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Example #182: A Familiar face...

24 MAY

This is the Hundred-and-eighty-second week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:[/center]

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière
Zero no Tsukaima

Hair:  Louise, as you can tell, is a pink haired girl. Not only that, but it's wavy. Both are styles I'm not fond of, so she definitely won't be getting good score here. I do like how it's long though, and the fact that she keeps it free does earn her slight points. As for the rest, she tries out other styles such as a ponytail, twintails (which in many people's opinion would fit her personality), and twin braids (my personal favorite) in the final season's ED.
Grade: C

Eyes: Much like the previous area, pink seems to be the color of the day. However, outside of the color I do like Louise's eyes. They're wide and full of emotion, and very cute. I'm not a fan of the tops as it looks like she has wide eyebrows but that's just the art style and it adds a bit of feminity to her face. Also, when she cries it looks really adorable.
Grade: B-

Face: Louise's face is cute but her mood swings commonly. She could go to sweet to mad and back to sweet again fairly easily. However, she has a great blush and is very soft-looking. She's a bit young-looking but I find that endearing and she isn't young enough to look odd.
Grade: B

Build: Unfortunately for Louise, her body is small and loli. This means that, for me, she doesn't get a good score. However, I will say that for a loli she does have a great body. Her measurements (as accurate as they might be) are 76-53-75 and she's 153 cm tall (about 5'). Her best asset is her wonderful legs which are complimented by her thighhighs. I'm not into feet to know what people look for in them, but Louise's look as soft as the rest of her body and she's the type who would use them.
Grade: B-


: I FORBID you from saying "Zero" here!

How about another number then?

: Eh?

That number is 76, as said before. Either way, Louise is a very flat girl (which, given her VA is understandable). She's also often picked on for it, and it doesn't do her any favors in my blog either.

: Grrr! Pervert!
Grade: D

Clothes: Now HERE is where Louise's body is really shown off. She most often wears the school uniform, which consists of a dark cloak and skirt with a white blouse-like shirt. It looks wonderful on her, and she even has a clasp with strings that hang down betweenin front of her chest. She's also worn a nun outfit, a shell-swimsuit, a waitress outfit, a very revealing cat outfit, and even a dancing girl's outfit (even if she didn't exactly fill it out). That's not counting the various cute outfits she wears while not being a student or otherwise. Official art even puts her in a buruma, so go her!
Grade: A

Personality: The first thing that anyone notices about Louise is that she's a tsundere. Not just that, but she's a flat-chested tsundere voiced by Rie Kugimiya whose reputation for great loli tsunderes is infamous. I've already done Nagi Sanzenin, Taiga Aisaka, and Shana, so Louise is the final of the "foursome" of her most famous ones. However, Louise is my least favorite of the four. While this may be because the other three have very positive things (Nagi and her show is Rich in comedy, Taiga is Toradorable, and Shana is Hot) Louise really doesn't have anything that appeals to me. Not only that, but Louise is the WORST when it comes to tsun. I'm not talking about just verbal abuse or a slap here or there. No, Louise uses WHIPS and RIDING CROPS to beat Saito (though to be fair, this is only in the anime but I'm most familiar with the anime). And to be fair, I can see the appeal in Louise. Her dere moments would probably be worth it as she does become extremely docile and adorable. However, it's not worth it if I can have someone with the same devotion with much less pain. Not only that, but she becomes submissive when it counts most to some people.

I will be fair though, and only punish that a bit. After all, she happens to have a short trigger and Saito tends to be stupid enough to press it. Or other characters, but Saito is usually the one who takes the brunt of the damage. Other character traits of Louise is that she was having problems with magic. However, this was more because she was trying for elemental spells when she's a Void mage (a powerful "fifth element" besides the main four). This lets her use portal magic *ahem*. Because of her difficulty she was nicknamed "Zero" (though if that or her chest was the reason is up for debate). If Louise is a friend (and you don't anger her) she isn't terrible. She's normally friendly and looks up to her talented friends like Tabitha. All in all Louise isn't TERRIBLE but her jealousy, aggression, and short temper stand out for me.
Grade: B-

Libido: Louise is very perverted, even if she tries to hide it. Some of that might be Saito's influence, but I don't think that Louise can blame it all on him. She even (awkwardly) roleplays with him as "Lemon-chan" which usually ends up with someone entering and causing her to blow up Saito with a spell. No, not that way, in a explosion. Wait, that could also be taken sexually... hmmm...
Grade: A

Age: Louise is 16, though she looks a bit younger. Or maybe she looks her age and the other girls are far more "mature" for their age.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 66
Average score: 7.3
Final Grade: B-


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