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Example #198: Punisher of Men

13 SEP

This is the Hundred-and-ninety-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Mahiru Inami

Hair: Inami (yes, I'll be calling her that throughout today's blog) doesn't have much for my tastes in her hair. It's a fairly bright shade of orange, one that I don't like on her. Sure, her hair could be considered brown by some, but it looks far more orange than anything. She also wears numerous styles of hair clips to pin her hair back. Only one at a time, and it's mainly because her "love" Takanashi gave her one for a gift and she took it to mean more. She soon gets a whole collection of them, and rarely wears the same one more than once. They're a cute touch, but otherwise I'm not impressed with Inami's hairstyle.
Grade: C

Eyes: Inami's eyes match her hair. Or close, at least. Thus, her eyes are orange or brown (maybe a mix). I still enjoy the soft feel to the art in Working!!, so naturally I like Inami's eyes. She isn't as good as her costars though.
Grade: B-

Face: Again, I have to thank the art style for making Inami at least a bit cute. Especially when she blushes or smiles; I like her thin smile. As I've said before, I like the small features and plushy style of Working so she does a good job here.
Grade: B+

Build: Inami's body is your average teenage girl's. There's nothing all that noteworthy or outstanding about her. She's not mature or shapely either, so she's definitely not my type. She is 166 cm and 52 kg, in case you're wondering. Even as far as "loli" goes, Aoi corresponds to that niche better. She IS muscular and strong, but luckily none of that actually shows.
Grade: C

Breasts: Again, she won't score well here. She's definitely flat chested. There's a reason that Aoi got depressed when looking at her (as she was currently fondling all the other girls' large chests).
Grade: D

Clothes: Inami's clothes are probably the strongest point on her body. Her main work outfit consists of a white shirt, a tan-ish apron, and a black string-like tie. It does look good, but not the best waitress I've seen. She also has a boarding school outfit that consists of a teal blazer (with ornamentation) over a white shirt, a green plaid skirt, socks (though not even reaching her knee) and a red bow tie. Overall, it's not all that impressive but I do like it. Outside the restaurant she wears mainly "cutesy" outfits, complete with nice hats. I'm not a big fan of her wearing them as she seems to "boyish", but the hats are a nice touch.
Grade: B+

Personality: Inami is a timid girl and is scared of men. Normally, I like that type of character. However, there's one big thing that makes me not like her. She's Violently androphobic. This means that if she even comes within 2 meters of a guy, she'll PUNCH THE STUFFING out of him and send him flying. He could just be minding his own business and the next minute WHAM! And the punches HURT as she's insanely strong. She's been able to break concrete on touch, her punches crack plaster walls, and at one point she nearly broke an electric tower in two just by hugging it! Although that might just be a comedic thing, it's a tired joke as well (the punching, I mean). It's even worse than average tsundere punches as at least THOSE are usually explained with a good reason (even if the reason is flawed). She does try hard to cure it. While she does show some signs of improving, she still punches Takanashi far too often to be considered "fixed". She DID make it a month without punching a guy during the second season. However, she nearly immediately punches right after that, so my friend and I assumed that she hid in the closet the whole time. She's not a bad worker, but the fact that she can only serve female customers makes me wonder why she hasn't been fired yet.
To be completely true though, it's mainly her father's fault that she's this way. Not due to anything "bad", per se, just some really terrible advice and aid. You see, her father wanted to fear men. Inami's father loves her madly, and therefore, hates it when men get close to her. Because of this, he has dedicated the first ten years of her life to making her hate men. He made her watch movies with male villians and told her horror stories with men as the killers. What really sent her over the edge was when he told her that all men are wolves and they'll all attack her and rape her. Inami then thought that her father was going to rape her since he was a man, and punched him out of fear, this started her punching habit. Since then, Inami has avoided men all her life. When her father comes to visit the restaurant (after 10 years of never seeing him) he's suspicious now that she has male friends and may have even received chocolate from one! However, Takanashi (in drag as Kotori) spoke out for Inami, making her fall for him.
Grade: C

Libido: Inami is paired with her "guardian" and male lead Takanashi. I would LOVE if this WASN'T the case though. I personally think that he'd be much happier with Poplar, while Inami pairs up well enough with Kirio (Aoi's older brother from the second season). However, Inami is the one that always thinks of Takanashi (or Kotori, as is the main case when they're together) so the love started one sided. Takanashi is experiencing what I think is similar to Stockholm Syndrome or he got punched too hard a few too many times as the reason he's dating Inami.
Grade: B-

Age: Inami is 17. Unfortunately while close, it's not enough for my tastes and her body isn't mature to counteract that.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 58
Average score: 6.4
Final Grade: C+

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