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Example #188: Blogstory


This is the Hundred-and-eighty-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Hitagi Senjougahara

Note: For personal reasons I refuse to watch Nisemonogatari, and I dislike reading and the movie for Kizumonogatari isn't out so I can't reference that either. Thus, outside of one area I probably won't mention either.

Hair: Hitagi has very beautiful hair, mostly. It's a nice purple color, though in the novels it's brown. I like both colors so I won't deduct points. While she also occasionally has a hime cut, she more often has a "windswept" look, having her bangs to the side. Her long hair looks really great free and flowing, as is the most likely hair style for her. She does occasionally wear ponytails and it does look nice as it fits her character type, but otherwise I like her flowing hair.
Also, as I said before there's a reason I won't watch Nisemonogatari. I mean, outside of not enjoying Bakemonogatari that much. That reason is that the character's hairstyles are MURDERED. Yep, Murdered! In more specific terms, Hitagi's wonderful long hair (which reaches past her waist) gets cut so short that it barely reaches her CHIN. And, although I shouldn't talk about other characters in Hitagi's blog, THIS ISN'T THE WORST CHANGE TO A CHARACTER IN NISE!
I hope that I didn't rant too much, but I really hate what happened in that show as far as character models go...
Grade: A-

Eyes: Hitagi has odd eyes as far as my tastes go. They are a nice blue color, and I like the slant that they have. However, there's just SOMETHING that bothers me about them. It might be that the pupils are perfect circles making her eyes look slightly jarring. It might be the numerous eyelashes on the lower outside of her eyes. But more likely is the fact that Bakemonogatari's camera isn't very Topaz-friendly and thus there's many close up on Hitagi's eyes for no reason at all. I really dislike close-ups on eyes, especially when they're as detailed as this...
Grade: C+

Face: Again, Bakemon's camera angles don't do justice to Hitagi. She's a somewhat cute girl, though it looks like she has somewhat large features from certain angles. She's average, but maybe slightly above at times. The close up angles certainly don't help though. I mean, why would Shaft point a camera up her NOSE as she's talking! Speaking of Shaft, since I'm on her "face" I could probably talk about her "neck" too. She's one of the most famous users of a "Shaft tilt", or tilting her head to the side at certain times. I don't dislike it as it's an interesting habit, but I'd have problems with her not looking me in the eyes.
Grade: B-

Build: Hitagi may not have had a very flattering face and eyes from the camera work in the show, her body is another matter. Her attractive body is very well shown in episode two, showcasing her naked body. We don't actually see anything nudity-wise, excluding her butt, but what we do see is pretty good. Her butt is very bouncy and round, and her legs are probably her strongest point. I won't say that her actual back is great for me as it's a bit too muscular, but given her other points she has a wonderful body! Finally, a crab stole Hitagi's weight, causing her to be 165 cm tall but only weigh 5 kg. Body mass out that one, folks. She only weighs one ninth of what she really "should" story-wise.
Grade: A

Breasts: Hitagi's breasts are above average though they're not "huge" like she probably would be in another show. She's probably also smaller than Tsubasa's, but I don't mind that either (I like Tsubasa more anyway). Hitagi does have nice breasts though.
Grade: B+

Clothes: Hitagi usually is seen wearing her school uniform. It consists of a light purple button-up top with red cuffs and collar, a short grey skirt with matching tie (a neck tie, go it <3), and thighhighs that give her a nice zettai ryouiki. Another outfit that she gets seen in is her gym outfit. And of course, I can't forget about her lovely patterned underwear that have... school supplies on them... yeah.
Grade: A-

Personality: I do like aspects of Hitagi's personality. She's a straight faced kuudere (though they call her a tsundere in universe. There needs to be more characters that know what a kuudere is. Though at least the main calls her "Tundra".). She's very outwardly cold and uncaring, but she does have a sensitive, if somewhat violent, side to her as well. I really love how she's deadpan most of the time. She has poor social skills and has a hard time not insulting people. Despite this, she's one of the most popular girls in school as she's very beautiful. She even has a lesbian main fall for her! She also often breaks the fourth wall and even comments on her voice actress. Speaking of, Chiwa Saitou is a very good voice actress and does Hitagi very well.
As I mentioned before, Hitagi's arc starts because she's nearly weightless due to a crab spirit haunting her. I don't get it myself, but that's her main "secret" and her arc resolves that by getting the crab away from her. However, the "crab motif" still lingers as seen by when she wields dual staplers. She also keeps numerous other office supplies under her skirt in a sort of "hammer space". Again, I don't completely see the reasoning behind using office supplies as weaponry, but I can't complain about the effectiveness. Wait no, I totally can. You see, Hitagi is occasionally clingy toward Koyomi to the point of being somewhat yandere. At one point, she even STABS HIM IN THE EYES for talking about a girl without honorifics. So yeah, I really don't like certain aspects of Hitagi, but she's a great Tall Dark and Bishoujo girl.
Grade: B-

Libido: Hitagi is a tease. She's a MAJOR tease no less, and even admits it. Heck, she changed in front of Koyomi when she barely knew him. And let's not forget the car ride in episode 12 where she really teased him in the backseat. I like the teasing aspect, though I'm not sure if she's just doing to tease or if she really feels that way occasionally (either way, she's completely monotone so it's hard to tell). She does eventually start dating him, and to be fair that's before the exciting car ride, but from what I hear most of their romance is in the show I refuse to watch.
Grade: B

Age: Hitagi is about the age of a highschooller, though I don't know the exact age. Also, I think that she has a birthday on the seventh of July, so happy coincidences!
Grade: B

Total Grades: 76
Average score: 8.4
Final Grade: B

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