyes are pink (or so). Her eyes are mostly fine; they're shaped cutely. She does show a lot of cute emotion through her eyes. This does mean that her eyes also go yandere, which is something I don't like.
Grade: B-

Face: Yuno's face is pretty cute, but not overly so. It's more that she has cute moments than anything. Otherwise she's partially generic, not that there's anything wrong with that. She does show quite the variety of facial expressions as well, though not all of them positive. Again, nothing wrong with that. Probably the most famous facial expression is her "Yandere Trace" image that became so exploitable by fan artists.
Grade: B

Build: Continuing on, Yuno has a slim but is a really well built.. middle school student. Because of this, her body isn't "that" mature. That said, she IS shapely. Her hips are well-defined, just not as shapely as some of the other girls I've done. Unfortunately her butt isn't as big as I would like it (not that she shows it much anyway). Out of all of her non-breast parts, I probably admire her stomach the most. I don't know why, I just noticed it pudge out a bit in one scene and really liked it. Not that I'm conflicting my own words of her being "slim", I just like when they give the stomach a bit of a curve rather than making it a concave or flat.
As far as official data, Yuno is 159 cm tall and 49 kg. In addition, Yuno is EXTREMELY RESILIENT. Some of the things that she lives through could have killed a non-"super" woman like her. These include being electrocuted or getting stabbed in the stomach (among others). Her poor, defenseless stomach...
Grade: B+

Breasts: As I said previously, Yuno's breast part-I mean BEST part- are her large breasts. She's definitely busty, especially for her age. As we see when she's waving in the pool episode early on, she's very bouncy. As a further bonus, in the DVDs we see that she even has small nipples!
However, not everything is great for the large breasted yandere. You see, at one point she meets her father at the door. He hasn't seen her in a while (because spoilers) so he compliments her for "growing up big". In the omake-like part for that episode a god-like entity tries to correct this "error" by first turning her into a baby and then just into a much-smaller version of Yuno in general. The last thing she tried was to FLATTEN Yuno's breasts. I appreciated the joke though (especially as when he commented he got pounded into the wall xD), and since it was an Omake I wasn't worried about them not returning.
Grade: A

Clothes: Yuno's usual outfit is a school uniform consisting of a blue top and skirt with a red ribbon on her neck. It works very well with the ones in her hair. She has numerous casual wear, most of which look nice on her. One of which was a very nice black dress. As I said previously, her bouncy breasts look great, especially while wearing the nice green two-piece bikini. She also wears a wedding dress at one point. She also wears a cloak at a certain point in the story which is cool. Yuno also doesn't shy away from her skivvies either; she's worn both just a bra and panties as well as just a white shirt with panties. Both are extremely sexy, though the scenario for the former is not one I'd like to be in. I will admit that I really HATE her rabbit outfit that she first stalked Yukki in. It's creepy on it's own, especially the face, but putting a love-crazed yandere inside ups the creepiness to even further steps!
Grade: B+

Personality: Thinking about it, I'll probably talk about Yuno's personality in three sections: normal, yandere, and background. On the outside, Yuno is your basic "perfect" girl. She's smart, diligent, and beautiful. However, this is partially a visage she shows to others. She has a crush on Yukiteru (or "Yukki" as she calls him) and will stop at nothing to protect him and make him hers. Before the series starts she stalks him and keeps notes in her "Yukiteru" diary which details everything that he does every ten minutes. This eventually turns into her "second diary" which details what he does and pairs up well with his "first diary". If you don't understand what I'm talking about, I suggest watching the show/reading the manga for a better understanding (and also because I might be having a bit too many spoilers). As far as voice goes, Yuno has some pitchy moments (which worked with her) but I do like how she turned out. Tomosa Murata is not a major VA and Yuno is really her only big role so far. Still, it sounds good enough to be real, though I wouldn't want to keep listening to her voice like I would some others.
Anyway, once the game begins Yuno becomes very possessive of Yukki. To the point of even capturing him and locking him away as he was in a near-vegetable state (due to her medicating him). That was insanely creepy for me. She also murders all the people standing in their way, and is pretty strong with it. Although she's often portrayed with a hatchet/ax, she's been known to use a sword or knife as well. She even would have used poison at one time if Yukki's mother didn't approve of her cooking skills (she did, but poor meganekko mother losing her life anyway ;_; ). Yuno is also able to quickly analyze and adapt to unexpected situations that may arise, and she puts thoughts into action without hesitation, performing what needs to be done without ever losing her nerves.
There is a reason that Yuno is so crazy for Yukki. After all, why him? It's because he made a joke about a marriage proposal to her on the day that she killed her parents. Don't feel bad about her parents though as Yuno wasn't treated well by them. They kept her in a CAGE and had a strong regiment of how much she can sleep or eat. Eventually she got so insane that she locked them in the cage instead only for them to starve while she waited for them to go to normal. There's also another thing that I can mention *cough*timestream*cough*, but for spoilers I won't.
So what do I think about one of the best yanderes that anime has created? She's extremely scary. She has a few cute moments but they're definitely overshadowed by how often she's doing something I dislike. Now, I DO like protective girls, but this got to crazy levels and I'm not a fan of yanderes.  I don't HATE Yuno, she's a strong character and I like how they used her, but she's not going to be going on my favorites anytime soon.
Grade: B-

Libido: Yuno, being a "true" yandere has a very healthy libido. She teases Yukki sometimes sexually, but they even "become one" in series. However, there's two (major) bad things about this scene. The first is that Yuno is the BOTTOM. Her personality of being a "guardian" would make her be a top more likely. The second is that, for whatever reason, it spawned too many NTR doujins. I mean, what's the point of making a doujin with a loyal yandere like Yuno if you're just going to CHANGE that by making her fall in love with a rapist! Oh, and I don't know how much Yuno would care for me as I'm not "Yukki" as well. It even took Yukki a while before he came to terms with loving Yuno so I wouldn't nearly be ready for how passionate she is.
Grade: A-

Age: Yuno is a middle schooler and is 14. Because of this, I can't give a good score.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8
Final Grade: B

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