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Example #196: Night of Knights

30 AUG

This is the Hundred-and-ninety-sixth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

the Fate/ series

Notice: I haven't seen Fate/Stay Night. Because of this, I'll tend to reference the show(s) I have seen with Fate/Zero with the occasional reference to Carnival Phantasm.

Hair: Saber has short-ish blond hair. Normally I'm not one for blondes, but Saber's hair does look really nice. I say short-ish as her hair is likely longer, but she tends to have it up in a bun or a few ponytails. I like the ponytails in Fate/zero more as they seem to suit her perfectly as well as appealing to me slightly. Not that I don't like the bun as it does suit her well, but it's a lot less appealing. Her bun gives an old-time feel to it. Finally, Saber has an ahoge. Don't pull it unless you're prepared for the consequences of her anger (Saber Alter).
Grade: B

Eyes: Saber has stereotypical Fate or Type-Moon eyes. I'm not completely a fan of them. Saber herself doesn't have what I call "eyelash problems", especially because she has a high corner in her eye. She does have nice green eyes, especially as they look very fierce. She's a powerful girl, and her eyes show it. Her eyebrows also really show how she's feeling, and I love the way she can look so smug with her eyes.
Grade: B

Face: Again the Type-Moon art style is prevalent, as you'd figure. I do prefer the animated style more, as it looks "softer". Not that she's a "soft" girl emotionally, just that her skin looks better in that style than the sharp lines in the VNs. She has a good "form" to her facial structure as well, and while her nose is noticeable it doesn't look large or anything bad like that. She does look "boyish", but that's just due to things that I'll get to later. Just know that Saber does have her cute and heartbreaking moments, and her face is very cute.
Grade: B

Build: The first thing you'll probably notice about Saber is that she's very slender. This doesn't mean that she's not shapely, though. Her measurements are 73-55-76, so she's alright and has a larger waist than bust. She doesn't have my ideal figure, but I'll also say that it's not BAD. She does have nice legs, if she'd show them from under her battle-skirt.
In addition, I should probably make a small mention of WHAT Saber exactly is. In the Fate/ universe, there are summoned beings called "servants". Each one of these are (usually) named after their attack style or weapon. Thus, Saber is a Saber class. She's a powerful and balanced warrior, and she in particular has a heavy spell resistance (no one knows where it "ends" as no one has seemed to beat it).
Grade: B-

Breasts: ...Let's just say that for most of Fate/Zero, Saber was easily disguised as a male. I mean, she's not FLAT, but she's not exactly busty either. She's got just enough to identify her as a woman at times, and 73 isn't too bad, I suppose.
Grade: C

Clothes: Saber is more likely identified with her battle outfit than any other costume. It's a fancy blue dress that goes all the way to her ankles (or so). Over it she wears armor, which consists of a breastplate, gauntlets, boots, and an armored "skirt" of sorts. I do like this outfit as it's a good example of a well-protected female warrior. It's not my favorite outfit though. Not the "schoolgirl" outfit she wears in F/SN that consists of a white blouse, blue ribbon, or blue skirt. Not the white-two piece that she wears in some official art.Not even the waitress/maid outfit she wore in Carnival Phantasm. No, my absolute favorite is without a doubt the black suit she wears in Fate Zero.
Grade: A-

Personality: Saber is a powerful servant that's participated in at least two Grail Wars. She's of the Saber class, as I've said previously, and uses Excalibur. As such, it should be somewhat apparent who she's based on, though I still spoiler it for those that do not know:

Saber's true name is Arturia Pendragon. Yes, in the Fate universe "King" Arthur is a female. Although she's commonly mistaken for Joan of Arc, she is King Arthur. As for Excalibur, she tends to hide it using "invisible air", which protects her identity so that her opponents don't know what Noble Phantasm she has.
I could go into her back story, but for brevity I'll just say that the main fighting force behind Saber is that she's fighting for her country and people that she seems to think has given up on her. This may or may not be because she chose to distance herself from them.
Personality-wise, I really like Saber's character. She hits many of the characteristics I enjoy. She is courageous, determined, and set on winning the Holy Grail. She's somewhat cold and straight-faced, but can be warm and caring when the situation calls for it. She's a powerful warrior, yet doesn't want to use espionage to win. She'd prefer a duel of honor against a worthy opponents than taking advantage of weaknesses or manipulation. Saber, in D&D terms (and even in-universe), would be categorized as "Lawful Good" for her dedication to her duties and people. She loses some of this after Fate/Zero (or so I heard) just due to how "well" Kiritsugu's actions worked out in the end. She was the voice of reason for him, yet Shirou soon becomes hers as she becomes slightly jaded and cynical come the fifth grail war (again, this is second hand as I have not seen Fate/Stay Night). She's also loyal and independent. She's about perfect for an "Honor Blade" archetype (though she misses out due to not having long dark hair).
In closing, is Saber "perfect". The answer is that, while I positively do enjoy her story, personality, alignment, and so much, no she isn't. She's definitely flawed, but that just makes me, among many others, hold her in such honor. She's a great role model for many female heroines as well.
Grade: A

Libido: To be fair, this is where not having played the visual novel of Fate/Stay Night hurts my grading of Saber. That game is technically an Eroge and due to that she has "scenes". She seems to be an "innocent" girl that doesn't know her way around, but when Mana is needed....
Well, I could reference a common meme. In a doujin, Saber is trying to explain how mana is exchanged to an oblivious Shirou. It involves a Ponos and a Vagoo, and J-Jam it in. To which Shirou explains that she lost him. I really don't know the doujin but I felt as though I should reference it.
Grade: B-

Age: Technically Saber is ageless, being a servant. However, she died at the age of twenty five, meaning she scores "well". However, take into consideration that she hadn't aged since she was a teen.
Grade: A

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

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