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Example #189: As the Caged Bird sings...

12 JUL

This is the Hundred-and-eighty-ninth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Yukiko Amagi
Persona 4

: Side note: Topaz has never played the Persona 4 game(s). This is because he's a wuss and probably couldn't even make it past my boss (which is about the second boss).

To be fair, when this game came out I didn't even know what Persona or the Megami Tensei series in general was about. Let alone that Persona 4 had so many girls in glasses in it. By the time I did, it was already difficult to find PS2 games, and I don't want to buy a Vita just for a single game (even if it is one this awesome). However, I have watched a partial let's play on the game, so it's almost like I've played it myself!

: Wuss. You could never be my prince with that kind of defeatist attitude!

Hair: Yukiko's hair appeals to me very well. She has very nice colored dark hair, and I would consider it black. She also has a near hime cut, but unfortunately it isn't perfect as there's a part in front (not to mention the cut isn't a straight as I would like it to be). Her hair goes about to her mid-back, though since some of it goes over her shoulder I could also easily say that she has chest-length hair. The fact that her hair does go over her shoulder is odd though, as you'd think that her red hairband would keep it back. Either way, the hairband is a perfect accessory for her hair color.
Grade: A-

Eyes: One of the things that could have turned me off of Persona 4 is it's very unique artstyle. It's not my type exactly, but I've grown to really like it. Yukiko's eyes are almond-shaped, much like a real eye. Usually I'd dislike this, but the series as a whole is probably the most "realistic"-looking that I'm comfortable with. Her eye color is a grey or black, which is a very nice color and sort of matches her hair. She does have a black dot in her pupil, but it doesn't bother me as much as the other characters due to it being hidden by her eye color in most cases (and even with the others it's easily forgiven). Though I do dislike how Shadow Yukiko's eyes are a sick yellow color. That was very bad for my tastes.
Oh, and about Persona 4. It has a feature that more series and games should have. You see, due to plot reasons, nearly EVERY main has to wear glasses at one point. And yes, of course this includes Yukiko. She even has very beautiful red frames that not only make a great contrast to her hair color but matches her usual outfit.

I mean, just look at how sharp her eyes are looking! She certainly has SPECS appeal![/center]
Grade: A-

Face: Again, Yukiko's facial structure isn't really directly appealing to me. The artstyle is very sharp rather than the soft curves that I like. I of course mean her face, like a puni style.  And much like her eyes, her face is structured fairly realistically and she has a noticeable nose. However, despite all these downfalls, I still think that she is incredibly beautiful. Especially when she blushes, she's so adorable at those times!

SO BEAUTIFUL![/center]
Grade: B-

Build: Yukiko does have a very nice body, especially for a girl her age. She's 5'5" and is very attractive without being overly sexual. This is because, like I said before, the art style is pretty realistic. She is also pretty slender, which gives off a "Japanese Beauty"-type of ideal. Her best feature is obviously her great legs, which are further enhanced by her pantyhose which I'll get to in a bit.
I could also talk about Yukiko's main Persona, Konohana Sakuya, here as well. It has the appearance of a winged humanoid that basically looks like a phoenix mixed with a human. There's a legend behind it, but I won't be talking about that.
Grade: B+

Breasts: Yukiko's breasts, again, are probably pretty good for her age. They're sizable without being huge. They look great with her figure as well. I could even consider her the "largest" of the main girls. But that's personal opinion, I suppose...
Grade: B

Clothes: Yukiko's usual outfit is a school uniform, or at least what she wears at school. It consists of a red and black long-sleeved sweater-like shirt with a yellow handkerchief on her neck. During the summer months though, she uses a red jacket over a white top instead. She also wears a short skirt with very lovely pantyhose, and is in fact a poster girl for wearing proper tights with a skirt. Outside, she's also seen wearing a cute black dress that she's wearing up in the "blush" area. Still think she's beautiful <3. *Ahem*, Anyway, she also wears a nice red outfit with a red scarf and what appears to be a janitor's outfit, though I don't recall those seen in the anime. I do, however, recall her lovely white bikini as well as her pink one from the school festival. She also has both a pink and purple yukata which really looks good with her "Japanese beauty" looks. We even see her naked at one point (though nothing is shown). Finally, her Shadow self wears a very cute pink and white princess dress, complete with tiara. Overall, I do really like what they did with Yukiko's color scheme, but I didn't find anything I just had to commend her for, and the "lack" of fetishy outfits doesn't help.
Grade: B+

Personality: I do really love Yukiko's character. She's portrayed as a refined lady that is the daughter of an innkeeper. Throughout her social links, she does oppose running the inn just because it's in the family, but she does run it because she wants to. As I've said she's portrayed at first as a "classic Japanese beauty" as well, and is a great Yamato Nadeshiko. She's more of a modern version after battling her shadow and gaining her as a party member though; she's not afraid of speaking her mind and has a hot-blooded fighting attitude. I'll get more to her fighting later though, but we can't forget the confrontation she has with a camera crew to defend her inn's reputation either. She's usually calm and restrained, but at that point she got extremely forceful. Which I find great, I like shy and timid girls but every so often you want them to stand up for themselves.
In the Midnight Channel, Shadow Yukiko "hunts" for the perfect guy. She even has a phrase that's repeated at her expense that she "wants to score a hot stud" that she gets ashamed of. Basically, she wants her "prince" Chie (who is a girl) to carry her off away from her fate of inheriting the Amagi Inn. She thinks she needs someone else to help her escape this fate, but in reality she not only had the power to accept this fate but also to embrace it. Also, it's said that Shadow Yukiko is one of the hardest early game bosses in existence, and although I don't have first hand experience I will say that you have to try hard and do a lot of things correctly as well as having the right set up. There's also the fact that they reference her "weakness" by putting her in a cage of sorts in the anime, and even have a flashback of her taking care of a bird (her Shadow form is a Phoenix-like bird emerging from a cage backed up by a healer of sorts).
Other than being calm and quiet but forceful when she needs to be, she's also a "tall", dark, and beautiful girl. She's a bit aloof, and occasionally takes things at face value as well as being a bit innocent about the world around her. She's ditzy on occasion, but usually very smart. She's also a bit tsun, but not in any horrible way as it fits her character well. She's a bit sarcastic at times as well as occasionally being a bit silly. She also occasionally misses the point on certain things, but whether or not it's for her own amusement is questionable. You see, she's a girl with a good "sense of humor" and loves to laugh. In fact, she occasionally gets laughing so hard that others have to get her out of it.
Now to talk about Yukiko's battle tactics. As has been said, she's of the Priestess arcana. Because of this, she's pretty much the best healer in the game. Then again, don't think of her being weak either, as her fire spells can also burn something well. She's in essence both a black and white mage at the same time, and because of this she's likely the weakest character defensively. However, she's still going to be in your party for a good chunk of the game just due to her utility. She also fights with a paper fan, which is funny as she "fans the flames".
My final opinion is that I really love what they did with Yukiko's character. She's a good example of a well done character that, while having a strong core also has a lot of small facets that are interesting. Just don't eat her cooking...
Grade: A+

Libido: Yukiko is a potential candidate for Yu/Souji/whatever the protagonist is named (it depends on if you treat the games/anime or the manga as canon). In fact, she's the main one I'd like to see as all the other characters get paired up so nicely otherwise (mostly). I will say that it's possible to romance all the girls without much consequence, and that I won't be counting her Shadow form's "hunt for a hot stud" as well.
Grade: B

Age: Yukiko is 16 in the beginning of the game, and through the year of game time she ages to 17. 17 is a very nice age, but not quite perfect.
Grade: B+

Total Grades: 82
Average score: 9.1
Final Grade: B+

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